What should naturism mean to us?

Naturism has nature as its root, so we should leave nature as we found it: clean! This post emphasizes and reminds us of one of the core values of naturism: respect. Not only respect for others, but respect for nature. So yes, “as a community, we need to show that we exist to a higher standard than others”. Take you clothes off and bring your garbage back, even if it’s not yours, take it back. The more nudists do this, the more naturists they will become and the more nudist places there will be! Let’s show that world that naturism is wonderful and helps people and nature get better!

We put a couple of photographs from a Spanish beach (thankfully not Vera Playa) on our Facebook page, wherein a Spanish naturist group were highlighting the rubbish left on a beach.


As naturists, our emphasis can’t just be on the act of taking our clothes off for sunbathing, swimming or other social naturist activity. Our naturism needs to be part of a bigger thing; a respect for our environment amongst them.

memories plaque 450

As this blog progresses, it’s a theme we’ll return to, time and time again, about caring for the world in which we live. No, I’m not going to get into lectures about ‘Green’ politics or climb onto a soapbox demanding ways in which we change the world. But we can ‘think global, act local’.

In that way we change our world, the naturist world.

Authorities are reluctant to extend naturist beach facilities, and the evidence from the Spanish photographs…

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