Are you with or without (clothes)?

As naturists, we are much better without clothes. The German photographer Sophia Vogel has deliver a photo project called With and Without, showing the each time the same scene with the same people, clothed and naked.

All pictures depicts normal life situations, like in the two examples provided in this post (all pictures (c) Sophia Vogel). It depicts the fact that clothes are not required when we are not seeing naked bodies as sexual representations but only as naked bodies.

The pictures are beautiful and the photographer has created a hard cover book that can be purchased for 40 euros plus P&H. A wonderful work that shows that nudism is normal and natural.

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Nudist idea #41: Hang and display your nakation pictures

We all love pictures and keeping memories of our past good times and holidays. However, when it comes to nakation, the question of sharability of our pictures can be asked.

black-and-white-grey-set-of-3-canvases-eb1-3082.jpgLet’s think for a moment. Most of us, if not all, would hang our best family pictures on the wall. We would as well hang beautiful art pictures or paintings, some depicting nude bodies, like the picture on the left. The question is why not mixing both, and hanging holiday pictures of our nakations? What is wrong with it?

Image result for naked people in pictures on wallsOur friends and families may see us naked would you argue? If you are naturist, many people have seen us naked and this has not created an outcry. When you look at your past holiday pictures, you are happy, naked or not. Therefore, I believe we should not make any difference when it comes to naked pictures of ourselves or with our naturist friends.

What would you do, or what are you doing? Are you hanging pictures of your nakation for others to see? Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Hanging nude photographs at home

All of us, whether bare (nude) or textile (clothed), enjoy taking group photographs of ourselves with friends and/or family. A permanent reminder of a moment in time regardless if it was a year ago or just the past week. For the majority of us, it helps to refresh our memory of a happy time with […]

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Be unmasked – a new naturist blog that is worth reading!

I like to share the things I enjoy. This is the case with the Be Unmasked blog. Relatively new and coming from down under, this blog makes us think about nudism and nudity in general. It’s well written and wonderfully illustrated by artistic nude pictures taken by the author.

It asks some great questions and makes us think. Take for instance, the Freedom defined? post. Freedom can mean a lot different things to different people. From a naturist standpoint who embraces the definition of naturism given by the International Naturist Federation, “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment”, freedom is about respect. However, the posts provides different meaning of freedom and though each person can have a different view, it’s interesting to think about those difference angles and reflect on what they mean for each of us.

I enjoyed a lot reading those short posts on nudism/naturism/nudity and I hope frequent posts will continue. Keep up the good work. A small advice though to the author: proof read the posts, I found some mistakes, nothing big, but worth corrected to make the blog perfect!

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