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I have been working out and running naked for numerous years now, and this blog post is spot on on the benefits of nude exercise.

This reminds me of one morning, it felt chilly to go running naked, so I dressed up with a running t-shirt and short. After getting warm, a few minutes later and starting to sweat, I felt bad, got naked and it was like my whole body was breathing again.

Although there are circumstances when you cannot be naked, for example at a hotel gym (although if you train very early in the morning, you can, I did it several times) or during a running event, when you have started exercising naked, it’s very difficult to get dressed again. Our body has been made to regulate its temperature through sweat and leaving it breathe without the constraints of clothing is definitely the best thing to do.

I agree 100% on the topic of this post and wish you great nude workouts!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Geekery and Nudity

Image Credit: Nicolai Grosell Image Credit: Nicolai Grosell

Do you exercise nude?  Have you ever tried it?  Personally, I am rather fond of it.  The reason I ask, is this morning my wife asked me that same question “Why do you exercise naked?”  She has a hard time doing so…mainly because, well, she has rather large breasts and all the bouncing involved in exercise (jumping jacks, jogging, etc) hurt.  I don’t really have that issue and so I generally prefer to do my exercise routines (when I’m home) in the nude.

Now, there are (what I deem) legitimate rationale for my preference to do this nude. The first reason is that I don’t feel that exercise clothing does not seem to be designed efficiently for men.  Maybe it is the brands I am buying or the style, and it is really hard to describe.  Pants and shorts seem to have two layers, and…

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