Nudist idea #4: Participate in a naked run

Some years ago, the Huffington Post published a list of 5 Epic Nude Runs That Would Knock Your Socks Off. If this list is a good start, there are ton of others naked runs, as seen in the Naked Running Races 2017 blog post.

Image result for nude runningNot only running is a good exercise, naked running is even funnier! You actually do not need much gear to run naked as I described in the perfect gears to run naked. It’s therefore a great opportunity to visit a nudist resort and make new nudist friends. You can also propose the run to your fellow runners who happen not to be nudist. This is a way to make them discover nudism.

All those naked runs are generally great fun, with a festive spirit and joyful crowd. If it happens in a nudist environment, grab the occasion to spend the whole week-end. If not, like Bay to Breakers for instance, book your week-end in the closest nudist resort so you can enjoy more nude time (and drive naked to the place if you can). Note however, that naked running is highly addictive. You will have hard time to wear running shorts and shirts after having experienced naked runs. But hey, you will still be able to run naked more if you plan carefully!

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Olive Dell Ranch Bare Burro 5K

If you happen to live in SoCal and are a runner, this is the April event you need to attend!

Olive Dell Ranch in Southern California has announced a new course for its annual nude running race, the Bare Burro 5K. The new route will go through the trails and hills in the rustic Ranch, and the race has been re-named the Bare Burro 5K Trail Run. The 2017 edition of the race will take place 23 […]

via Bare Burro – 5k trail run in SoCal on 23 Apr — Active Naturists

What I Learned About Body Positivity By Running Naked At A Nudist Ranch

Another wonderful article in the mainstream press about naturism and body positivity. Some wonderful quotes:

I stopped seeing naked people and just saw people

It’s not often in your life that large groups of people openly accept you and cheer for you despite what your body looks like or your physical ability

Social nudism isn’t about seeing and proving; it’s about experiencing

Everyone is naked and vulnerable. When no one is hiding behind masks, it makes it much easier to accept one another and yourself

Read the full article from the Huffington post here: What I Learned About Body Positivity By Running Naked At A Nudist Ranch.

And if wonder what to wear to run naked, read The perfect gears to run naked.

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My 5 #nudist resolutions for 2016

Nudist_picnicYes, I know, beyond January, new year’s resolutions are generally forgotten. However, I found a simple way to make them all true, and it boils down to 3 things: make them realistic, have them handy in your diary (paper or electronic) and share them with friends so you can review on a monthly or quarterly basic. So here are my #nudist resolutions for 2016:

  1. Spend a full week clothes free. Whether the NEWT or a clothes optional resort, I have not yet made up my mind.
  2. Organize at least one clothes-optional party at home. Not all my friends are naturist, so I’ll need to pick the ones who are and the ones who are not and are OK to stay clothed while others are naked. It will definitely be fun!
  3. Participate in one naked 5K. I will find the right one that fits with my schedule so I can plan ahead and run bare!
  4. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. I have been writing about it, never done it. I want to do a kind of vintage signage. I have some ideas so I need to plan accordingly to find the right material and do it.
  5. Visit one new nudist resort. You expand your mind by visiting new places and meeting new people. Based on my trips, I will ensure I spend a day or two in a nudist resort to spend time socially naked.

As you can see, nothing’s unrealistic, but it may require some planning, and it will go with other resolutions I have that are not linked to nudism like some work I want to finish in my house or goals I want to achieve with my family. So let’s meet in a quarter and see how those resolutions progress. What about you? Do you have any nudist resolutions?

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Total nudity goes down to the feet…

While I was basking in the sun naked, I looked at my flip-flops lying next to my lounge chair et found them odd. Why as no clothes were on my body, did I need my sandals to move around? Of course the answer “to protect my feet from hazards” came immediately. Sure, but why not help my feet to protect themselves from those hazards? Why not eliminating this layer of plastic between my body and the earth? It was like an epiphany. Bare feet were a natural element of my nudity. I needed to go back to the house to grab my notepad to ensure this idea was captured before disappearing in a hidden part of my brain. I stood up, waved goodbye to my sandals and went my way bare foot. Never really before did I pay attention to the sensations transmitted by the sole of my feet, the grass, the earth, the tiles… It was like I was finding a lost or forgotten sense.

