Nudist idea #7: Leave your #Naturist Magazines on your Coffee Table

If you like the #Nudist idea #5: Subscribe to a Naturist Magazine, then the next step is to share your passion for naturism, by letting your visitors read your magazines. And the best way, IMHO, to do this is to let those magazines on your coffee table for anybody to grab a copy.

coffee-table.jpgLetting those magazines and books (I’ll go over naturist books in a future post) openly available is a great ice breaker. Of course people who know you are a naturist will appreciate to have some topics to discuss, and people who do not know you are a naturist may be surprised by those copies, and this is where the rubber hits the road. And the question will pop up: are you a naturist? Your genuine answer will be yes, and you can start from there.

One may argue that those publications are adult publications. If it’s unfortunately true that they are generally sold in the adult section of bookstores, I really do not consider them as adult readings. They are focused on the naturist lifestyle, which social and  family-oriented, and therefore should be available to all public.

Of course, the stigma of naked bodies is still strong, this is why we should all be naturism advocates. As naturists, we know what naturism is, how we benefit from it and how others can benefit from it too. This is why it should be widely accepted and we need to recruit more naturists. After all, as previously said, naturism is legal in lots of countries. We therefore should not shy away of spreading around us we are naturists and we love it!

Share your comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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