Naked European Walking Tour 2013, a video

If you like hiking and are contemplating hiking naked, the NEWT is the event to participate in. NEWT stands for Naked European Walking Tour and takes place every July in the Austrian Alps The next edition, the 12th actually, will take place from July 9 to 16, 2016. In the meantime, have a look at the video of the 2013 tour below, definitely a must-do for all naturist lovers!

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A #naked walk in the forest at night

51WQgCurteL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_A week or two ago, I started reading Naked in the Woods, a guide to Spiritual nudity by Storm Moon. As a naturist who loves hiking naked in the woods and who started naked meditation some months ago, the theme was of deep interest. I loved the first pages, the description of our links to our mother earth and how nudity can help us getting closer to nature, this spoke directly to my deep feelings. Then, when the author started to speak about his personal practice of nude walk in the forest, it stroke me that I was never entirely naked when hiking: I had walking shoes, a rucksack, a cap… What would it be to be entirely naked?

The question needed an answer. As it was dusk, I decided to go for a walk in the forest entirely naked, leaving everything, clothes, watch, shoes. As I was already naked, I just had to take my watch off, let my sandals go and off I went to the forest. There was a little part of risk as the path to the forest from my home had to go through some public areas, cross a road and go along some house. Although it was a Sunday evening, the risk of meeting somebody was not totally nil. However, the appeal was too strong not to take the risk, I had to do it!

I left home in the dark, the dog was so happy to go on an unexpected walk and went out the garden. I was outside, barefoot, entirely naked! Some houses were lit, and I walked along, entering the forest after a short while having encountered nobody. My confidence grew and all my senses were into play. I felt a rejuvenated feeling of freedom. Feeling the earth below my naked feet, leaves, grass, rocks was an incredible sensation. My whole body was free of any constraint and my skin could feel every single grain of air. This was an incredible feeling. I walked on a track I knew well, barely lit by a half moon, listening to the sound of the forest, enjoying every step.

At one point, I turned into a side path, stopped on a grass patch, and lied down, letting the earth and the air surrounding me. I let go completely my muscles, looking at the moon playing with the clouds and the top of the trees gently moving. I spotted a couple of bats, heard some animal noise in a far distance, a couple of mice came close, and a large smile came onto my face, deeply enjoying the experience. After a while, I stood up and walked back slowly to the house.

All in all, the walk had lasted half an hour. Not a lot, but so relaxing, so different from normal hikes. I was without any safety net, any crutch, entirely naked in the woods, and I discovered a new world. I will go back for sure, for longer walks, for walks with my wife, for walks in the day too, as naked in nature, with no clothes at all is a complete different experience I encourage you to do.

Of course, Naked in the woods is a great read if you want to embrace nudity in nature, naked meditation and recreate those long-forgotten links to nature!

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8 ecological positive effects of naturism

Nudism plus nature equals naturism. Ecologists want to protect nature to give our children a clean Earth. Although each of us may have a different point of view on ecology, here are 8 positive effects naturism has on ecology.

  1. Naturists wash less. We wear less clothes, therefore we need to wash less and consume less detergent.
  2. Naturists purchase less clothes. We wear less, we need less, and we purchase less. Bleaching, synthetic materials, transportation put a tax on the planet. By consuming less clothes, we reduce our footprint.
  3. Naturists tend to be more nature conscious. Naturism contains nature in the world. We can see a lot of discussions on green products and behavior on naturist’s forum. I tend to think this is linked to our sensitivity to nature and fragility of the human being.
  4. World Naked Bike Rides are naturist events that do not contribute to increasing greenhouse effect. Riding a bike is healthy and ecological. Bring the city back to pedestrian and cyclists!
  5. Naturists tend to more simplicity. By being naked, we tend to believe in simple pleasure and simpler life. Less gizmos, more connections. Less electronic, more humanity.
  6. Naturist’s locations tend to be nature friendly. Most naturist resorts are in beautiful natural places, doing their best to preserve what Mother Nature has to offer. We need more places to be naturist friendly by observing simple ecological rules
  7. Respect is one of the values of naturism. Respecting nature and ensuring we leave a clean place to our kids is one of the values I have always encountered with naturists.
  8. Most naked activities are healthy and nature friendly. Naked hiking, naked swimming, naked volley-ball, just to name a few activities do not require to harm our natural environment, but to benefit from it.

I am sure there are lots of other positive effects on nature by living simply in harmony with nature, entirely naked. Our nudity makes us more receptive to our surroundings. You are more alert to what nature has to offer to our ears, eyes, nose and overall body.

