Naturism and naked bodies

A couple of days ago, one of my twitter followers ranted that he was stopping following me because I was posting too many pictures. I thanked him for the feedback while saddened by the fact he was stopping following my thread, but it made me think and I came with the following question: as a nudist, do I enjoy looking at naked bodies? At almost the same moment, there was a heated debate on (Naked Online is OK forum) over a picture showing a smiling nudist sitting with open legs. Some members finding the picture almost X rated.

So, this all notion of nakedness took a new road for me. I enjoy being naked, this is what makes me a nudist. I enjoy spending time naked in nature and with other nudists in a non-sexual setting, that what makes me a naturist. So what about seeing and looking at other naked bodies. Well, after a not so long thinking process, I came to the conclusion that yes, I like naked bodies and I like them more than clothed bodies, for one particular characteristics: they are not hiding anything. I found all naked bodies beautiful because they are the real people who inhabit them. They are not social masquerade or sexually teasing attempt at getting attention, they are just people’s body in their most natural form.

So, yes, as a naturist, I enjoy seeing people naked. But hey, did not I find a woman or a man barely covered with a tiny swimsuit more attractive? It’s a different situation. A woman or a man with a skimpy swimsuit is, IMHO, trying to attract attention. A naked nudist is naked because he likes being naked for the feeling it represents, he or she does not want to attract any attention. Do I prefer naked people or barely dressed people? In a non-sexual context, I prefer naked people, hence my posts with nudists. Nudity is the most beautiful form of the human body. As simple as that (unfortunately, it’s not that simple for a vast majority of people who have been conditioned to associate nudity with sexuality). As for a sexual context, this is my private life!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Naturist or Exhibitionist?

Picture above (c)

Genitals are part of our bodies. Blurring or hiding them is recognizing they are taboo and putting an emphasis on their sexual attributes. Eyes will naturally go to what is concealed, and actually reinforce the sentiment genitals are bad to view. A nudist recognizes the whole body as one with no shame or no taboo part.

When I see a nudist pic, I see the human being in his/her entirety, not his/her genitals.

Now, some pics are taken to emphasize the genitals, like putting them, legs wide spread, in front of the camera, this could be considered as exhibitionism by some, but this remains a minority IMHO.

Nudism and exhibitionism are two different things and what differentiate them is the arousal that exists with exhibitionism that does not with nudism. An exhibitionist shows genitals (puts them on display shall I say) for sexual arousal, a nudist doesn’t show genitals, he/she’s just naked for his/her own well-being.

Do you have to have your genitals visible to prove you’re a nudist? Yes! A nudist is naked, and genitals are a “normal and clean” part of his/her body.

In 140 characters? A nudist does not conceal any part of his/her body. He/she’s at ease with his/her entire body. Why hiding what is natural?

Naturist Fab

I came across a Tweet today and had to respond via this Blog as I am restricted to 140 characters on Twitter.

This Tweet came from a Naturist Group stating that true nudists don’t have to post pics of their genitals to prove they are nudists.

I don’t know about you but I am certainly getting mixed signals in the online world of naturism. Certain Blogs I follow state that we should not be ashamed of who we are and to embrace our nakedness and dismiss any true nudist/naturists that cut off their heads in photos. Many would consider this more exhibitionistic than just showing full body pictures.

Is there a need for me to show myself fully naked and exposed? If it is in context to what I am blogging or tweeting, than why not add a photo? Would my picture be better if I had my legs crossed…

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