3 #nudist-positive articles in French online press

(c) 20minutes.fr, 2015
(c) 20minutes.fr, 2015

As I’ve already written, I like when mainstream press shares positive articles on nudism/naturism. As a hardcore nudist, I love being naked as much as I can and it blows my mind away people continue sticking with clothes on beaches, in nature or at home when it’s warm and it’s soooo comfortable to be naked. Anyway, here are three articles from the online magazine 20 minutes. I have translated in English the titles and provided a brief summary for all of you who do not read French. Enjoy and stay naked!

  • Naturism: “I raised my daughters in this lifestyle without asking myself any questions”. Eric, 41, father of 2 daughters, 8 and 11, explained that he raised his daughters by being nude at home, along with his wife, and by spending all family holidays at naturist resorts. He explains that seeing their parents naked does not bother them at all, but both lives nudism in a different way. The elder appreciates to wear a T-shirt after swimming, while the younger is naked all day. He finally explains that he thinks his kids are much more in security in a naturist center than in a textile center, as deviant behaviors are quickly spotted. A very positive account of naturism and its relation to kids.
(c) 20minutes.fr, 2015
(c) 20minutes.fr, 2015
  • Naturism: “Slowly, I came to appreciate it”. Lili, 30, is a woman who explains how she became a naturist three years ago, by accompanying her friend in Saint Martin. The first time on the nude beach, she only went topless, then went totally bare and while watching all other people naked, got finally used to the feeling of being naked herself. She explains that on the beach, nobody stares at others naked people, except clothed people who walk by. She’s now embraced this lifestyle and it’s frequent she’s naked with her friend at home. The decision she now took is to spend some days at a naturist resort.
  • Naturist holidays: “Every day actions seem strange when you are naked”. Multiple naturists explain their experiences in naturist’s environments. From the first morning seeing everybody naked to the difference between nude beaches and resorts, and the treatment of voyeurs on nude beaches. They share that “normal” activities like shopping or playing golf seem strange at the beginning, then they get used to them and feel liberated, enjoying the nudity.
(C) 20minutes.fr, 2015
(C) 20minutes.fr, 2015

Nudism is one of the healthiest lifestyle, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am a firm believer it should be allowed everywhere, as one of the many clothing options. The body is not something to be ashamed of, it’s the envelope of our soul and we should respect for this. Enjoy nudism!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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