Nudist idea #77: Read a good book naked

I personally love to read. Fiction, non fiction, classic, new, many books are fascinating. Sitting on a couch, on a towel on a beach or on a lounge chair in the garden, reading transport you in another world. Whatever the book, there’s one constant, reading naked is always a more pleasant activity.

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Reading is listed by Cosmopolitan as one of the 30 things you have to do naked. Nudity brings this calm, quietness and serenity that is required to be fully absorbed by the book you read. And what is more comfortable than you own skin.

Reading is a still activity. This means that you should be comfortable, physically. The temperature needs to be warm so you will not chiver, otherwise you are not in the best situation. Image result for reading naked outsideThis comfort is the reason you should always be naked when reading. You need to find a place that is cozy and appropriate. One place I particularly like to read is to lie in the shade in the garden, either on a towel on the grass or on a lounge chair, with a light breeze caressing my skin. It’s so relaxing I can spend hours jumping into the story I’m reading. Being naked at home most of the time, it’s natural for me to open a book and do not get naked for this specific activity. However, is you are not naked, do the conscious effort to undress and to find a good spot before opening your book. Not only this will help you to get comfortable in your own skin, you will probably not go back to a clothed reading world.

Do you read naked? Where is your best place to read naked? How do you feel? Share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Are you with or without (clothes)?

As naturists, we are much better without clothes. The German photographer Sophia Vogel has deliver a photo project called With and Without, showing the each time the same scene with the same people, clothed and naked.

All pictures depicts normal life situations, like in the two examples provided in this post (all pictures (c) Sophia Vogel). It depicts the fact that clothes are not required when we are not seeing naked bodies as sexual representations but only as naked bodies.

The pictures are beautiful and the photographer has created a hard cover book that can be purchased for 40 euros plus P&H. A wonderful work that shows that nudism is normal and natural.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


Nudist idea #33: Create a nudism library

Dozens, it not hundreds, of books exist on naturism, both fiction and non-fiction. You will find some on my books page and a more complete list on Paul’s. If you have your own personal library, you can open a section dedicated to naturism and nudism.


Of course, it could be a pure digital library on your e-reader. However, I would encourage you to purchase some hard copies to put on display in your own library. This way, you can share those books with others, leave them on your coffee table to break the ice about nudism. It’s very funny to see questions from non-nudists about some of the books you can leave on your coffee table while they are visiting. They are first intrigued, and they generally ask the question: “Are you a naturist?” And it’s the beginning of an interesting discussion.


Although I have many books on naturism, my fiction ones are on my Kindle, while the non fiction ones are paper based, to be able to share them. Some are on the shelves of my library, while others are on the coffee table in the lounge, as you can see on the picture on the right. Your library will then serve a dual purpose. 1. Provide you with tons of information about nudism and naturism in the world. 2. Allow you to display to friends and family who visit you that you are a naturist.  As we all know, naturism is an incredible, healthy and natural lifestyle that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. This is what a library is all about: sharing knowledge!

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Books on #naturism

Image result for naturist readingI added a page to this site entitled Books on naturism. I’m trying to provide you my dear naturist readers and friends the ideal naturist library. As I have written, it’s not exhaustive as it’s not my goal to reference all the books about naturism or with a naturist theme. However, if you came across a nice book about naturism or with a naturist/nudist theme, let me know so I can add it (with your name).

I’m a keen reader and naturism/nudism is one of my favorite topics with personal development, science fiction, thrillers and technology. I will therefore look forward to your recommendations and will update this page with books I will hopefully discover in the future.

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Of course, enjoy reading naked as it’s really the most comfortable way to enjoy a good book! Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

10 good reasons to hike naked

Hiking is a great way to stay fit and enjoy nature. Whether you hike in the countryside, in the mountains or on the seaside, you come to appreciate the sceneries you cross at a slow pace. If you find a great place, you can stop and enjoy the view. But for us nudists, hiking naked adds the lack of clothes and the wellness that is attached to nudity to a great activity. Naked hiking has become such an important activity for nudists and hikers, Richard Foley has published a book about it, Naked Hiking, that I encourage each of you to get a copy of.

Now, here are the 10 reasons why I am hiking naked whenever I can and encourage you to do so.

  1. Because clothes suck

I am a nudist and in my birthday suit every time I can and this means as much as I can if environment and weather permit. Since I am a nudist, hiking naked is as natural as taking a shower naked. You do not get dressed to take a shower, so why getting dressed to hike?

