Nudist idea #68: Binge watch Netflix

It’s a cold and rainy Saturday, there’s no real possibilities to enjoy nature, so better stay indoor and indulge. I’m sure there’s this series or this movie you wanted to watch for a long time. It’s the perfect time.

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First, you need to get ready for some action or romance. Get a pack of your favorite drink, some food, and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Make sure the temperature is correct, so you’ll be comfortable naked. Because the whole idea is of course to enjoy this in your birthday suit. You can invite a bunch of friends to join, sharing it will be a clothing optional afternoon/evening, as you already are in your birthday suit. Then, let’s get started.

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Of course, you need to pick the right series or movie, so you can really get comfortable and enjoy the experience for the next three to four hours. Pick a full season of a series for instance, so the cliffhanger of each episode will move you to the next. Simple and so enjoyable when you know you have all the time ahead of you, and so comfortable as you are lying on your couch with a glass of wine, a beer or just a coke and some comfort food. Overall, just a great moment in the best possible attire. No clothing required to enjoy TV!

Have you ever binge watch Netflix naked? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #61: Prepare and have your breakfast naked

Home activities are better done naked. It’s a fact for nudists and home nudists. If you sleep naked, which I encourage you to do for the many benefits it has, you can start your day naked by preparing and having your breakfast naked.

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My morning routine always start by having a squeezed lemon and some water at room temperature. Then, it’s time to prepare the breakfast for the family. I’m the breakfast chef! And I always do it naked. Of course, when frying, you can wear an apron for security reasons, but this would be the only piece of clothing required. Then you’re on your way to cook the best breakfast ever.

Image result for naked cookingNaked breakfast has some benefits and some drawbacks as listed in this funny post. But the best benefit is you are just naked and relaxed. You can have breakfast in bed also, and nudity is in this case very obvious. In case you’re having your breakfast in your dining room, on your terrace or in your kitchen, do not forget your towel to sit on. And enjoy this wonderful freedom of another activity you can practiced socially or alone in your birthday suit.

Are you preparing your breakfast naked ? How do you feel doing it naked? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #60: Invite your best friend to spend a day at your nudist club

I went over speaking to your friends about naturism in the Nudist idea #6: Speak to your Friends about #Naturism. The next step is to invite your best friends to join you at your club, at least to give it a try for a day.

Asking does not guarantee success, nor accepting guarantees that your friend will embrace your lifestyle. However, if you’re not trying, there’s no chance that he or she will join you. The risk? That he or she does not like the idea of getting naked in front of you, or just do not like the day spent surrounded by other naked people. If this is a really good friend, this will be the end of the discussion, and you’ll stay best friends, but will not share naturism

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On the opposite, he or she may be okay with the idea and may enjoy the experience of being clothes free. Think on how to make this day a great one. Organize the barbecue with his/her preferred food and wine. Setup a set of activities that he/she enjoys doing, like jogging, hiking, playing volleyball or pétanque. Whatever makes him/her happy with his/her day. The idea is really to demonstrate that naked activities are not only normal and natural, they are actually better than clothed ones. Then, at the end of the day, debrief the day. Ask him/her to rate his/her day, and ask if he/she would consider to join the club and embrace naturism as a lifestyle. If the day went well, there are good chances you will have made a new naturist.

Did you invite your best friend to spend a day naked at your club ? How did it go? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Note: this post is an update, as the previous was a mistake duplicate duplicate of nudist idea #38.

Nudist idea #54: Buy a house or a caravan in a nudist resort

The best way to increase your naked time: live in a nudist resort! At the exception of some errands outside and cold weather, you can stay naked all year long, everywhere on the premises of the resort, and this is just awesome when you are comfortable in your own birthday suit.

Image result for nudist resortMany nudist resorts sell houses or caravan sites. You can therefore own a property, whether for your holidays, week-ends or to live permanently. This agency provides some insights on nudist real estate in the US, you may find the same in your home country, for example in France, in Cap d’Agde. There has also been a TV show, titles Buying Naked, featuring nudists looking for a property to buy in Florida.