As the day was coming to an end and the sun was approaching the horizon, I went walking in the countryside, wearing only my visual crutches, my glasses, without them, no clear vision. My only transgression to total nudity. I walked on rocky tracks, on patches of grass, and on sandy paths, letting the earth sensuality invading me. I did not want to stop but as the darkness was growing, I had to go back, promising to myself that I’ll be back early the next day, for a naked run, bare foot… Do you want to know what happened? Here it is.

Six o’clock. Sun’s already up. The day will be hot. I drink a fresh orange juice, listening to the nature noises. Ten minutes later, completely awaken, I am on my way for a naked run of 4 to 5 kilometers. The first bare foot, not even Vibram Five Fingers, entirely bare foot. My first feeling is my knee is not entirely fit from its previous trauma. I will need to go soft, which is great as I am bare foot. The second feeling comes from my feet. Like with Five Fingers, the impact of the foot to the ground needs to change: I need to get contact with the ball of the foot first, then the heel. Since there’s nothing to protect the heel, if I go heel first, the sensation is not pleasant. The third feeling comes from those little rocks that can hurt. I left the soft and comfortable grass for a rocky path. Those little things are not pleasant, however by paying attention where to land the foot, all goes well. Logic!

Rhythm comes, but like the first time with Five Fingers, some pains start to appear in some leg muscles. It’s clear that, due to the change of the foot position, my body is not used to this new situation. I slow down and start brisk walking instead of running. I’ll alternate run and walk for four kilometers, before going for a swim in the pool and do light meditation facing the sun. The result? I’m more than ever convinced to do more activities bare foot. Feelings are wonderful and I know my soles and my legs will get used to this, my sole growing protection at the right places. What makes me even happier now is it’s only seven thirty and a wonderful day under a clear blue is ahead, naked and bare foot!

My naked morning run – dare, enjoy, and share

This morning, the sun was shining and my mood was joyful. It was the ideal time to go for a run in the best possible suit: none. After a simple breakfast with the family, I put my trail shoes on (no five fingers this morning, I need a new pair), a cap, my GPS and grabbed my pareo to be able to cross some roads, then on I went.

Although it was a little chilly and my body reacted showed some goosebumps, I was feeling well. After around 500 meters, getting warmer and entering the forest, I took away, folded my pareo and tucked it under my cap. I was naked in nature for the next hour or so. I was alone in the forest, accompanied by birds, a light wind and the rising sun, which from time to time lightened my path and warmed my body.

The best was yet to come. Some path had high grass that was wet by morning dew, and without trying to avoid it, what you would do if you were wearing shorts for instance to avoid getting wet, I ran through it, appreciating the freshness to cool my body who started to sweat. It was just a wonderful feeling you can only appreciate in nature while entirely naked. I regretted my five fingers at that time, because my shoes got wet too and got heavier. Buying a new pair of five fingers is definitely on my list.

Almost halfway, I met a group of woodcutters. I heard them from afar, so I put on my pareo just to pass by them. They saw me at last second, I greeted them, they wished me well and went on their duty, probably not even noticing I was just wrapped is a very light pareo. After a 100 meters I was again naked. I could have stayed naked while passing the woodcutters, but I always prefer to be respectful of workers in those case. With other runners I meet, I generally stay naked. I do not know why, probably moving runners do not notice I’m naked, or that’s the way I think, who knows? Anyway, after a good fifty minutes and eight kilometers, I was back at my departure point, sweaty, warm, my body full of dopamine and endorphins, and I felt so good, I had to share this naked morning run on my blog. This is it.

As a conclusion, running naked or practicing any sport naked is a choice that, as nudist, I do anytime I can. Of course, sometimes, I have my own reservation, and I do not “dare” to get naked. But most of the time, there’s no real rationale behind the choice of not getting naked, and I realize this more and more, spending actually more and more time entirely naked. I feel better naked, there’s little to no risk to cross an anti-nudity hardcore individual if you choose wisely the place you get naked. So my advice is to jump and get naked as often as possible if you feel great naked like I do!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

Where can you run naked?

