Are you with or without (clothes)?

As naturists, we are much better without clothes. The German photographer Sophia Vogel has deliver a photo project called With and Without, showing the each time the same scene with the same people, clothed and naked.

All pictures depicts normal life situations, like in the two examples provided in this post (all pictures (c) Sophia Vogel). It depicts the fact that clothes are not required when we are not seeing naked bodies as sexual representations but only as naked bodies.

The pictures are beautiful and the photographer has created a hard cover book that can be purchased for 40 euros plus P&H. A wonderful work that shows that nudism is normal and natural.

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Nudist idea #71: Have a nudist tote bag

There are times you are not naked but still want to share your pride of being a nudist. One of the ways is to carry your stuff in a nudist tote bag. And no, I am not talking about the color “nude” that is trendy, I’m talking about displaying your nudist status.

Image result for nudist tote bagThere are a couple of online shops that sells nudist  gears and apparels. I know at least three: Cafe Press, Clothes Free Life and Nudist Planet. There may be others (feel free to share in the comment section below). Your local nudist club and resort may also sell customized bags.

We all need a bag at the nudist resort to carry our book, sunscreen or phone. But the beauty of a tote bag is that you can use it outside of the resort or club when you cannot get naked. By displaying your lifestyle preference, you can, in a way, make a statement.

Think about using it to go to the office, to do some shopping, or to go to friends. It will act as a great ice breaker, and you can share with pride that, yes, you are a naturist/nudist and love spending time naked. You can add a brochure of your nudist club in your bag so you can hand it to anybody who will notice the bag and start a conversation about our lifestyle. The more we talk about nudism, the more we have chances to change people’s mind, one at a time. This way, we stand a chance to have social nudity more and more accepted by society.

Do you have a nudist tote bag? How is it? We would love to hear about your experiences with it in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Nudist idea #31: Stop buying swimsuits

I cannot believe I started this thread of 100 ideas already one month ago. Already 30 ideas were published and read by more than 20,000 people! Thank you for all your comments and encouragements. So coming to the idea #31, it goes well with the nudist idea #29, avoid textile beach. When you do not own swimsuits, you will not be able to go to a textile beach.

Image result for clothing optional beachIn my own personal case, I don’t remember the last time I bought a swimsuit (Actually I do, and it was the tiniest possible speedo I could find so I could take it off as fast as possible and stack it deep into my bag, taking as little space as possible). I have only a couple of swimsuits left, and I am not sure what I will do when the last one get so old, I cannot wear it anymore (I may need to keep one, in case of, but not even sure… time will tell).

Image result for clothing optional beachAnyway, think about using your money on other things that swimsuits. I love the post titled Why bathing suits are pointless and unhealthy. It just shows why we need all beaches to become clothing optional, so the world can get rid of this useless piece of clothing. And once you do not own any of those swimsuits, textile beaches are no longer an option and sharing your love for nudism becomes easier as you will have to tell friends and families that you need to go to the nude beach or that you will be naked if they join you on your premises if you have a swimming pool.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Less (clothes) is more (joy)

I recently became curious about the minimalist movement. Having moved house recently, it became obvious we’ve accumulated far too much useless stuff. While we were packing, we started to sort things and furnitures we wanted to keep and things we wanted to sell or give. We ended giving/selling almost half of our possessions. This was a great feeling. I however feel we can probably still halve what we have. Of course, I related this practice of cleansing your possessions with naturism.

Minimalists claim they have more space, time and freedom, which I agree fully. I recently bumped into 11 surprising things about becoming a minimalist. While reading the post, my mind could not think about how this ties almost perfectly to naturism, and make those 11 things, the 11 surprising things about becoming a naturist:

1. You will be friendlier. It’s something every new naturist discovers immediately: naturists are generally friendlier.

2. Silence is more appealing. Respect is an important aspect of naturists. Naturists having generally a high respect for nature, silence becomes something that we (re)discover.

3. You’ll make better decisions. For sure, about who to befriend and where to go on holidays. Your choices are less, but if you put nudity as the first criteria, you’ll end up more satisfied by your decisions.

4. Happiness becomes a decision. Happiness is a decision and being naked makes your happier (at least for me).

5. You can go without. Clothes, of course!

6. Live a healthier lifestyle. You have a better understanding of your body and its needs. It seems because of this acute awareness, nudists tend to live a healthier lifestyle.

