Nudist idea #69: climb rocks with the bare minimum.

It seems naked rock climbing is much more popular than anticipated. While I was doing some research for this post, I found tons of examples of rock climbers enjoying practicing their sport naked.

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Although I tried a couple of times rock climbing with friends who know how to climb, clothes were limiting some movements. I therefore understand why some professional and amateur rock climbers love to get naked to climb., This interview of naked climbers is insightful. I like this quote:

“Climbing takes so much of your focus, you forget you’re naked”

I think this is one of the great thing about nudity. Once you get used to it, it becomes the new normal. You do not think about it, you are just who you are, naked. Another point when you read the interview is nobody was hurt because the climbers were naked. They even met other climbers who did not negatively react to their nudity.

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Rock climbing is one of those many activities that can be practiced naked. Of course, you need to know what you’re doing, ensure that security is top priority and get with people who are expert climbers. Beyond this, you will enjoy the freedom of your naked body and the fact that no clothes will limit your movements. Nudists know nudity is awesome, natural and normal. It’s the best clothing option for many activities, once you realize there’s nothing wrong with being in your birthday suit.

Have you ever climbed rocks naked? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Nudist idea #67: Waterski in your birthday suit

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Waterski is one of those summer water activities that is highly enjoyable. Just gliding on the water on one or two skis, pulled by a speed boat. If you are a seasoned waterskier, and do not take risks, I highly recommend to let go your swimsuit and waterski entirely naked (at the exception of a life jacket for security purposes, not like the ladies on the pictures).

Image result for waterski nakedIf you swim naked, which I highly recommend for many good reasons, the next logical step is to practice any water activities entirely naked. For most, if not all, you do not require any clothing (apart from the life jacket for security purpose or to get protected from the sun). Waterskiing is one of those activities, particularly in countries where the water is warm enough. Of course, the question of being seen waterskiing naked can be asked. However, many people are naked on their boats and it does not bother anybody. The same goes with many other activities practiced over open water. Therefore, you can generally waterski naked in full confidence. You will just get some people smiling and it will definitely give ideas to many other water enthusiasts, showing them than nudity is something normal and enjoyable.

Have you ever waterski naked? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #66: Play volleyball naked

Many nudist resorts setup games for their residents. Among the many sports you can practice naked is volleyball.

Image result for volleyball nakedVolleyball is fun. Many nudist resorts have a volleyball ground either permanent or temporary. All you need is some other nudists, a ball and off you go, for a fun or serious game. Whether you play well or not is irrelevant. The idea here is to have a fun activity with a bunch of friends and new acquaintances in you best suit, your birthday one. Actually, when you think about it, if you play cool and not competitive, you do not need any clothing. If you look at what the beach volleyball players wear, you realize that they are not naked because society does not allow it, although I particularly find the women attire very sexual, with their tight micro shorts, but this is another topic.

In the video above from Active Naturists is serious volleyball, played naked. You can see that even a very serious game does not require clothing. So, during your next stay at your nudist resort, have a game or organize one. I’m sure many other fellow nudists will happily share this sport moment and create additional bonds for other future naked activities!

Have you played volleyball naked? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #45: Go to a naked bowling event

Most activities can be practiced entirely naked, at the exception of those requiring special protection clothing. However, because nudity is not authorized everywhere, it’s not always possible to get naked for your favorites activities.

Image result for naked bowlingThose last years, many nudist clubs have managed to book bowling alleys for a couple of hours or more, exclusively for their members to enjoy naked! Many naked bowling events have taken plan all over the world for the greatest enjoyment of the players. Bowling is one of those activities for which it’s somehow easy to privatize the venue. If the owner is fine with your group playing naked, here you go, you can enjoy a full time having fun with nudist friends. Just bring a pair of socks and a towel, and you are fine with playing the game!

Image result for naked bowlingThe best way to do this is of course to join such an event. Ask your club if one is organized. If not, set up one. You need to find the right venue, ask the owner if he/she would be willing to book the venue for a group of friends, then see if he/she’s OK for the group to be nudist. As you can see if you look for naked bowling events on the web, many small bowling venues will gladly welcome your group. Then, publicize your event and enjoy the game. A local journal may even be happy to announce the event and write on it afterwards to make nudism/naturism more knows, like this article (in French) from the regional press.

If you have been at such an event, thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below. Remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #40: Join a naturist event at your local swimming pool

Some naturist clubs and federations around the planet organize nude events at local swimming pool. The Paris Naturist Association, for instance, have made possible to swim naked three evening every week in a public swimming pool in Paris and to workout naked five times a week. British Naturism publishes an event calendar featuring many naked swims.

Image result for naked public swimming poolWhen you are naturist, naked swimming is the obvious choice. Your first port of call is your local naturist club or federation. Check if they have a calendar of naked swim. If not, look for a public swimming pool that would agree to open its doors at some specific hours to naturists. If you gather enough naturists who are interested, this may be possible, as other’s experiences prove it.

Not only swimming is a very healthy exercise, and by joining a naturist swimming club, you will help spread the message of social nudity, as a normal, natural and healthy lifestyle.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #39: Play a tennis match naked

A lot of nudist resorts have tennis courts. Whether you are a confirmed tennis player or not, have a game in your birthday suit. This may be your first sport experience naked. I will swear this will not be your last, as practicing sport is so much fun and comfortable naked.

Image result for naked tennisOf course, you may need a good pair of tennis shoes, a cap and some sun lotion, a racket and tennis balls. Find another player or players if you want to play double, which is even funnier and have a game. You will quickly realize how comfortable it is to wear nothing but a smile. This realization comes with many sports in which garments are really useless. Sports apparel company will sell you fabrics that let your skin breathe… but the best way to let it breathe is to uncover it completely.

