Worth a Thousand Words

Very nice experience of sharing our love for naturism. It’s one of the best lifestyle if not the best, so why hide? Thanks for sharing to the world this awesome story of yours.

My Life as a Naturist

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words and I’ve been advocating this for a long time. However, I’m always met by opposition from closet nudists who jealously guard their right to secrecy. But I’ve never said that nudists are not entitled to their privacy or that they must always post their nude pics online showing their faces as well. All I’ve said in my previous blog posts is simply that closet naturists should not post photos of themselves if they are going to hide their faces or show only photos of their rear because this will give the wrong impression to the textile world – that we naturists ourselves are ashamed of our nudity so how can we expect them to take us seriously?  And whatever excuses that you have are irrelevant. The point is just don’t post photos that show the world you are ashamed of…

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