Trading in Your Bathing Suit for your Birthday Suit: 10 Things to Do Naked with Your Spouse this Summer

A great post. Give a try to nudity. It’s liberating! Here are 10 ideas to do naked this summer. Don’t wait, in a few weeks it will be too cold in the northern hemisphere, and our down-under friends will drop their clothes. Get naked and you will never consider clothed holidays ever again!

Clothing Optional Trips

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Have you ever spent the day naked with your spouse? I’m not talking about laying in bed all day or taking a shower together naked. I’m talking about spending the day, as in outside, doing things together in the buff.

Sound crazy? It might if you’ve never been to a nude resort, campground or beach. I spent all day with my wife naked at a local nudist camp this past weekend.  It was wonderful. We laid out in the sun, we went skinny dipping in the pool, we ate lunch together, we went on a hike and we talked with other couples enjoying the day the same way we were.

We laughed. We napped. We relaxed. And we did it all naked, outside on a sunny, warm day. In the nearly three years I’ve been writing this blog, by far and away the most asked question that brings visitors…

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Erasing the Taboo Factor of Nudism: It Can Be Done

I cannot agree more. We, nudists, should be nude more often, hike naked, get naked on a textile beach, drive naked, stay naked within the borders of the law, and above all be naked at home, welcome our friends while naked and spend time naked whenever we can. Prepare your elevator pitch (this gives me the idea of writing a post on this) to share with textile encounters, join your naturist federation and your local nudist club or resort, and be open about your nudism! Nothing is more liberating that being naked all day!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudity: You On or Off?

I’m definitely on! A great post and a wonderful testament of the awesomeness of nudity. Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Promiscuous Lips - by the NAKED PHILOSOPHER




In defense of Nudity as a healthy way of getting comfortable in your skin and closer to your “Goddess/God

I am a nudist. I love being in the nude and I believe it’s quite natural. I feel so free when I get an opportunity to lounge around in the sun, in the nude, or walk around feeling the cool breeze between my thighs, making my lips feel refreshed and beautiful, that I seek to be in the nude periodically as I find it healing and healthy.

However nudity for some is ranked up there with the likes of completely repulsive and unacceptable behaviors. This includes many people and governments that have outlawed nudity, creating LAWS against it. One such places is my current but soon to be leaving it, Los Angeles.

In all of LA County any kind of nudity is illegal…

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Naked Run 2: 5k Naked Run

Running naked is a wonderful feeling. The only problem is when you start, you cannot wear shirt and short anymore. Nothing comes as close as complete freedom as running naked. A great read!

Naked Running

5k Naked Run, Naturist Foundation, Orpington, Kent
May 2015

Having only started running at age 49 (two years prior), and having worked up from that starting point to comfortably running 5 to 7 k per run, two to three times per week, I was ready for my first timed 5k run.

Or was I?

After the naked running experience in the Algarve, I joined two naturist-friendly social networks to further investigate the experience of natural naturism and potentially participate in social nudity. That was nearly nine months earlier and suddenly I saw posted in the events page of a 5k naked run at the Naturist Foundation. Was I ready to combine a timed run, a naked run and social nudity, all in one experience? For me, a shy naturist, it was a big leap:

  • A physical running challenge.
  • A timed run.
  • A naked run with other people.

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6 bonnes raisons de dormir nu

Voilà que la tuile des informations de mon PC sous Windows 8 affiche 6 bonnes raisons de dormir nu ! Voilà qui n’est pas courant et pourtant bien agréable à lire pour le naturiste que je suis, qui ne porte plus de pyjamas depuis les temps immémoriaux. Voici donc un nouvel article sur pourquoi dormir nu, en complément à l’article du Daily mail, mais en français cette fois, publié par le site Voici les 6 bonnes raisons données dans l’article :

  1. Une vie sexuelle plus épanouie. Ce n’est pas la première des raisons que j’aurais mis, mais dans la mesure où l’article est paru dans la rubrique sexualité du site, pourquoi pas. Il est vrai que le contact peau à peau est toujours très agréable.
  2. Adieu les insomnies ! Il s’agit ici du simple jeu de la température du corps. Tous les naturistes savent que nu, le corps régule sa température et que de ce fait, beaucoup d’activités pratiquées nu sont plus agréables.
  3. Dormir nu fait perdre du ventre. Encore une histoire de température qui régit la sécrétion de cortisol, l’hormone du stress.
  4. Dormir nu rajeunit la peau. Et hop, une histoire de température du corps, une de plus et cette fois régissant la mélatonine qui aide la peau à rester jeune et souple.
  5. Sans vêtements, il y a moins d’infections urinaires. Là en revanche, il s’agit d’hygiène et de pyjama plus ou moins sale. La solution ? Se débarrasser une bonne fois pour toute de tous vos pyjamas.
  6. Dormir nu réduit le diabète. Voilà encore une histoire de température du corps, ce dernier brulant plus de graisse quand il est plus frais.

Bon, résultat des courses, tout ceci peut aussi s’appliquer aux situations éveillées. Alors, une seule solution, soyez nu le plus possible.

Dénudez-Vous, Restez Nu, Vivez Nu et Partagez l’Amour de la Nudité !