How controversial is naturism?

When people reject something, it’s sometimes because of the fear of it. In the case of nudity, most people have been taught nudity was bad and a very personal affair limited to showering. Finally, the whole society has equaled nudity with sex, and still is in every day life. It’s not surprising that nudity is controversial. There’s not rational behind those attitude, it’s all emotional. driven by culture and education. Great article that shows that the world is driven by emotion and not rationality.

Naturist Philosopher

I go nude at home. Doesn't everyone?

Nope. In fact, being a practicing naturist at home, or in other private settings, is rather controversial, especially in many or most areas of the U. S. Yes, no doubt millions of people, most of whom probably don’t even consider themselves naturists or nudists, do go naked around their homes. Often others in the families do also.

But, unfortunately, even several million people in the U. S. (with a population of around 320 million) make up a fairly small minority. Habitual nudity in families or even in private groups of naturists can be quite controversial.

First example. Here’s a recent article, Should You Get Naked Around Your Kids to Help Their Body Image? The author, a man, is fairly comfortable being naked at home. But he still has concerns:

As someone who is both male and grew up in a house where my parents wouldn’t put on robes until they…

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One thought on “How controversial is naturism?

  1. On the whole, I’m agree with this post. But the picture used to illustrate it seems unsuitable, because this girl don’t feel confortable with nudity.


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