Children Brought Up In ‘Naturist’ Environment Will Learn More About Body Honesty

A short review of the comprehensive report released by British Naturism: Children Brought Up In ‘Naturist’ Environment Will Learn More About Body Honesty, Claims Report.

Here’s the complete executive summary of this very interesting report everybody should read and give all your friends and family to read, naturist and non naturist alike.

British Naturism is the National Organisation for Naturists in the UK, with over 9000 active members, but representing the interests of almost 4 million Naturists nationwide. Many Naturists share a philosophical belief in a natural naked lifestyle, in harmony with nature, with their counterparts all over the world.

The policy of BN on children is simple: we believe that children should be brought up and kept safe in an environment of openness and body honesty. They should know about how their bodies work, what happens to them at puberty and what a normal consensual sexual relationship is, before they experience it as adults. This should be done ideally by bringing up children in a Naturist environment where body honesty is key, but otherwise through good, explicit, factually correct and non judgemental sex and relationships education through the prime educators: parents, teachers and organisations like the BBC.

We believe that bringing children up in such an environment and with wholesome, honest and open body attitudes leads to better sexual health outcomes for young people, fewer body image disorders, and more sensible attitudes to life. Prudery, not openness or nudity, harms children.

We want children to be innocent, but not ignorant.

We believe that body openness and honesty protects children from the possible harmful effects of inappropriate material. They should find out about sex and how their bodies work from good education and openness instead of glamour and pornography. Children are naturally curious and if their curiosity is not answered openly then they will seek answers anywhere they can. Blocking will not prevent them as they can usually circumvent it with a facility that adults may not believe possible.

There is objective evidence that those beliefs are well founded, unlike some other beliefs. The following document sets out our views in considerable detail, with evidence from sound academic sources rather than prejudice or sound bites. It makes interesting and essential reading for anyone concerned with the welfare of children and/or internet censorship.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

The rules of going naked in public

This is the interview of Emma James, one prominent figure of British naturism and creator of the naturist blog, in The rules of going naked in public.

Nothing has to be added. But here some extracts I particularly like:

“We consider swimwear unhygienic, quite apart from the fact it feels so unnatural and if you’re in a naturist environment and someone stoically keeps their clothes on they’re regarded with suspicion”

“Relax, take your clothes off and enjoy the wilderness or the company of fellow naturists. Don’t overthink it.”

“I love the fact that the [naturist] community is so friendly and largely non judgmental, welcoming and accepting.”

“Naturism is a much more natural lifestyle once you become immersed in it and one which tends to involve a whole plethora of sports.”

“Experiencing nature clothes-free is so much more profound than having your senses dulled with a barrier of clothing.”

All is said!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Sometimes illegal?

Below is a video that explains particularly well that public nudity is not illegal in Great-Britain. It’s actually not illegal in many countries, however if one person complains, it may have consequences for the nudist. It’s a short and well made movies. You’ll learn why public nudity is not illegal and hear from nudists about their experiences and wish to be nude more often. Enjoy!

Getting #naked is good for you, a woman’s point of view

This post made my day! I was browsing the web on my tablet, having a coffee, naked as usual in the morning when I bumped on this article in my WordPress summary. I read it twice just to ensure I was not skipping any word. It’s witty, respectful and right to the point.

If you are a naturist, it may remind you of your first club visit and of this question that we all asked ourselves: “why on earth didn’t I do this before?” If you are not a naturist, this may entice you to pay a visit to the nearest naturist club or resort. Naturism is one of the best things of this life. If you arrived to this blog and read those words, it’s because your interested had been piqued. Take the next step, try! Believe all of us, once you tasted naturism, you will never, ever go back to clothed holidays if you have the choice!

Enjoy the read!

(C) BN, 2015
(C) BN, 2015

Didn’t your Mum tell you? Cabbage is good for you!

Regular columnist Roni Fine asks women not to think why should I be a Naturist, but why not?!

Okay, hands up all those who were brought up to always try the food on their plate and not take one look at it and declare, “I don’t like it”? My Mum always told me to try it before deciding because I might well discover that I DO like it! Apply this to everything new you encounter and you could lead a full and interesting life!

How many of you, particularly the women reading this, have never actually tried Naturism but are stubbornly declaring it is not for you and you won’t like it?! Continue reading…