7. You can buy when you are ready. Clothes, of course! And the later you are ready, the better.

8. Simple is sexy. Every body is beautiful! Although naturism is not tied to sexiness, I believe simple nudity is sexy.

9. You can be more confident. Body confidence and therefore our own confidence increases when we have nothing to hide.

10. Develop a personal style. Naked, you have nothing to hide and your body speaks for you.

11. You can be open to uncertainty. Sharing your nudism brings an additional layer of confidence and nothing’s certain when you share this with others. Embrace uncertainty!

I start to better understand why minimalism is appealing: It shares the same values as naturism. If for minimalists, less is more, for naturists, less is more too: less clothes is more joy!

As I started this post on sharing how I gave/sold lots of stuffs while moving houses, I can now give half, if not more, of my clothes. I will continue to unclutter my life and house, to keep only the possessions that bring joy, and for sure, less clothes brings more joy, no clothes bring happiness!

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6 Things I Learned While Being Naked In Public for 2 Weeks

Why naturists are naturists? Because they feel good naked. However, it’s always difficult to explain this wonderful feeling and lifestyle with words and ideas. The best way to understand what naturism is is to go a naturist resort/beach and strip naked. Generally, very quickly you feel good if not great and wonder how you could have lived with clothes all those years.

The title of this post comes from an article written by a non nudist. I generally love those article because they are the best to promote what naturism is about to the public. This one goes a little bit deeper than usual post because it’s written by a young woman doing here senior thesis on nudism as a culture. She has chosen to spend two weeks on a naturist resort and interview naturists, “who came to share the joys of being naked”, to better understand naturism. She shares her observations in a candid and objective way I think (although, yes, if you read comments to the post, she sometimes offer her observation in a way that could be misinterpreted, but hey, everybody is free to have an opinion, IMHO). So before you go a jump reading Sara’s post, what are the 6 things she learned?

  1. Clothes are important. They show to the world what we want it to see and the way we judge people unconsciously. Once you are naked, socioeconomic, career and education differences vanish. Naked, you cannot “judge” people by their clothes. Simple and powerful!
  2. No one cares what you look like. Just the better feeling you can have when you step in a clothing optional area. I love this sentence: “Clothes really did start to feel like a costume I was putting on to present myself to the outside world.” And I would add that if anybody care about what you look like, they will not show or tell, because this is how thing goes in a naturist environment. For the first timers, the realization comes pretty quickly and never ever disappears.
  3. Bodies are bodies. And they are just that, but society wants us to believe differently. Love this quote: “It is the importance we place on our bodies, and the meaning we attach to them that does more harm than good.” All is said. For generations, people have sexualized our bodies. Once you consider private parts as “normal” parts, bodies become what they are just: bodies.
  4. An ode to pubic hair. I believe in freedom of choice. Shave, wax, trim or do nothing. The choice is yours and should not be dictated by fashion magazine. Like jewelery, do what makes you feel good.
  5. The big Five-Oh. Because of gained confidence, age does not seem something horrible that you should fear. To the opposite! In a naturist environment you will find older and younger people chatting together, playing together, having a drink together in a total mutual understanding. Respect and confidence play a big role in our happiness!
  6. We do not need to fear each other. This is probably the most important part of the article when it comes to looking at society and comparing it to a naturist environment. Particularly because the author of the post is a young woman used to threats and violence that women are exposed to. But in the 2 weeks she spent naked on the nudist farm she never felt threatened, while from a non naturist standpoint, a naked woman can be seen as a focal point. But no, not in a naturist environment. And I leave you with this quote: “What these two weeks on the farm taught me was that violence, especially sexual violence, has absolutely nothing to do with the victim.”

All in all, a wonderful article, describing simple and powerful ideas about the joy of naturism.

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Beyond burkinis: why science suggests ALL clothes should be banned

All nudists need to dress to carry some errands like shopping in the nearest mall for instance, as nudity may, unfortunately, not been allowed. However, most nudists agree that if they could stay naked whenever and wherever they wanted, that what they would chose. In this article of The Guardian, the author suggests that clothes should be banned and provides some good reasons for this:

  • Clothes do more harm than good: clothes have been used as political tools. Look at the difference between cheap and expensive clothing, or perceived unappropriate or appropriate clothes. Clothes often defines the perception people have of a person, without looking beyond. What about the famous “dress code” that obliges you to wear something you may not be comfortable with?
  • Environmental damages due to washing. Soap and detergents are bad for nature. No clothes mean no washing.
  • Body shaming ends. If everybody is naked, flaws are all visible and body shaming is much more difficult when nobody’s perfect…

There could be a ton of other reasons, as we have seen in the 10 reasons why I am a nudist and you should be too. Naturism is one of the best lifestyles, if not the best, as long as temperature and security allows it. If you are not a naturist yes, give it a try, find other good reasons while browsing through this blog and others.

