I Took a Naked Yoga Class and I’ve Never Felt Better About Myself

This is probably one of the best articles on nudity in mainstream media. This is to share with all non-nudist friends and family. Yes, this is yoga. Yes, not everybody is in yoga. Yet, it’s naked social activity. The article titled I Took a Naked Yoga Class and I’ve Never Felt Better About Myself describes how the author moved from doubtful to doubtless about the many benefits of naked yoga.

Here are some extract from the article that resonated well with me:

  • One guy said that “if everyone’s naked, no one’s naked.”
  • But after a while, you completely forgot about not having any clothes on. I was more focused on the poses, my breathing, and my screaming muscles than I was on being naked.
  • And you know what? Aside from being sweaty and sore and spending every second wishing it were over because guys, it was an intense workout, I loved it. I’ve never felt quite so in tune with how my body was working. It really was freeing.
  • Among other things, nudity removes distractions. I wasn’t comparing my outfit to the Lululemon leggings the stylish girl in front of me was wearing. My sports bra wasn’t digging into my ribcage and making me uncomfortable. I didn’t get a wedgie every flow sequence.
  • When I told my friends that I was trying this, most people had the attitude of, “Wow, that’s so great. It sounds so intimidating! That’s something I could never do.” But the whole point is that everyone can do this. Nudity is universal. Bodies are universal.

I think it really describes well what, we naturist, feel daily when we are naked alone at home, in nature or with fellow naturists. Really, nudism is the best possible lifestyle and nudity should find it’s normal place in society.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Gymnastics means working out naked

Source : Gymnastics means working out naked

We tend to forget or to not know that the ancient Greek where working out and competing at the Olympic games entirely naked. Nakedness was not associated with shame at that time but to freedom of movement. I have stopped training clothed a while back now, except at a public gym that does not allow nudity. However, as the author of the above articles implies, finding a gym that allow nudity is possible and more and more people are training entirely naked. Try it, you will never go back to wearing gym clothes!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!