Nudist idea #100: Share the love of nudism

Here we are, the 100th idea. A little more than 100 days ago, I committed to share 100 nudity ideas to increase nude time and nudist friends, and this is it. Been there, done that!

I hope it has given you some ideas about how to share more of this lifestyle. If you are not a nudist, it may have triggered interests in becoming a nudist. In all cases, I hope it will increase the number of nudists around you, make you “come out” as a proud nudist, and help you share what naturism/nudism is about.

At the end of the day, naturism is a natural and healthy lifestyle. It has so many health, psychological and social benefits, described in numerous books and articles that you will find on this site and others, dedicated or not to naturism. As I wrote multiple time, nudity is comfortable and when you start living naked and doing activities naked, you will too find nudity much more comfortable than clothing, and completely natural. Unfortunately, our society has manufactured body shame, for many reasons, and the fashion industry has sexualized the naked body, up to a point that a vast majority of the population equates naked body with sex.

If you are not born in a naturist environment, you will probably need to learn to differentiate nudity from sex, and regain the pleasure of being naked outside of your bedroom. Enjoying the air on your skin, carrying all-day activity in your birthday suit, sharing nudity with others. All this may require courage at the beginning, but will quickly become a second nature. So all that nudists have to do is share! Share the beauty and comfort of being naked! Share the fact there’s nothing wrong in being naked at home, outside, alone and with others. There’s nothing wrong or dirty with naked bodies. To the opposite, we should be proud of our body, it’s ours and we have only one! It’s not about showing off or displaying it, it’s just about showing how confident and comfortable we are.

So my last idea is just the idea of this blog and why I created it some time back. Nudism is an incredible lifestyle. In this fast material world, it helps getting back to who we really are, stripped off our expensive status clothing, our shiny objects, and getting back to simplicity of just being naked! Plunge! Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love! You will never regret it!

Nudist idea #82: write a book naked

Alone, in front of your computer, the best clothing choice is none? Not quite sure? Try! As I write this post, I am in my preferred suit, the one that suits me best, my birthday one. So comfortable!

Write naked is actually the title of a book, written by NY Times best-selling author Jennifer Probst. It explains the path to success of the author, who does not seem to write in her birthday suit, but who knows? The fact is for most nudists, nudity is the most comfortable clothing option for all-day errands and activities. Writing can be one of those, whether you write on a piece of paper or on a computer.

Image result for writing nakedPersonally, I love to write sitting, the laptop on one arm of the couch, or at my desk, when I need to move among multiple windows, while preparing an article or a book (I still have books on nudism on preparation. I am just taking my time). However, the one thing that keeps me going is being comfortably naked. The comfort of nudity inspires me more that when clothed. It’s probably a question of hormones or neurotransmitters like endophirns. The point is, for me, it helps a lot. What about you?

Are you writing naked? On paper, or on computer? How do you feel? Share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #80: Take a bath/shower and stay naked

Taking a bath or a shower requires that we get naked. It’s generally a pleasant experience. You take care of yourself and get out clean and smelling nice. Why not using this opportunity to stay naked?

Image result for taking a bath

A bath or a warm shower is relaxing. It’s a personal moment you take car about yourself and experience a deep level of relaxation. It’s a moment as well where nudity is not even a question. It’s therefore e moment where nudity feels so natural that you are in harmony with your naked body. So why not continue beyond the bath or shower. When you are so well after, just step outside of the bathtub and continue taking care of yourself. Then step out of the bathroom and do what you have to do without getting clothed.

Image result for taking a showerUse this moment of wellness to appreciate nudity, its comfort. You will quickly understand nudity is normal, natural and healthy. There’s nothing more relaxing and comfortable than staying clothes free and doing what has to be done without wearing any clothing. Give it a try. Nobody will be harmed. Just step out the bathroom and “forget” to get clothed. You are on the edge of discovering a new world, the world of naturism!

So, as nudists, do stay naked after your bath/shower? Share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #72: Taking care of yourself (pampering)

We live in a fast-paced world and stopping to breathe is essential to our well-being. The Cambridge dictionary gives the following definition for pamper: to give someone special treatment, making that person as comfortable as possible and giving them whatever they want.

Image result for naked bath

There are many ways to give oneself special treatment (and no, this may not be what you think about). Here are some ideas to spend a comfortable time. Put some cool and relaxing music. Start with a bath, or a shower if you do not have a bathtub. And take your time! Take your time to enjoy the water on your body, to regain your sensation and to slow down. If you have the chance to have a sauna, or pamper at your spa (allowing full nudity), spend some time in the sauna for a good sweat.

Image result for naked pampering

Once done, dry yourself and apply generously body lotion. Once again take your time to massage your body, starting from your feet and going up to your face. Be kind and gentle with your skin. Appreciate it, how it protects you and how it is beautiful. Then, you can shave or wax your body if you want to get rid of your hair. You can spend some time on your nails, both feet and hands, to make them perfect, and apply some nail polish. Take care of your face, shaving, applying some face scrub and lotion, and makeup. If you happen to have a companion, you can ask him/her to give you a massage, then the rest may be really personal. Enjoy!

Do you take time to take care of yourself? How is it? We would love to hear about your experiences with it in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Nudist idea #70: Film your naked activities


We all love to keep memories. One the most preferred ways is to take picture. The second one is to take movies. You can film what you are doing and spend some time making small movies with a dedicated software.

Naked activities and nakation are just ideal for memory movies, as we generally are in a nice setting, relaxed, with a bunch of other naturist friends. Just ask permission to film and start shooting.

Even if you are not an experienced film maker, just try it. You may have some work afterwards to get rid of bad parts, but you will enjoy to watch the homemade movie and will be proud to share with your friends.