Image result for nudist resort real estateOf course, purchasing some nudist real estate comes at a cost and defines what you want to do with your life and your money, but if nudism is central to your happiness, this is an option you can consider.

Personally, I’ve not yet invested in this front, and am looking for the perfect property. It’s not an urgent requirement, but I would love to spend some months every year entirely naked, so this comes as a credible option. We’ll see!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and for your comments below, particularly if you are the happy owner of a property in a nudist environment or consider becoming one. Remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #50: Happy Nude Year!

The best way to transition from year to year? Naked of course! And to all my readers, I wish you a wonderful happy nude year! Are you ready for your new year’s resolution? As from mine, let’s have a look! Last year I made the following nude resolutions:

  1. Spend another full week clothes free. Done!
  2. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. Not Done – Shame as I had plenty missed opportunities!
  3. Make at least 5 naked hikes. Done just 5!

Well, 2 out of 3 is definitely a OK nude year, although I feel I’ve done better than last year, I need to improve in the coming year! We’ll see what comes as my nudist resolutions for 2018. I’m sure it’s going to be a good nude year, expanding my nude horizon! It has to be, as I am reflecting on the past year and looking ahead at more nude time!

Happy Nude YearI would love to spend the new year naked, and the current plan is not with nudist friends, so nude time may be limited. We’ll see and I’ll reflect back on this blog, and I’ll grab any potential opportunity to get naked and stay naked over the new year! However, if you have an opportunity to spend your new year entirely naked, do it! It’s such a wonderful feeling to share social nudity and well-being. Nudism is such an awesome lifestyle!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below. Remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #46: Allow only nakedness on your boat

If you are the happy owner of a boat and the weather is nice, ask people to embrace nudism aboard your boat. Like not going to textile beach when you have a nudist alternative, boating should always be experienced naked.

Image result for naked boatLet’s face it. What is more pleasurable than enjoying a sunny day in one’s birthday suit? Doing the same with friends! And spending a good time on a boat, is a treat. Whether it’s a big or small boat, a motor or a sail boat, just get naked aboard. Not only it will be much more comfortable, it will be more enjoyable and you will get a great chance to avoid tan lines. Icing on the cake, if some non nudist friends join you, it’s a wonderful opportunity to welcome them to this awesome lifestyle.

Image result for naked boatEven in a non naturist environment, it seems people are more likely to accept nude people on a boat. It’s true that a boat is a perfect setup for being naked: few people around, sunny weather generally, holidays… ideal time to throw any form of clothing and enjoy total nudity. Like all nudist activity, non nudist people may ask question and be curious about the lifestyle. It’s therefore a wonderful moment to explain what social nudism is about, and draw a clear line between sex and nudity, making people comfortable that your boat is not a swinger’s paradise but just a place to enjoy the comfort of being naked like in any other naturist venue. And there’s nothing wrong by being naked with friends and family, as nudism is a social lifestyle that million enjoy and share around the globe. Make your boat a nudist venue!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #38: Do your house chores naked

We all need to do some chores at one point. Typically, it’s a time to get wet and dirty, so the ideal clothes for this are no clothes! As simple as this, and so much more comfortable.

Image result for naked house choresWashing the dishes, mopping the floor or dusting your library seem much more fun when done naked. I really never understood why, and I doubt there are any scientific study about this, but it’s a personal fact. House chores seem less painful when done naked. And if you can share them with your spouse, they are even funnier.

Image result for naked house chores

Now, let’s think a minute about our nudist lives. If you live nude most of the times indoor and outdoor, doing house chores naked is kind of obvious. However, if you are thinking about nudism, but do not know where to start, this could be one activity you want to discover naked. It’s a great way to become comfortable with your own body, in the security of your own home. The amazing fact is that after a couple of minutes, you will forget your are naked. Actually, it may feel strange at the beginning, but really rapidly, you will focus on the task at hand, and forget that you do not wear anything but your smile. And like, many other activities you will do naked, you may not want to get clothed anymore for those. Nakedness is so comfortable that it becomes the de facto clothing option. Trying it is adopting it.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #34: Create a nudist friendly AirBnB

You have available space in your house or flat. You are a nudist. Why not creating a nudist friendly AirBnB space, make some extra money and meet new people?

