Naturist/Nudist Misconceptions and the Truth

Another great article on naturism from the Huffington Post: Naturist/Nudist Misconceptions and the Truth. Written by a newbie naturist, it’s a simple and natural description of what naturism is about : “Naturists are normal people who choose to do everyday things but just without clothes on”.

It touches on the various topics that are generally close to the heart of naturists: body shame (“Naturism is the perfect antidote to what you see in the media as the perfect body”), health (“it does help to give you more access to Vitamin D because your body is in the sun, when it is sunny”), non sexual nudity (“Naturists aren’t a sexual when we meet and can see everybody’s naked body; it is just not sexual changed as such”).

But I think what is most striking is the simple fact that the author explains that naturism is not illegal in England (as it’s not in most countries actually). However, the interpretation of the law can be confusing and cause some misinterpretation of non-sexual nudity.

Naturism is a way of life more that an activity. As the author writes, “try taking off your clothes and allow being a Naturist to change your life. What have you got to loose!” The only thing you will loose for sure are your clothes, but there is so much to gain!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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