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Clothes Encounters

Great article on textile-nudist interaction. This post summarizes about nudity in nature and interaction with clothed people. If one is smiling and friendly, a positive discussion can start when the nudist can share why he/she’s naked and share the happiness of nudity. In a large majority of cases, the clothed people will be fine and their level of tolerance will raise. Get naked and enjoy the freedom!

6 ideas to spend the long Labor Day week-end NAKED!

We are just about to start a 3-day week-end for those who are celebrating Labor Day, by not working! It’s an ideal time, with spring blossoming in the northern hemisphere, to spend 3 full day sans clothing! So for those who might be clueless about what to do, here are 6 simple ideas for you to enjoy 3 full day of complete nudity.

  1. Pay a visit to your local naturist resort. Place a phone call, check if there’s some vacancy, pack your minimum suitcase and on we go! A great way to relax and enjoy nudity in a safe and fun environment. If you are a newbie, you’ll have 3 full days to get into the nudism mood.
  2. Throw your clothes away on Thursday evening and stay home. Whether you’re a home nudist or cannot go to a naturist resort, just stay home and get naked. You do not need clothes to do what you have to do at home. If you are organized, you can pack your fridge with food so you do not have to get dressed to go shopping.
  3. Head to the closest nudist beach. The sun is out? Go to the beach and work on your tan, without any lines. If you can, drive to the beach naked and come back naked. Extra minutes without having to dress.
  4. Celebrate the World Naked Gardening Day. On Saturday May 2, the world is celebrating the World Naked Gardening Day. It’s a great occasion to go outside, rain or sun, and take care of your garden with the best suit you have, your birthday suit!
  5. Pack a rucksack and head to the nearest hiking trail. Three days are just enough to go on a long trail hike and experience the exhilaration of naked hiking. Look on the Internet for a hike in your neighborhood or get to your hiking guide, ask friends to join and hop on the bus gus, and get yourself free!
  6. Invite friends to a bring-and-share naked party. You have some nudist friends or some non-nudists who are open-minded? Throw a simple pool or garden party over the week-end, and ask each to bring and share food and beverages. Organize some games, forget your clothes and have fun!

I wish you a great and relaxing Labor Day week-end! Enjoy it, naked of course!

“Naked Hiking”, a wonderful book on the awesomeness of hiking naked

When I first thought of hiking naked some years ago, I thought I was alone on the planet. Then I gradually discovered many other people who were hiking naked. A new world unfold in front of my eyes, I was not alone!

The book “Naked Hiking” from Richard Foley, webmaster of the site, is a symphony to naked hiking written by many different authors, sharing their wonderful experience of hiking naked in various locations on the planet, including an exclusive testimony from Steven Gough, the naked rambler, from his prison cell.

Naked Hiking is a collection of 23 texts, curated by Richard and focusing on one topic: hiking in your birthday suit. The topic is not covered from a theoretical angle, but through real life examples. All authors are either seasoned naked hikers or new to the activity, and all share their experience of hiking naked on public trails, interacting with nature and other hikers.

All the texts are well written and easy to read. The numerous pictures (over 80) help to visualize the context of the hikes, particularly the encounters with textiles and the beautiful landscapes surrounding the trails. It’s a quick and pleasant read, a must-have for all fans of naked and natural living.

Whatever the angle you look at the topic and your feelings around hiking naked, this book taught me two key learnings

  • Many opportunities exist to hike naked in many countries, from Germany to New Zealand, from France to Australia, from Spain to the USA, just to name a few, it’s just a matter of choosing the right track, the right time … and get naked.
  • Clothed people met during naked hikes are for a large majority supportive or indifferent. There are very few who are against and see it as offensive, but it’s a minority.

Here are a set of quotes I liked from various text that I will probably reuse in the future:

