Paul Gustav Fisher nude paintings

I bumped into the first painting below and it caught my attention. Not only because of the nudity of the two ladies, but because the whole composition was just beautiful. Looking for more details, I discovered Paul Gustav Fisher, and his paintings. He painted more scenes and people than just nudes, but his nude paintings all have this sense of freedom, and carelessness that feels enjoyable and totally natural. I gathered on this page all his nude paintings I could find, and I’m determinate to get a couple of reproductions of those to hang at home. Enjoy beautiful art!


Fischer Paul Sunbathing In The Dunes.jpg
Sunbathing in the dunes

Paul Fischer Badende Kvinder (The Bathers).jpg
The Bathers

Paul Fischer Bedende Kvinder (A Morning Dip).jpg
A morning dip

Paul Fischer - Strandparti med badende kvinder (kopi).jpg
The Three Bathers

Bathers on a beach

The beach at Båstad

Summer On The Beach

Paul Fischer - To badepiger i et krat ved kysten ved Hornbæk.jpg
Two bathing girls in the bushes near the coast of Hornbæk

Paul Fischer - Piger på stranden, Båstad.jpg
Girls on the beach, Båstad

Paul Gustav Fischer - From the Artist's Studio 1904.jpg
From the artist’s studio

Paul Gustav Fischer - Seated Model in the Artist's Studio.jpg
Seated model in the artist’s studio

The morning toilet

After the swim

Bathers on a Beach

Bathers on the Beach, Falsterbo

Bathing Beauties on the Beach


Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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