Have you ever film your naked activities? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Why we need to distinguish nudity from sexuality

Very sensible and well written article following the cancellation of a nude swim event in Calgary, from The Globe and Mail. For naturists, the distinction is obvious, but we need to continuously educate others of social nudity and its many benefits. Nudity is natural and normal, social nudity is otherwise called naturism and it’s an awesome lifestyle. Society definitely needs to distinguish nudity from sexuality and naturists play a huge role in this.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


Nudist idea #58: Chill with good music naked

A glass of wine, good music and you are off for a good time, chilling, just enjoying life. Do you need any clothing for this? Hell no! It’s even better when naked. You are just relaxed and having a nice moment.

Image result for naked relaxingWhenever, you are worried, stressed, angry or confused (the four deadly horsemen), what do you do? Personally, I do one or the two, of these two activities: 1. I meditate, 2. I listen to Mozart or Bach. In all cases, I entirely undress because I feel much better naked and it helps tremendously my mental state.

I have two places I love chilling in with music, depending on my mood. I like my lounge because this is wear my powerful Dolby 5.1 amplifier sits and I can enjoy the music coming from all the loudspeakers around the room.Image result for naked in nature I can grasp all the sound of the instruments, while lying on the couch. The second place is outside, whether my garden or nature. Just my phone and my Bluetooth headset. I sit or lie on the grass, and watch the sky while music plays in my ear. There, my body and my mind can relax. My thoughts keep floating around, but on the back burner. This is generally when cool ideas pop up and I find the solution to my worry, stress, anger or confusion.

If you love listening to music naked, share what kind of music you like to listen, where and the effect it has on you. Of course, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #43: Have a naked Christmas

This may be controversial, as for most of us in the Northern hemisphere, the weather is not really pro-nudity. However, if you happen to be in the Southern hemisphere, you should consider spending Christmas in your birthday suit, and if North, light a good fire or push up a little the temperature to be able to be naked, and have a naked Christmas!

Image result for naked christmas

Having a naked Christmas has many benefits. The first being not to have to purchase fancy and expensive clothes. Just be as you are! It will be the less costly Christmas and you’ll be able to spend a little more on a good Champagne or Caviar. The second is it will be the most relaxed Christmas you’ll ever had, as all nudists know that nudity brings a good level of levity to human relationships. Finally, it will be an awesome unique experience!

Related image

If you’re not celebrating Christmas, it’s a great opportunity to get naked, full stop! If you are and you have dinner with friends or family, setting up the scene for a naked Christmas dinner will trigger a lot of discussions and awkward moments for sure, and may end up with a great time. Of course, some will say that Christmas is a great moment to dress up and so be it! Add some jewelery to your body, wear a nice hat, put some nice shoes on, there are many ways to dress up while staying naked! Be creative, have fun and Merry Xmas!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Why nude is the answer to a better world

As I was running this morning, I had this idea sprouting in my mind that indeed nudism and social nudity are the answers to a better world. When I came back home and went into my daily meditation, three key reasons to this idea came to me:

  1. No shame and more respect. There is much less body shame, if any at all, among nudists. We are all the same, however different. It’s always really refreshing to be among nudists because you know from the get go they will not judge you if you are too thin, too fat, have scars, have a beer belly or six packs. There’s more respect among nudists for diversity and inclusion.
  2. Less laundry means less detergent and water usage. When you spend days naked, you do not need to wash clothes often. Therefore, you use less water and less detergent. Not a real bad idea for nature and mother earth.
  3. More nature conscious. Naked, you realize how fragile the human being, nature and earth are. Without any clothes you feel the sun, the wind and the air surrounding you in a total different way. You may actually feel unprotected, therefore more cautious. A great way to become more aware of our place in the world.

There are many other benefits to nudism, many having been described in numerous articles including You Should Get Naked More Often. It’s Good For You or Want Better Self-Confidence? Get Naked!. However, I like the ones above as good starting points for discussing with non naturists as well, as we want to expand our nudist and naturist friends circle. The more nudists, the better the world will be, IMHO!

What does being nude mean to me?

what-does-being-nude-mean-to-me-1-11Here’s a great post from The Nude Blogger: What does being nude mean to me? It’s simple, respectful and full of good sense. If you follow social networks news, you may have heard about the nude blogger, as Jessa’s Instagram account was suspended then reactivated after an uproar of her followers. A great win for body positivity advocates accross the world.

In the What does being nude mean to me article, Jessa goes through her own feelings and sensations. Of course, it’s aligned with how most of us perceive nudism and naturism: freedom. Freedom from the dictatorship of brands. Freedom from the dictatorships of labels. Freedom from materialism. Pure freedom!

However, what resonated very well with me was this sense of vulnerability. I wrote about vulnerability after watching Brené Brown’s TED talk. I think vulnerability is an important aspect of nudism. As we strip down from our clothes, we are exposing to the world who we are. We cannot hide behind conventions anymore. And by exposing ourselves, we become more receptive to others, to the surroundings, to nature.

It’s very difficult to express this sensation of complete vulnerability that leaves us in a complete state of receiving. To quote Jessa:

We are left with this air of vulnerability, something so truthful.

what-does-being-nude-mean-to-me-2-21In the post I encourage you to read, she goes around what vulnerability does for us and for our soul. I hope you will enjoy the post as much as I had because it resonates well with why I believe naturism is an awesome lifestyle, particularly at that time of the human history, clogged with ridiculous expectations, pressure and artficial needs. Of course, we should not become incredulous optimists, but we should strive at making this world a better place, and nudity can surely help!

Get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Note: both pictures of the above post come from the Nude Blogger’s post.