What is the way forward for naturism?

Larry Darter, the Dallas Nudist Culture Examiner, has just released an article on the way forward for naturism, somehow in réponse to Reg Barlow’s article, from Naturist Action Group, entitled “Is Clothing Optional the Way Forward for Naturism?“.

Whereas Reg favors clothing optional for nudity acceptance, Larry favors nude only places. Both have strong benefits that you can read in both posts. However, I think Larry has a point when he talks about rational arguments that do not work with irrational people: “…the minds of people who are opposed to public nudity on the basis of any of them [rational arguments] will most likely never be changed because irrational people are rarely impressed with rational arguments.”

When reading that statement, I immediately thought of why naturists are naturists? We are naturist because we feel good naked. Up to a point that if you want a non-naturist to become naturist, the best argument is “try!”. To me naturism is irrational. We can explain it rationally, but it’s only by being naked and feel how liberating it is that naturism becomes an obvious social activity.

So I agree with Larry, we need more nude beaches, nude parks, nude places where nudity would be enforced by volunteer patrols similar to the Beach Ambassadors organization at Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade County, Florida. And we need to become a vocal minority to reclaim our rights to be nude and have more nude places.

What do you think? Is clothing optional or nude only the way forward to naturism?

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