Looking for a naturist rental? Look no further!

If you are a naturist and travel all around the world for holidays or work, it may be difficult to find places where you can spend time naked. There’s a lot of B&B liked websites, and it’s a great way to find affordable wonderful places and meet new people but finding naked-friendly places is not an easy task. Well, look no further, as a naturist couple has decided to create an Airbnb equivalent for naturists: Naturist BnB.

NaturistBnBLogoAs the site about states: “We are a couple in our late 40’s who learn to enjoy naturist lifestyle years ago. Recently we started also as an Airbnb host. Anyhow we realized that Airbnb community does not really encourage naturist lifestyle. That inspired us to create a site dedicated to naturist holidays with ease and convenience of Airbnb. Hope you enjoy it!”

Not only, you will be able to find naturist B&Bs anywhere in the world (the site is growing, so expect more and more choices, but a lot of countries are already listed), you will be able to register your own naturist property. It’s a great way to rent that room or that house that you own to naturists, and make some extra money, while enjoying naked time.

I cannot but commend this great initiative that promotes naturism. It’s a wonderful way to meet new naturists around the world and stay in a naked-friendly environment. I look forward to being able to use Naturist B&B service for my next trip abroad.

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Nudist idea #83: Sail naked

On a warm day, your boat is pushed by a light breeze, you enjoy sailing, the air enveloping your bare skin. Whether on a large boat or a on a small dinghy, being naked is the best option.

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Let’s look at it, if the weather allows it, there’s no real reason to wear anything aboard a sailing ship. It’s actually almost the perfect place to be naked. You won’t have any neighbors gawking, and if it happens to cruise next to another boat, the chances are high nobody will care the way you are dressed or undressed in this case. You will have a unique opportunity to get a overall tan, and you will honestly be so comfortable it would really be a pity not to get naked. Of course, do not forget your sun lotion!

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Beyond the nudist resort, a sailing boat is probably the next best place to get used to nudity outside of your own home. Whether for a day or a week, a naked cruise on a nudist sail boat is a great way to be comfortable with your own body among other nudists. You are relaxed, the sun is shining, get naked! And propose to the others to follow your lead. Finally, if you are the happy owner of the boat, make it a nudist one, as I proposed in the Nudist idea #46: Allow only nakedness on your boat, Do not over think about it, just drop all your clothes the moment you put the foot on the boat or at least as soon as you leave the harbor, and enjoy the feeling!

Are you sailing naked? How do you feel? Share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #70: Film your naked activities


We all love to keep memories. One the most preferred ways is to take picture. The second one is to take movies. You can film what you are doing and spend some time making small movies with a dedicated software.

Naked activities and nakation are just ideal for memory movies, as we generally are in a nice setting, relaxed, with a bunch of other naturist friends. Just ask permission to film and start shooting.

Even if you are not an experienced film maker, just try it. You may have some work afterwards to get rid of bad parts, but you will enjoy to watch the homemade movie and will be proud to share with your friends.

Have you ever film your naked activities? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Nudist idea #43: Have a naked Christmas

This may be controversial, as for most of us in the Northern hemisphere, the weather is not really pro-nudity. However, if you happen to be in the Southern hemisphere, you should consider spending Christmas in your birthday suit, and if North, light a good fire or push up a little the temperature to be able to be naked, and have a naked Christmas!

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Having a naked Christmas has many benefits. The first being not to have to purchase fancy and expensive clothes. Just be as you are! It will be the less costly Christmas and you’ll be able to spend a little more on a good Champagne or Caviar. The second is it will be the most relaxed Christmas you’ll ever had, as all nudists know that nudity brings a good level of levity to human relationships. Finally, it will be an awesome unique experience!

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If you’re not celebrating Christmas, it’s a great opportunity to get naked, full stop! If you are and you have dinner with friends or family, setting up the scene for a naked Christmas dinner will trigger a lot of discussions and awkward moments for sure, and may end up with a great time. Of course, some will say that Christmas is a great moment to dress up and so be it! Add some jewelery to your body, wear a nice hat, put some nice shoes on, there are many ways to dress up while staying naked! Be creative, have fun and Merry Xmas!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!