  1. Because it’s comfortable

I am comfortable when I am nude, like all my fellow nudists. And I am doing all sorts of activities in the nude, from writing this blog post to hiking, from going to the beach to cooking, from jogging to playing with the kids. So yes, hiking naked is comfortable.

  1. Because you can feel the sun and the wind on your body

I would say this is probably the number one reason. Feeling the air on your whole body is just great. You feel free and you are actually free. Free as any animal who does not get dressed to live.

  1. Because my dog does not care if I am dressed or not

Ah, ah, ah! She exactly knows when I am going to hike or jog, because she sees me putting my hiking or jogging shoes. The shoes are the signal we are on our way to going into the nature. Whether I am nude or not, she does not care and I do not care either. Well actually I do care, I prefer being naked.

  1. Because I can sweat and have no clothes to wash

On a hot summer day, I am sweating. Sometimes a lot. When I am naked, I do not get soaked with sweat, it just goes down on my body, drips and evaporates. A very pleasant feeling too. Therefore, no clothes that smell sweat to wash, avoiding to pollute the environment with detergent.

  1. Because I can hike with cool people

I have yet to meet not cool naked hikers. It seems nudists are generally friendlier than clothed people. They tend not to judge people. Hey, we do not hide anything, so being all born equal, we just live this naked truth.

  1. Because I do not need to undress if I come to find a place to take a swim

This is another great reason to hike naked, even with clothed hikers. If you arrive to a lake, a pond, a river, no questions, you can go. Whereas your non-nudist friends should have carried their bathing suit and will have to carry it wet.

  1. Because it’s great way to convert non nudist to our lifestyle

Whether you hike naked with open-minded non-nudists or you meet open-minded non-nudists, you can start a conversation on why you enjoy hiking naked. It’s a great way to have more people joining as they see how well you are.

  1. Because our body is beautiful

Honestly, I prefer people naked than people clothed trying to hide their body or to show off with their expensive clothing. A naked man or a naked woman are just beautiful, whether old or young, heavy or skinny, black or white, we are all just beautiful. On top of this, I find that nudists tend to smile more.

  1. Because I am who I am when I am nude

Nothing to hide. I am who I am naked. I am a nudist. I understand nudity will shock a lot of people who sexualize the body, and I respect their point of view. They should respect mine to be naked because I feel good naked.

Enjoy hiking, stay naked!

Going Bare! by John Harding

Going Bare! coverThis little book, which you’ll read in an hour or two, attempts to put an end to preconceived ideas on naturism. Its author, who is openly naturist, describes in detail, sometimes humorously, his first experience in the naturist resort of La Jenny, near Bordeaux, in France.

After explaining his journey, his need for nudity and his well-being while naked – that many naturists feel while not being able to rationally explain -, he manages to persuade his wife to go and spend a few days in La Jenny naturist resort. The remaining of the book will be the detailed account of those few days spent largely naked, playing with his children, strolling with his wife who will eventually drop the bottom of her bathing suit, to the astonishment of her husband, and taking advantage of his happiness to live naked.

The story is well written, reads well, and is an ode to naturism. I particularly appreciated the sincerity of John Harding. He does not hide, is not angelic, but views social nudity as liberating and healthy. Towards the end of the book, he describes some of the benefits of naturism and summarizes them with this sentence: “Being nude is good for your mental health, physical health and well-being!” Everything is said!

If this is a book to put all hands, I regret however that the author has not treated the naturist experience from the point of view of his wife. It is mentioned, but does not go into details. I think it might touch a female readership by adding this other point of view. As this book is free on Amazon, it will be shame to not enjoy. Good reading!

The Naked Trilogy, by Sally Dali

Product DetailsBefore digging into the details of three volumes forming the trilogy, I want to start by saying that I loved this book. I devoured it in one day. The topic, the relation of the author to naturism and naturist experiences who lives her passion on a daily basis, is treated well, the narrative keeps flowing, often makes you smile, and writing is pleasant. I therefore encourages whether you are or not a naturist, to grab this book, an ode to this wonderful lifestyle that is naturism.

These three books follow each other, and it is best to read them in order. They reveal the psychology of the author and above all describe in detail her happiness to live naked and this need, sometimes misunderstood, that the naturists are to get naked. It addresses the naturism without complex, does not fall within the otherworldliness, consisting of separate naturism and sexuality, but deals frontally with the visually pleasing side of a naked body. If you are naturist, you will definitely find yourself in its lines, and if you are not, you will discover an unsuspected respect and wellness. I wish you good reading, naked as it should!

