Naturism philosophy nudist practice and the politics of disagreement

This article from, titled Naturism philosophy, nudist practice, and the politics of disagreement, sparks the important topic of unconscious bias that bends our judgement towards our own internal beliefs.

No two people are alike. They both have had different experiences in their childhood and lives that shape their thinking. If you are not aware of this, everything you see, hear and feel is biased by those deeply rooted beliefs.

This forms the overall rich set of experiences of various human beings. Now, when it comes to nudism and particularly social nudity, non-nudists are inherently biased by their own beliefs with or without being really aware. Trying to convince them by simple reasoning is generally useless unless they agree to consider another point of view and for this, they need to agree that their own beliefs bias their judgement.

Accepting our unconscious bias requires a deep sense of differences and needs of others. It’s not a given, but something that should be taught at school if we were to want a really equal society.

Now, what transpires in this article is that even within the nudist community people have different opinions. And it’s true! Some will be okay with a clit piercing for instance, while some others will find this too sexual to display in family resorts. Some will be okay with nudity outside of naturist resorts or beaches, like naked hiking, while others will see this as offensive.

However, the important idea to me is respect. Respect of others opinion. We may not all agree, but we should be able to respect others people thinking, and find an agreement, even if it’s agreeing to disagree, peacefully.

To end on those ideas, I want to dispel the myth of the nudism being seen as a sect. Nudism/Naturism is fundamentally a lifestyle. It’s accepting ones own body and accepting to display it in public. Though it may feel a sect from outsiders, it’s actually because nudists feel very well in their own skin and share that with other nudists. This what makes it’s like a sect from the outside. But take any group of people who share a common interest, they will look weird from the outside, although all inside will consider themselves normal. This is what happens with naturists. Come and join any naturist group and you will discover human beings. Some more friendly than others, because naturists are fundamentally human beings and we cannot be friend with everybody.

Meanwhile, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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