Getting #naked is good for you, a woman’s point of view

This post made my day! I was browsing the web on my tablet, having a coffee, naked as usual in the morning when I bumped on this article in my WordPress summary. I read it twice just to ensure I was not skipping any word. It’s witty, respectful and right to the point.

If you are a naturist, it may remind you of your first club visit and of this question that we all asked ourselves: “why on earth didn’t I do this before?” If you are not a naturist, this may entice you to pay a visit to the nearest naturist club or resort. Naturism is one of the best things of this life. If you arrived to this blog and read those words, it’s because your interested had been piqued. Take the next step, try! Believe all of us, once you tasted naturism, you will never, ever go back to clothed holidays if you have the choice!

Enjoy the read!

(C) BN, 2015
(C) BN, 2015

Didn’t your Mum tell you? Cabbage is good for you!

Regular columnist Roni Fine asks women not to think why should I be a Naturist, but why not?!

Okay, hands up all those who were brought up to always try the food on their plate and not take one look at it and declare, “I don’t like it”? My Mum always told me to try it before deciding because I might well discover that I DO like it! Apply this to everything new you encounter and you could lead a full and interesting life!

How many of you, particularly the women reading this, have never actually tried Naturism but are stubbornly declaring it is not for you and you won’t like it?! Continue reading…

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