Nudist idea #21: Invite your friends to undress when coming to your place

Unless everyone knows you are a nudist and expect you to be naked when coming to your place, this is not an easy one! However, it’s a very pleasant one, as you can be yourself, naked, even if your friends are not embracing a naked status.

Image result for naked friends at home

Image result for nudists at homeBeing naked with friends is a pleasant experience. All nudists know this. Bringing non nudists in a nudist setting is, I believe, even more pleasant, as it enriches their own experience and enlarges our nudist circle of friends. Although the first step is to to share to your friends that you are a nudist, and we went through some ideas on how to do this, like, the Nudist idea #7: Leave your #Naturist Magazines on your Coffee Table. Once they know, then ask if they would like to share some nude time.

If so, you can start at home or at your local club. I tend to prefer the local club, as it provides a total naturist experience with people who are used to welcome newbies. Once this step is over, you can propose that they join you naked at your place and therefore get naked on arrival if you have invited them for a moment at your place. Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle, as nudists know it. For sure, we cannot be naked every single minute, but the more, the merrier, and inviting your friends to drop their clothes off is a great way to increase nude time!

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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