Ode to nudity

Nudity is beauty. What is more human and beautiful but a naked body, stripped out of its clothing crutches, free to move, offered to air and elements? Mesmerized by perfect body images, stupefied by ridiculous diets and filled up by gym workouts, the body has become a merchandise that needs to be calibrated. Naked, it’s offered to eyes as it is, as a wonderful human machine of humbling complexity.

Nudity is liberty. Liberty of the senses, freedom of the spirit and of imposed conventions. Naked, the human being finds its unique spot in the men and women world. It roams as it is and not as it hopes others will see it when it’s clothed. Nudity is seen as a transgression of the rules of the society, but it puts back the society at the center of the human being.

Nudity is fragility. Fragility to show others and the worlds our flaws, our small imperfections and the scars that life left visible. This fragility, wonderfully described by authors and psychologists, soon becomes a strength. A strength to accept ourselves as we are and to accept others as they are.

Who has never walked naked under the rain in nature has never experienced to be fully ingrained with the environment. Who has never swum naked in a turquoise sea, welcoming and hot like a womb, has never had a complete sensory experience. Who has never party or had a meal with friends, all entirely naked, has never bare all in society.

It’s that nudity that provides happiness to naturists. Nudity cannot be explained, it has to be lived, alone, with one, two or more, friends. One day, it becomes an evidence. One does not look for it, we find it someday, around a corner, through a meeting or a chat. And at that moment, it invades you, fills you with positive waves and does not leave you anymore. Body shame disappears and gives it space to the delight of nakedness.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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