Nudist idea #40: Join a naturist event at your local swimming pool

Some naturist clubs and federations around the planet organize nude events at local swimming pool. The Paris Naturist Association, for instance, have made possible to swim naked three evening every week in a public swimming pool in Paris and to workout naked five times a week. British Naturism publishes an event calendar featuring many naked swims.

Image result for naked public swimming poolWhen you are naturist, naked swimming is the obvious choice. Your first port of call is your local naturist club or federation. Check if they have a calendar of naked swim. If not, look for a public swimming pool that would agree to open its doors at some specific hours to naturists. If you gather enough naturists who are interested, this may be possible, as other’s experiences prove it.

Not only swimming is a very healthy exercise, and by joining a naturist swimming club, you will help spread the message of social nudity, as a normal, natural and healthy lifestyle.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

6 thoughts on “Nudist idea #40: Join a naturist event at your local swimming pool

  1. Our resort has two pools so we are very fortunate in that regard. However when away from home on business we have asked to use the hotel guest pool nude on many occasions. Yes we are most often refused but on several occasions permission was granted but restricted to late and after normal pool closing hours. A few of the night managers have even come checked on us and checked to make sure we had ample guest towels. Of course they were curios and no doubt wanted a glimpse of nudity. It offers a great teaching and educating moment about social nudity, (Ms. K )

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      1. Marc, we have found that just being honest goes a long way towards getting acceptance. Non nudist really are curious and seek to learn more but don’t know where to really turn to to get information about organized social nudity. We feel we have helped a few get a better understanding. (Ms. K )

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