  • Mark Storey, “The best thing that you, as the naked hiker, can do is to smile, look like it’s the most ordinary thing to be walking nude, and be congenial”
  • Olle Strand, “Naturists seek the harmony of naturalness, not confrontation with dissidents”
    • “Nude hikers are not a danger to society.”
    • “We have every right in this beautiful world to demand the same respect due to all people in a humanistic society.”
    • “Now we all are natural naturists out on a hike, we are immediately filled with a sense of freedom, joy and harmony.”
    • “We did meet some people on the trail; they had clothes on and this did not bother us.”
    • “We naturists say to our textile friends: I you want to go hiking well wrapped up, then it’s your choice. If we choose to wander freely without clothes, why would this bother you?”
  • Daniel A. Kidwell, “You can freehike in a surprising range of weather conditions including some that would make a textile hiker miserable.”
    • “Feeling a cool sea breeze caressing one’s entire body on a warm August afternoon is about as good as it gets in this realm of existence.”
    • “In my experience hiking without clothing on the long distance trails in the Northeast [of the USA], I have found that through-hikers are frequently more concerned with their own hike, and tend to be supportive of others on the trail, and open minded for the most part, about what other hikers find for themselves to constitute a good hike.”
    • “As you gradually become at east with yourself, you will eventually forget that you are naked.”
    • “The slower pace and the heightened state of my sense brought on by my nakedness have allowed me a deeper appreciation of some very special parts of this planet we inhabit.”
  • Howard Anderson, “If walking naked is so rational, why don’t more people do it?”
    • “So why go walking naked? Unless you try it for yourself, you may simply have to take our word for it.”
    • “Body shame is a successful meme, it is often taught without thought of why.”
    • “When asked, most adults will say they have no argument against nudity from an intellectual point of view but they would not participate for emotional reasons, their memes are more powerful than rationality.”
    • “Naturism is enjoyable and harmless so people work out for themselves that nudity is fine.”
    • “Get out to the countryside, take off your clothes and breathe the fresh air of freedom.”

Overall, if you are a naked hiker or are intrigued about naked hiking, jump on the occasion to put your hands on the book, it will fit well in your own personal library. It’s available here from Amazon.

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10 good reasons to hike naked

Hiking is a great way to stay fit and enjoy nature. Whether you hike in the countryside, in the mountains or on the seaside, you come to appreciate the sceneries you cross at a slow pace. If you find a great place, you can stop and enjoy the view. But for us nudists, hiking naked adds the lack of clothes and the wellness that is attached to nudity to a great activity. Naked hiking has become such an important activity for nudists and hikers, Richard Foley has published a book about it, Naked Hiking, that I encourage each of you to get a copy of.

Now, here are the 10 reasons why I am hiking naked whenever I can and encourage you to do so.

  1. Because clothes suck

I am a nudist and in my birthday suit every time I can and this means as much as I can if environment and weather permit. Since I am a nudist, hiking naked is as natural as taking a shower naked. You do not get dressed to take a shower, so why getting dressed to hike?

  1. Because it’s comfortable

I am comfortable when I am nude, like all my fellow nudists. And I am doing all sorts of activities in the nude, from writing this blog post to hiking, from going to the beach to cooking, from jogging to playing with the kids. So yes, hiking naked is comfortable.

  1. Because you can feel the sun and the wind on your body

I would say this is probably the number one reason. Feeling the air on your whole body is just great. You feel free and you are actually free. Free as any animal who does not get dressed to live.

  1. Because my dog does not care if I am dressed or not

Ah, ah, ah! She exactly knows when I am going to hike or jog, because she sees me putting my hiking or jogging shoes. The shoes are the signal we are on our way to going into the nature. Whether I am nude or not, she does not care and I do not care either. Well actually I do care, I prefer being naked.

  1. Because I can sweat and have no clothes to wash

On a hot summer day, I am sweating. Sometimes a lot. When I am naked, I do not get soaked with sweat, it just goes down on my body, drips and evaporates. A very pleasant feeling too. Therefore, no clothes that smell sweat to wash, avoiding to pollute the environment with detergent.

  1. Because I can hike with cool people

I have yet to meet not cool naked hikers. It seems nudists are generally friendlier than clothed people. They tend not to judge people. Hey, we do not hide anything, so being all born equal, we just live this naked truth.

  1. Because I do not need to undress if I come to find a place to take a swim

This is another great reason to hike naked, even with clothed hikers. If you arrive to a lake, a pond, a river, no questions, you can go. Whereas your non-nudist friends should have carried their bathing suit and will have to carry it wet.

  1. Because it’s great way to convert non nudist to our lifestyle

Whether you hike naked with open-minded non-nudists or you meet open-minded non-nudists, you can start a conversation on why you enjoy hiking naked. It’s a great way to have more people joining as they see how well you are.

  1. Because our body is beautiful

Honestly, I prefer people naked than people clothed trying to hide their body or to show off with their expensive clothing. A naked man or a naked woman are just beautiful, whether old or young, heavy or skinny, black or white, we are all just beautiful. On top of this, I find that nudists tend to smile more.

  1. Because I am who I am when I am nude

Nothing to hide. I am who I am naked. I am a nudist. I understand nudity will shock a lot of people who sexualize the body, and I respect their point of view. They should respect mine to be naked because I feel good naked.

Enjoy hiking, stay naked!