What Do I Want For Nudists?

Here’s another article that provides wishes or hopes about naturism. The author makes for wishes:

  • I want nudists to be treated like human beings. I agree, although, I do not think nudists are not treated like human beings, they are just marginalized. Now we have to face a harsh reality: nudists are a minority, and as such our rights need to be recognized. So my wish is that nudists have to be treated like normal citizens with their own rights to get naked, if they wish.
  • I want no one to feel like going naked is something they have to do. Freedom of choice is the basis of any democratic society. Respect is one of its byproducts.
  • I want God to use nudism for good. As usual, not sure about this one, however, nudism is good and should be perceived as such. There’s no shame in being naked and there should not be any shame seeing others naked.
  • I want nudism to be a force for change. This is probably the strongest wish, however, we can only do this if we become a political party, as change as become highly political. Ecological parties are the closest to naturism, fighting to save humanity through the protection of the planet. So, stand out for what you are, come out as a nudist and embrace the political reality to become a force of change. Nudism as to come out of the closet to become a force of change.

Food for though for the week-end. While you think and answer (comments highly appreciated), get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

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