My afternoon at Suzie’s Lake

A nice story from Fabien that shows that we tend to “overthink” getting naked. There’s nothing more natural than getting naked with friends and spending a good time together. Next time you have an opportunity to get naked, ask if nobody has issues with it and go bare! 100% of times it works and you can spend a great time naked with friends. It’s generally a good cue for them to go bare too.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Naturist Fab

Tuesday of this week (August 5) Kevin, a friend of mine and former co-worker texted me that he went to Suzie’s Lake and found an island that he wanted to explore and hang out on another outing.

I knew of this lake as mentioned in my previous blog (insert link) as it is a favorite spot for skinny dipping. I never had a chance to go there for a swim and asked if I could tag along the next time he went.

Yesterday at 9:30 Kevin texted me and said he would be going around 11:30 after he went to Wal Mart to get a hammock. I asked if I could join him and he said that would be great. So I finished up my work and left the office at 11:00 to pick him up.

While at Wal Mart I got some water and sustenance for our trek. The…

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