I promised, here the long awaited post. The below list may not be 100% complete and if you have other ideas, share them! I look forward to your comments.

Your naturist club/campsite/resort/beach

This is the ideal place. No need for a cover up, all you need are shoes, a cap and your GPS.

Country tracks, fields and forests

Depending on where you live, it’s possible that a few hundred yards or miles away, you’ll find hiking trails or forests. This is the second best place. Generally, those trails are not very popular and encounters are not frequent. In case of meeting somebody, you may decide to cover up or not. Some hikers/runners are not against nudity. Ideally run with your naturist mates. A lonely nudist can be seen an exhibitionist, a group of nudist will be considered a bunch of originals.

Organized races

There are organized races in a naturist club, like for instante the one of Sunny Rest Resort in Pensylvania, and those organised on public places like Bay to Breakers in San Francisco (during which total nudity is tolerated) or the naturist beach race of Sopelana in Spain.

Roads and urban environments

You may run at night or in countries in which urban nudity is tolerated like Belgium or Spain, but you’d better avoid, except if you want to risk to go to the police station.

The gym

OK, running on a treadmill does not replace running outside, but it allows a good sweat and endorphins and dopamine discharge, it’s therefore not to discard completely. You should have a discussion between your naturist club and your gym to check if the later would agree to open for naturists once or twice a week. It may allow to use its premises for naturists when turnout is low, but it’s win-win: your gym will fill a low attendance moment and you’ll be able to train naked.

Voilà! Not really complex, but your willingness to run naked should drive you to find a quiet place where you can get naked with little to no risk. I can guarantee that when you find the place, you’ll be ready to do the effort to reach it because nothing replaces a run in the simplest clothing ever, your own skin!

101 activities you can do naked

Here are 101 activities you can practice entirely naked. Some are riskier than others and require some form of knowledge, but most are just simple and fun to practice naked. So go for those you like and/or can do, and have fun!