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Sure, renting a room or a part of your home requires some preparation and effort. Particularly making people feeling at home is a great part of the experience. However, this is what users of AirBnB are looking for: a great interaction and experience. Although nudism/naturism is not a search criteria, you can make it clear in the House rules and inform your guests this is a clothing-optional facility.

I would highly recommend you hang a clothing-optional sign, as advised in the nudist idea #13: Hang a Clothing-Optional sign. This way, the tone is set as soon as your guests arrive and you can inform them that they may shed their clothes if they are comfortable with nudity and that you may be naked during the day, inside and outside of the house. Of course, you will need to ensure that this was made clear before they book the room, particularly if you’ll be around. In all cases, nudity rules should be displayed and made clear, so the guests know where to be naked and where to be clothed, should there be any restrictions to nudity.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #28: Get naked as soon as you come back home

We all lived in a clothed world, even for those of us who chose to live in nudist communities. We all have to get clothed to go to work, run errands, or visit non nudist friends or family. However, we can make our home a nudist haven, where we can be as naked as we want.

Image result for taking shoes offHere’s a little ritual you can follow. As soon as you close the front door behind you, kick your shoes off , put some cool music on and head to your bathroom. Get naked and take a soothing shower. This will clean you from your day, both physically and psychologically. Then, pamper yourself with some cool body lotion and fragrance, step on a comfortable pair of shoes or stay barefoot, and enjoy the rest of your day or evening, in your birthday suit!

Related image

For there on, stay naked until the next morning. You really don’t need to wear anything to do your homework, taking care of house chores, cooking dinner or even open the door to the pizza boy (if you never open your front door naked to a delivery guy, try it, it’s guaranteed fun). Furthermore, if you are an aspiring nudist, it will be a great way to get more an more comfortable in your own skin, in preparation for the big day when you will experience social nudity.

If you share your home with others, have a discussion beforehand on getting naked while at home. It may be a difficult one, and even an impossible one if your roommates are totally reluctant to the idea. It may be the trigger for your to change place, if it’s possible of course. Otherwise, you will need time until acceptance makes its way. You may want to refer to my post, 4 ways to explain to friends and family why you are a #nudist.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #27: Live entirely naked for 2 full days (and 3 nights)

You did one day, you can do two! This is just about a full week-end. From Friday evening until Monday morning: Not touching a single piece of clothing for two full days (and three dull night). How does it feel? I can tell you that for having done it multiple time, it still feels great!

Image result for happy nudists

Of course, this may require a little bit of planning and it needs to be really intentional. A few things to consider to make these two days a success. First, the weather needs to be on your side: warm, including the evening (nothing greater than to spend an evening outside under a full moon, naked). Second, you need to ensure you get everything stocked so you do not need to leave your premises (the best is to spend the week-end at your local naturist club or resort, so everything will be available without requiring any form of clothing). Third and last, just undress on the Friday evening and let the week-end unfold.

Image result for happy nudists at home

So what to expect for a full two-day of nakedness? A lot of happiness and well being! Of course, it’s great to be naked, however, think about it this way. You wake up in the morning, go a have a shower, a breakfast, do your gym or go for a hike or a swim, then have lunch, spend the afternoon with friends, have a sundowner, then dinner and why not party, go to bed, rinse and repeat the next day, all this, without having to think about wearing anything but your smile. Just thinking and writing about it brings great memories. It’s such a wonderful liberating feeling to be able to just be oneself in our best fit birthday suit for a couple of days. However, beware. The moment you test and enjoy two full days of nakedness, you will wish it never ends and will want to have another day, then another day, then another day. As said multiple times, nudism is highly addictive, but so comfortable!

Share your experiences and comments below, and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!