Volume 1: Being Naked

In the first volume of this trilogy, Sally explains how she discovered naturism and how it has imposed itself as a necessity in her life. It emphasizes particularly its relationship with nature, as for example, when she takes his horse in the meadow, in her birthday suit, or when she walk around naked in the surrounding countryside.

It also describes how she lives her naturism on a daily basis, including with her friends, naturist or not, her sister and brother-in-law, and how she organizes nudist evenings. Her stay at Vera Playa, Spain, helped her discover the happiness of nudity for all activities, including shopping or going to the restaurant. It also explains the happiness felt by the sharing of nudity during social activity.

Sally made me smile reminding here readers that she’s a woman, and that as such, as many of her peers, she loves clothes! What is not, in any way, incompatible with the happiness of being naked. It also introduces her relationship with Fleur, a ballerina who dance nude and which will remain one of her lovers.

After sharing some of her naturist experiences in England, France and Spain, she discovers Montalivet and makes the decision to live there, naked all year round. The book ends when she sets up at Montalivet with her friend Bryan with whom she shared her house for a few years, and now able to fully assume her happiness to live naked.

Volume 2: Still naked

In the second volume, Sally continues to describe her life in Montalivet, her many experiences of total nudity and her sentimental life, including a long passage with Fleur, both in England and in France. Fleur however puts her finger on the possible fatigue that Sally could feel to live in a closed naturist environment. It’s almost at the same time Bryan decides to leave Montalivet for California.

Sally is faced with a dilemma: what to do with the house? This interlude introduces a crispy story (I’ll do not disclose everything) before ending with a French roommate, a little staid. The choice of the roommate episode is the pretext for a few stories with ‘fake’ naturists.

The roommate turns out to be interesting because prompt to reflections on naturism and mutual respect between textile and nudist. I especially liked this sentence near the end as she comes back on her happiness to be naked: “naturism is an experience to be shared”. This gives a good overview of the spirit of the book. This volume ends with the feeling shared by all naturist and I feel full while I write this (bare as it should) sentence: “I like being naked.”

Volume 3: Naked in winter

The third and final book deals with the relationship between nudism and cold. Indeed, in countries such as the France or England, winter is not conducive to nudity. However, it begins by looking at the comfort of being well in the warm, or even take advantage of the beautiful winter days to enjoy snow and sun.

It also reviewed nudist activities, as the openings of museums for nudists. Then, it wanders in the naturist literature, oriented more towards sexual topics than naturist ones, and describes the textile – naturist relationship, especially when one person is nude and the other clothed. Finally, it focuses on nudity as a tool of protest, as for example the Femen. As she says: “I tend to do a lot of thinking during the winter months and my thoughts go off in all directions.” Naked in the winter, she confides her thoughts.

She moves from France to England, from her life with her roommate to her relations with Fleur, and then questioned the need to be naked, even in winter, take us in her love affair with Cressida, then finish on the need to maintain her body to live nude still long!


It is a pity that these books does not exist in French for our French-only readers. I would therefore like to make a call to Sally, if she goes through this page while wandering on the web: I would be delighted to translate this book in French so that the francophone public benefits, contact me if you are interested.

The Naked Trilogy, par Sally Dali

Product Details

The English version of this post is available here.

Avant de rentrer dans le détails des trois tomes formant cette trilogie, je veux juste dire que j’ai adoré ce livre. Je l’ai dévoré en une journée. Le sujet, le rapport de l’auteur au naturisme et son expérience de naturiste qui vit sa passion au quotidien, est bien traité, le récit vous tient en haleine, vous fait souvent sourire, et l’écriture est agréable. Je vous encourage donc que vous soyez ou non naturiste, et si vous lisez l’anglais, de vous précipiter sur ces trois tomes, ode à ce style de vie magnifique qu’est le naturisme.

Ces trois livres se suivent et il est préférable de les lire dans l’ordre. Ils révèlent toute la psychologie de l’auteur et surtout décrivent en détail son bonheur de vivre nue et de ce besoin, parfois étrange, que ressentent les naturistes à se mettre nus. Elle aborde le naturisme sans complexe, ne tombe pas dans l’angélisme, consistant à dissocier naturisme et sexualité, mais traite frontalement du côté visuellement agréable d’un corps nu. Si vous êtes naturistes, vous vous retrouverez certainement dans ses lignes, et si vous ne l’êtes pas, vous découvrirez une terra incognita insoupçonnée de respect et de bien-être. Je vous souhaite bonne lecture, nu comme il se doit !