  1. Showering – this one seems obvious, but in some sport environment or at the local public swimming pool, it may be a problem.
  2. Swimming – once you try, you’ll never want to wear a swimsuit again.
  3. Surfing – If water temperature permits, this is a treat.
  4. Kitesurfing – Nudists kitesurfers are a rare breed, but it’s a blast!
  5. Windsurfing – Same as surfing or kitesurfing, once you tried, you do not want any suit.
  6. Scubadiving – this is a tricky one because 60 feet below surface the water can be chilly, but if conditions permit, do it!
  7. Gardening – A no-brainer. Excepting if you need protection, gardening is the perfect naked activity.
  8. Cooking – Beware of oil or hot water. An apron can be necessary.
  9. Cuddling – Skin to skin is the best.
  10. Paddling – Stand-up paddle is far better naked, weather permitting.
  11. Canoeing – Like most watersport. If water is warm enough, no clothes necessary.
  12. Tanning – No tan lines. Do not forget sunscreen though!
  13. Eating – No need to dress to have a meal, no?
  14. Shopping – At the Naturist resort, enjoy naked shopping.
  15. Running – A very pleasant activity that may require breast support for women and nothing for men, but shoes.
  16. Hiking – Enjoying nature the way it should be.
  17. Having a drink – Pour yourself a glass of your preferred beverage and enjoy!
  18. Playing cards – easy and fun!
  19. Driving – If driving in public place, have a cover-up handy.
  20. Playing pool – many Naturist resorts have a pool table, no clothes required.
  21. Playing volleyball – Get some sweat!
  22. Playing tennis – Who needs shorts and shirts to hit the balls?
  23. Playing Petanque – The perfect summer Naturist activity.
  24. Playing bowling – More and more Naturist clubs are organizing naked bowling, simple and awesome in the buff.
  25. Sailing – if weather permits, why wear clothes on a ship?
  26. Skiing – This is tricky as snow can actually burn the skin. To do only if you are a seasoned skier.
  27. Waterski – Hitting the water badly can hurt, but if you are not taking risks, this s very pleasant.
  28. Wakeboarding – Same as waterskiing.
  29. Having a meal – Stay naked and enjoy some social around breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  30. Sleeping – The best way to sleep is naked. Full stop.
  31. Lounging – Sit on a couch and chill!
  32. Dancing – You’ll love it, complete freedom!
  33. Browsing the web – No clothes required to sit in front of a computer or use a tablet.
  34. Washing the dishes – Watch warm water, otherwise, this is just obvious.
  35. Doing chores – How to make chores pleasant? Get naked!
  36. Writing this list – This is so obvious…
  37. Watching TV – Like sitting in front of a computer, why being clothed to watch your preferred series.
  38. Painting – On a canvas, your house, objects, it’s funnier to be naked.
  39. Repairing –Whatever you have to repair, except if you need protection.
  40. Knitting – One of those activities that does not require any form of clothing.
  41. Visiting a museum – Some museums allow nudity, jump on it!
  42. Parasailing – This is one of the naked activities on my To Do list…
  43. Parachuting – Joining nudity with exhilaration of parachuting.
  44. Skydiving – Falling naked at 200 km/h. It may require some clothing though.
  45. Snorkeling – Swim with the fishes in the same clothes.
  46. Partying – This is a great feeling. You can laugh, dance, have fun, sweat and feel awesome.
  47. Reading – A good book, a comfortable couch, what else do you need for a great reading session?
  48. Making love – Body to body. Nothing comes close to this.
  49. Picnicking – Enjoying shared time in nature.
  50. Rock climbing – Ropes and rocks can burn your skin. Reserved to experts only.
  51. Sculpting – If you are an artist, why getting clothed, your body is art.
  52. Blogging – My computer does not care if I am naked, so I am.
  53. Taking pictures – Look, press the button, voilà! It does not require clothing.
  54. Filming – Action! Much better to be relaxed to admire your creation!
  55. Mowing the lawn – You’ll get sweaty fast, so wear your best suit, your birthday suit!
  56. Having a sauna – It’s like swimming, it’s far better nude!
  57. Coding – Computers do not judge you by your clothing. Wear none!
  58. Cycling – One of those sports that do not require anything but your body.
  59. Shaving – You’re in the bathroom, no clothes allowed.
  60. Phoning – Allo? I’m naked but you don’t know!
  61. Playing a musical instrument – Music relaxes you, relax your body by letting him breathe.
  62. Painting your nails – Wanting to look better, love your body!
  63. Ironing – Yes, you have some clothes and you need to iron them, useless to use more clothing for this.
  64. Brewing coffee – That’s a smelling sensation, get free to be even more relaxed.
  65. Scrapbooking – A great indoor activity that requires no clothes.
  66. Having a chat – Naked chats are soothing. Look me in the eyes!
  67. Thinking – I’m thinking about thinking getting naked!
  68. Practicing yoga – Naked yoga is the ultimate form of freedom of movement and consciousness of your own body.
  69. Meditating – Ommmm! Breathe and enjoy the sensations and the freedom.
  70. Going to Bay to Breakers – This one is on my To-Do list. Naked of course.
  71. Fishing – You’ll be wet and fishy, so wear nothing.
  72. Camping – This is a great experience to camp naked.
  73. Going to the beach – No comment. No swimsuit allowed at the beach.
  74. Cutting wood – You’ll get sweaty fast, avoid spoiling clothes.
  75. Picking mushrooms – They will not blush. Enjoy nature.
  76. Daydreaming – What a wonderful relaxing activity.
  77. Listening to music – A good record, a comfortable couch and you’re away.
  78. Flying a kite – The wind can be chilly, but a kite can be fun.
  79. Running a shop – On a Naturist resort, run your shop like your customers.
  80. Playing board games – The bishop and the queen are fine that you stay naked.
  81. Pampering – Take care of yourself and appreciate your body.
  82. Going to Burning Man – This one’s on my To-Do too, on the clothing optional side.
  83. Working out – No pain, no gain, sweat evaporates faster.
  84. Playing video games – This is a no brainer.
  85. Doing a conference call – One of the best feelings. If they can’t see you, stay naked, if they can, just wear a shirt and a tie, or a blouse for women.
  86. Walking the dog – Your dog is already naked, so are you.
  87. Skateboarding – This one can hurt if you fall. Only for seasoned skateboarders.
  88. Barbecuing – Watch the fire, an apron may be required.
  89. Golfing – Great activity to practice in the buff.
  90. Riding horse – The contact with a leather saddle may be quick uncomfortable, so no saddle?
  91. Working – Let’s hope you have a naked office.
  92. Playing music – Great performers are appreciated on their performance not their clothes.
  93. Go to a costume party and be Adam (for men) or Eve (for women) – A great way to come out as a nudist.
  94. Posing – Nude posing is popular.
  95. Getting married – A popular form of wedding in nudist resorts.
  96. Demonstrating – WNBR or other demonstration to show our fragility.
  97. Motorbiking – On a hot day, it’s exhilarating.
  98. Quadbiking – Go in the countryside and reach unreachable sites.
  99. Bungee jumping – woooooaaaahhhhhh…
  100. Walking on a slackline – Find the right balance and enjoy.
  101. Body painting – It’s called body painting, not clothes painting.

