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Hello happy followers and naturist enthusiasts. The wordpress site has moved to its own address and hosting. Update your favorites to and enjoy more posts and information on the wonderful lifestyle of naturism.

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Paul Gustav Fisher nude paintings

I bumped into the first painting below and it caught my attention. Not only because of the nudity of the two ladies, but because the whole composition was just beautiful. Looking for more details, I discovered Paul Gustav Fisher, and his paintings. He painted more scenes and people than just nudes, but his nude paintings all have this sense of freedom, and carelessness that feels enjoyable and totally natural. I gathered on this page all his nude paintings I could find, and I’m determinate to get a couple of reproductions of those to hang at home. Enjoy beautiful art!


Fischer Paul Sunbathing In The Dunes.jpg
Sunbathing in the dunes

Paul Fischer Badende Kvinder (The Bathers).jpg
The Bathers

Paul Fischer Bedende Kvinder (A Morning Dip).jpg
A morning dip

Paul Fischer - Strandparti med badende kvinder (kopi).jpg
The Three Bathers

Bathers on a beach

The beach at Båstad

Summer On The Beach

Paul Fischer - To badepiger i et krat ved kysten ved Hornbæk.jpg
Two bathing girls in the bushes near the coast of Hornbæk

Paul Fischer - Piger på stranden, Båstad.jpg
Girls on the beach, Båstad

Paul Gustav Fischer - From the Artist's Studio 1904.jpg
From the artist’s studio

Paul Gustav Fischer - Seated Model in the Artist's Studio.jpg
Seated model in the artist’s studio

The morning toilet

After the swim

Bathers on a Beach

Bathers on the Beach, Falsterbo

Bathing Beauties on the Beach


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Some nudists haikus

Plunging into the world of art, with some haikus I got inspired to write today as I was working from home in my birthday suit and I updated my profile on deviantart.

I look forward to your comment and particularly if you would like to have more of those?

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Photo from, CC0 Public Domain

Migration over!

Voilà! It’s almost all done. New hosting platform, new template, new freedom! I will update and enhance the site slowly. Let me have your feedback (positive or negative) so I can make this site a must-one for naturism!

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Thank you for you donation to keep the lights on!

Hello all. I’ve been thinking for a long time to monetize this site. With 20,000 visitors every month, I could at least pay for the expenses. Unfortunately does not allow ads because this site is considered for adult only as it displays nudity. Same with AdSense. So being able to get some ads without going the adult way (a big no-no, as naturism is not an “adult” lifestyle) seems difficult. So, I added a small PayPal donation button on the sidebar (and below). This will allow me to continue paying for hosting and if successful make the site more visible. Naturism is one of my passion and a lifestyle I embraced.

Thank you for helping me continuing carrying the flag!

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Looking for a naturist rental? Look no further!

If you are a naturist and travel all around the world for holidays or work, it may be difficult to find places where you can spend time naked. There’s a lot of B&B liked websites, and it’s a great way to find affordable wonderful places and meet new people but finding naked-friendly places is not an easy task. Well, look no further, as a naturist couple has decided to create an Airbnb equivalent for naturists: Naturist BnB.

NaturistBnBLogoAs the site about states: “We are a couple in our late 40’s who learn to enjoy naturist lifestyle years ago. Recently we started also as an Airbnb host. Anyhow we realized that Airbnb community does not really encourage naturist lifestyle. That inspired us to create a site dedicated to naturist holidays with ease and convenience of Airbnb. Hope you enjoy it!”

Not only, you will be able to find naturist B&Bs anywhere in the world (the site is growing, so expect more and more choices, but a lot of countries are already listed), you will be able to register your own naturist property. It’s a great way to rent that room or that house that you own to naturists, and make some extra money, while enjoying naked time.

I cannot but commend this great initiative that promotes naturism. It’s a wonderful way to meet new naturists around the world and stay in a naked-friendly environment. I look forward to being able to use Naturist B&B service for my next trip abroad.

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15 Everyday things that are better done naked

Our slogan is: “Because life is better without clothes” and we truly mean that. First of all it mentally changes you, taking off your clothes truly makes you a different person. And secondly because being naked is just a lot of fun and many things are better done nude. Probably because they were meant to be done nude from the very beginning.   1. Cleaning Some people love to clean. We can’t understand that… For us cleaning is a burden… Read More Read More

Source: 15 Everyday things that are better done naked