Tome 1 : Being Naked – Être nue

Dans le premier tome de cette trilogie, Sally explique comment elle a découvert le naturisme et comment il s’est imposé comme une nécessité dans sa vie. Elle insiste particulièrement dans son rapport à la nature, comme par exemple, quand elle emmène son cheval au pré, dans le plus simple appareil, ou qu’elle va se promener nue dans la campagne environnante.

Elle décrit aussi comment elle vie son naturisme au quotidien, y compris avec ses ami(e) naturistes ou non, sa sœur et son beau-frère, et comment elle organise des soirées naturistes. Son séjour à Vera Playa, en Espagne, lui fait découvrir le bonheur de la nudité pour faire toutes ses activités, y compris faire ses courses ou aller au restaurant. Elle explique également le bonheur ressenti par le partage de la nudité, activité sociale par excellence.

Sally m’a fait sourire en rappellant qu’elle était une femme, et qu’à ce titre, comme beaucoup de ses consoeurs, elle adore les vêtements. Ce qui n’est aucunement incompatible avec le bonheur d’être nue. Elle introduit aussi sa relation avec Fleur, une ballerine qui dance nue et qui restera une de ses amantes.

Après avoir partagé quelques-unes de ses expériences naturistes en Angleterre, France et Espagne, elle découvre Montalivet et prend la décision d’y retourner pour y vivre, nue à l’année. Le livre se termine sur son installation à Montalivet avec son ami Bryan avec qui elle partagera quelques années durant une maison et pourra assumer pleinement son bonheur de vivre nue.

Tome 2 : Still naked – Toujours nue

Dans le second tome, Sally continue à décrire sa vie à Montalivet, ses nombreuses expérience de nudité totale et sa vie sentimentale, dont un long passage avec Fleur, tant en Angleterre qu’en France. Fleur met cependant le doigt sur la possible lassitude que Sally pourrait ressentir de vivre dans un environnement naturiste clos. Et c’est Bryan qui se décide à quitter Montalivet pour la Californie.

Sally se retrouve face à un dilemme : que faire de la maison ? Cet intermède introduit une histoire croustillante (je ne vais pas tout vous dévoiler) avant de se terminer sur une colocation avec une Française un peu collet-monté. L’épisode du choix du colocataire est le prétexte à quelques histoires avec de “faux” naturistes.

La colocation se révèle intéressante car prompte à des réflexions sur le naturisme et le respect mutuel textile-nudiste. J’aime particulièrement cette phrase située vers la fin alors qu’elle revient sur son bonheur d’être nue : “le naturisme est une expérience à partager”. Cela donne un bon aperçu de l’esprit du livre. Ce tome se termine sur ce sentiment partagé par tous les naturistes et que je ressens pleinement alors que j’écris ce billet (nu comme il se doit) : “J’aime être nue.”

Tome 3 : Naked in winter – Nue en hiver

Le troisième et dernier tome traite de la relation entre nudisme et froid. En effet, dans des pays comme la France ou l’Angleterre, l’hiver n’est pas propice à la nudité. Ceci étant, elle commence par regarder le confort d’être nu bien au chaud, voire de profiter des belles journées d’hiver pour profiter de la neige et du soleil.

Elle passe aussi en revue les activités nudistes organisées, comme les ouvertures de musées aux naturistes. Puis vagabonde dans la littérature naturiste, orientée plus sexuelle que naturiste, et décrit le mélange naturiste=textile, particulièrement quand une seule personne est nue. Enfin, elle s’attarde sur la nudité en tant qu’outil de revendication, comme par exemple les Femen. Comme elle le dit : “Je réfléchis beaucoup en hiver et mes pensées partent en tout sens”. Nue en hiver, elle nous confie ses pensées.

Elle passe de la France à l’Angleterre, de sa vie avec sa colocataire à ses relations avec Fleur, puis s’interroge sur ce besoin d’être nue, y compris en hiver, avant de nous emmener dans son histoire d’amour avec Cressida, puis de terminer sur le besoin d’entretenir son corps pour vivre nue encore longtemps !


Il est dommage que ces ouvrages n’existent pas en français. J’en profite donc pour faire un appel à Sally, si elle passe par cette page au gré de ses pérégrinations sur le web: je serais enchanté de traduire ce livre en français pour que le public francophone en profite, contactez-moi si vous êtes intéressé.

Naturistement vôtre !