The perfect gears to run naked

The title may be intriguing. If you run naked, you do not need any gear. So what are those perfect gears? Before going into the details, let’s set the scene. I have ran many marathons, I’m still an avid runner and run almost every day, still take part to races, mostly trail races. After thousands of kilometers under my belt, I can say I have some experience. After running, my other passion is naturism. I love being naked and find any occasion to be sans clothing. Of course, it did not take me long before joining running and naturism, so I run naked as much as I can. And once again, I have many thousands of kilometers ran sans clothing, or just the minimal, and this the purpose of this post: to share my experience of what you need to experience naked run the best possible way. So let’s go, from head to toe!

A cap

Running is an outdoor activity. You need to protect yourself from the sun and a hat is necessary. The best hat to run is a cap. A special running cap is even better. It’s lightweight and avoid sweat to fall into your eyes. My advice here is to invest in a nice running cap that fits well. The best caps have reflectors if you happen to run at night, it’s a great safety feature.


As an avid runner, I like to keep track my pace and distance. Furthermore, some GPS’s now can measure your heart rate which is great to ensure you are not pushing yourself too hard, and to measure your progress if you are on a speed improvement program. Last but not least, when you are on a new track, this will avoid you to get lost.

A good pair of shoes

Some runners are running barefooted. I love this on a beach or a nice patch of grass, but running tracks may be rocky or covered with gravel, surfaces not really pleasant to your feet sole. You should choose your running shoes adequately and seek professional advice if needed. However, for naked runs, I love my Vibram Five Fingers. They provide a great comfort even on rough surface and are the closest to barefoot.

Some serious sunscreen

Even, if you intend to run in the shade, I would recommend to use sunscreen to protect your skin. Choose a good sport sunscreen that will stay even if you sweat and use all over your body.

A cover-up

In most countries, public nudity is an offence, so except if you are on the vicinity of a Naturist resort or run in a country like Germany or Spain where public nudity is tolerated, have a cover up handy. I generally uses a small pareo with Velcro, I can easily take off or put on. I can fold it and carry it, or I sometimes put it under my cap. On some occasion, I have a thong swimsuit that I put around my arm. It’s a little big akward to put it on in case of an encounter, but easier to carry than the pareo. In all cases, better safe than sorry.

Your naturism federation membership card

In case you still encounter angry people that will want to involve police, have your national naturism federation membership card. This will allow to share with police and even angry people that naturism is a legal activity, that you are an active member of the national naturism federation, and that your behavior was not of sexual nature. Furthermore, national naturism federation provides legal counsel that may be of help in case the situation goes haywire. A small pocked in your cap will hold your card and will keep you safe.

The female case

Ladies, if you have big breasts, running naked can become uncomfortable. You may want to wear a sport bra to avoid your breasts from bouncing. As little as possible of textile to enjoy naked running. However, give it a try without it, it may be possible too.

And this is it. You are now equipped with the perfect gears to run naked and enjoy sport the best possible way. Now comes the action time and the question of where you should practice naked running. This will be the topic of a coming blog post. Stay tuned! In the meantime, stay naked!