The Ignored Benefits of the Nudist Lifestyle

I really loved this article on the ignored benefits of the nudist lifestyle on the Young Naturist America site. While the world is on a major crisis, plagued with corruption, debt and ecological challenges, naturism is not seen as one of the potential solutions to some issues.

As the author writes, naturism is not “mentioned on popular environmental and sustainable design websites”. Same happens with social movements that make “promotion of holistic, sustainable, lifestyle practices”.

One solution is to speak up and promote naturism ourselves. How? By coming out of our closet! Yes, we need to be naked more often if possible, to share with ALL our friends and family that we are nudist and request their permission to get naked with them, and to share all those benefits we now about: psychological, environmental, social, etc…

Of course, this requires the courage to come out, but do we really have the choice if we want to make nudity one of the possible clothing options? As nudist/naturist, we know that we feel better when totally naked, wandering in our home, our garden or in nature, let’s share this, starting with your neighbors, friends and family.

Some of my neighbors still do not know I’m a naturist. This pushes me to put a towel around my waist to fetch mail for instance, as the mailbox is out of the garden. By coming out and asking if they would OK if I go around naked, there’s a chance they would accept this and there’s a chance they may want to discuss this. Of course, there’s also a risk they would look at me as a mad guy, but this could be deflated by sharing some of the websites promoting naturism and explaining its many benefits. This is what I’m going to do in the coming days as spring is there and temperature rises. This will allow me to stay naked all day long, even when my neighbors can see me. What will you do?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!



4 thoughts on “The Ignored Benefits of the Nudist Lifestyle

  1. I have been “out of that closet” for a long time. I now miss the wonderful wandering through River Island Naturist Resort, here in NSW. Times have moved on. Such a pity!!!


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