Nudist idea #58: Chill with good music naked

A glass of wine, good music and you are off for a good time, chilling, just enjoying life. Do you need any clothing for this? Hell no! It’s even better when naked. You are just relaxed and having a nice moment.

Image result for naked relaxingWhenever, you are worried, stressed, angry or confused (the four deadly horsemen), what do you do? Personally, I do one or the two, of these two activities: 1. I meditate, 2. I listen to Mozart or Bach. In all cases, I entirely undress because I feel much better naked and it helps tremendously my mental state.

I have two places I love chilling in with music, depending on my mood. I like my lounge because this is wear my powerful Dolby 5.1 amplifier sits and I can enjoy the music coming from all the loudspeakers around the room.Image result for naked in nature I can grasp all the sound of the instruments, while lying on the couch. The second place is outside, whether my garden or nature. Just my phone and my Bluetooth headset. I sit or lie on the grass, and watch the sky while music plays in my ear. There, my body and my mind can relax. My thoughts keep floating around, but on the back burner. This is generally when cool ideas pop up and I find the solution to my worry, stress, anger or confusion.

If you love listening to music naked, share what kind of music you like to listen, where and the effect it has on you. Of course, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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