So, grab your shoes and your racket, book a court and have a game. Think about sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #37: Go to the hotel gym naked

This one is not easy and not guaranteed of success. However, if you have ever worked out naked, it’s almost a no-brainer, as it’s so comfortable.

Image result for naked gym Of course, you will argue that a hotel gym is a public place that is not open to naturists. Although this is true, it’s still possible to train in your birthday suit. First, the gym may or may not be really used. I’ve been in some hotels where nobody was ever at the gym. In some others, the gym is used during the day, but not at night for instance. In many cases, there are some time where it’s less frequented. And this is what you should ask to reception. Then, let them know that you are a naturist (having your membership card of your naturist federation helps), that you like to workout naked and ask them if you could workout naked, having a towel for hygiene and to wrap up.

Image result for naked gymIn every instances you will have weird glances and you may be told no, but this will never go further than this. In some cases, you will get a yes, only if other people in the gym are OK with this. Of course, you may not ask for permission and go naked. However, since there sometimes are CCTV in the gym, you may be stopped. By asking permission beforehand, you will be able to say that it was granted by the reception or the general management. In all cases, keep a towel as a wrap-up as some people may be upset at you in case they enter the gym while you are naked. Lastly, the experience depends on the place and the time of the day. Prefer late night or very early morning when the gym is empty. However, it’s just another way to spread the social nudism message and spend more time naked.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Quelles activités pratiquer nu(e) ?

Vous avez décidé de vous essayer au naturisme cet été et vous avez bien fait. Mais au-delà du bronzage intégral sans trace de maillots et des apéros entre amis naturistes, qu’allez-vous pouvoir faire en tenue d’Adam et Eve ? La réponse est plein de choses, en fait quasiment tout ce que vous pouvez faire habillé ou presque.

Le sport

Le premier type d’activités à pratique nu(e) est le sport. Nombre de camping et lieux naturistes proposent tennis, golf, volley-ball, jogging, natation, etc. En effet, bon nombre de sports ne nécessitent que peu ou pas de vêtements.

Les sports nautiques peuvent aussi se pratiquer nu : la planche à voile, le ski nautique et même la plongée sous-marine (à condition de la pratiquer dans des eaux chaudes, le corps ayant tendance à se refroidir très vite).

En fonction de l’intensité du sport, il faudra peut-être prévoir un soutien-gorge pour vous mesdames. A vous de juger !

La randonnée

La randonnée se pratique en effet nu et elle a ses adeptes qui l’appelle d’ailleurs la randonue. Si en principe, elle n’est pas autorisée en dehors des zones naturistes, il y a une certaine tolérance (et jurisprudence) quand elle est pratiquée en groupe. Marcher juste avec une bonne paire de chaussures et un chapeau procure une liberté incroyable. A essayer d’urgence si vous en avez la possibilité.

Toutes les activités de salon

Que ce soit les jeux de sociétés, la peinture, regarder un film ou juste prendre un verre entre amis, là encore pas besoin de vêtements. On est d’ailleurs bien plus à l’aise entièrement nu. Si c’est votre première fois en camping naturiste, vous allez sans doute vous apercevoir que la nudité va devenir une seconde nature. Au point que vous ne penserez plus que vous êtes nu.

Apéros, barbecue et réunion entre amis

Les vacances sont le moment privilégié pour se reposer et passer du bon temps entre amis. Nul besoin de vêtements pour partager un verre de rosé et des cacahuètes, préparer un barbecue et passer des bons moments entre amis. Le naturisme a même tendance à augmenter la convivialité de ses moments précieux. L’absence de vêtements fait tomber plus de barrières psychologiques qu’il n’y parait de prime abord.

Comme vous pouvez le constater, il n’existe quasiment aucune limite aux activités à pratiquer nu. Bien évidemment, si vous sortez du camping naturiste pour aller visiter le musée, le château ou le domaine viticole proche, il vous faudra sans doute vous rhabiller. Vous prendrez alors un immense plaisir à retrouver votre tenue de peau de retour dans votre environnement naturiste. Car comme je l’ai souvent dit, essayer le naturisme c’est l’adopter.

Il est à noter que l’article 222-32 du code pénal est ambigu et que même nu dans votre jardin vous pouvez être verbalisé par la maréchaussée suite à une plainte de quelqu’un qui vous aurait vu. Il y a peu de chance que cela arrive, mais il est préférable de prévenir que guérir. Soyez donc prudent si vous voulez vous dénuder hors des zones prévues à cet effet. Si vous décidez de le faire, faites-le à plusieurs, l’union faisant la force et restez toujours respectueux des personnes textiles. La nudité est toujours perçue comme une forme d’exhibitionnisme par une majorité de personnes.

Si la majeure partie de ces activités se pratiquent dans un cadre exclusivement naturiste, il en est d’autres qui « sortent du cadre ». Pour vivre un naturisme autrement, lancez-vous dans le « na-tourisme ». Le na-tourisme, késako ? Découvrez-le avec

Bonnes vacances naturistes à tous !

Naked climbing

Here’s a very cool article on a naktivity (an activity you can practice naked) on a mainstream web site.

Here are a couple of quotes from the article.

…it turns out clothes might as well be sandbags

…climbing takes so much of your focus, you forget you’re naked

It’s a great feeling to climb nude. It’s empowering for me.

Another proof that: 1. nudity is very well accepted by normal non-judgmental people, 2. tons of activities, including climbing, can be practiced sans clothes. Naturism is awesome and with more people sharing their love of it in normal activities in mainstream press, it can only get wider acceptance. Respect is a two-way street!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!