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The Surprising Reason I’m Always Mostly Naked

Not much to add to this article, but its conclusion: “living life mostly naked has been, hands down, the most liberating, joyful, and healing practice of my entire life.

If you still wonder why naturists accept being entirely naked and carrying their normal activities without wearing any clothes, the above article will shed some lights on an experience with near nakedness and nakedness, mostly linked to what clothes are really for most people. A great personal experience on the exhilarating journey to body freedom!

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Naturism and naked bodies

A couple of days ago, one of my twitter followers ranted that he was stopping following me because I was posting too many pictures. I thanked him for the feedback while saddened by the fact he was stopping following my thread, but it made me think and I came with the following question: as a nudist, do I enjoy looking at naked bodies? At almost the same moment, there was a heated debate on (Naked Online is OK forum) over a picture showing a smiling nudist sitting with open legs. Some members finding the picture almost X rated.

So, this all notion of nakedness took a new road for me. I enjoy being naked, this is what makes me a nudist. I enjoy spending time naked in nature and with other nudists in a non-sexual setting, that what makes me a naturist. So what about seeing and looking at other naked bodies. Well, after a not so long thinking process, I came to the conclusion that yes, I like naked bodies and I like them more than clothed bodies, for one particular characteristics: they are not hiding anything. I found all naked bodies beautiful because they are the real people who inhabit them. They are not social masquerade or sexually teasing attempt at getting attention, they are just people’s body in their most natural form.

So, yes, as a naturist, I enjoy seeing people naked. But hey, did not I find a woman or a man barely covered with a tiny swimsuit more attractive? It’s a different situation. A woman or a man with a skimpy swimsuit is, IMHO, trying to attract attention. A naked nudist is naked because he likes being naked for the feeling it represents, he or she does not want to attract any attention. Do I prefer naked people or barely dressed people? In a non-sexual context, I prefer naked people, hence my posts with nudists. Nudity is the most beautiful form of the human body. As simple as that (unfortunately, it’s not that simple for a vast majority of people who have been conditioned to associate nudity with sexuality). As for a sexual context, this is my private life!

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Are nudism and clothes an oxymoron?

Nudists are naked, therefore sans clothing. What is the nudist relationship to clothes? I cannot speak for every nudist of course and I will be happy to get your comments, but here’s my nudist point of view on clothing: I love to be nude and I love clothes! If I have to choose, I prefer to be naked, but when time comes to get dressed, I’d rather be well dressed. This does not mean that I am going to spend a fortune on clothing, but I am going to purchase the best possible clothing for my budget, because the way you’re dressed reflects who you are.

Let me take simple examples. When I am in a nudist environment or at home, I am fully naked, but sometimes for a pair of shoes. If I need to meet an important customer, I will wear a suit and potentially a tie if I am in a formal business environment. If I go to a non-nudist friend’s dinner, I will wear a pair of jeans with a comfortable polo shirt. As a rule of thumb, in a clothed environment, my clothes will be of the best quality I can afford while comfortable.

Now, what about others? Well I have the same approach and I tend to find well-groomed people more attractive, although I generally defer my judgement after hearing them speak. As I cannot befriend all nudists, I will not befriend all well-dressed people. This is my balanced approach to clothing. However, there is one occasion in which clothes make me angry: when worn in a nudist environment.

Here, my rationale is very simple: when in a nudist environment, all shall be naked. There are three circumstances, and three only I can think of, that I will understand and tolerate clothing:

  1. When one gets sunburned or other skin ailment that requires protection from the sun
  2. When one requires protection for security reason, for instance wearing an apron to do some cooking
  3. When temperatures get too cold to remain comfortably naked

Beyond those three reasons, I can understand a newbie nudist stays dressed for the first day spent at a nudist resort, but should get naked on day two, or leave! When in Rome, do as Romans, don’t you? So nudism and clothes are not antagonistic, but like all things in life we should strike the right balance.

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Is a Naked Body or a Partially Clothed Body More Sexual?

Clothes make the body more sexual than it is naturally. A naked body is not inherently sexual, it’s society’s conception of nudity that makes it sexual. So my answer to your question is pretty clear to me: partially clothed is more sexual. This is why I think nudity should be allowed everywhere. My 2 cents.

Clothing Optional Trips

SI Cover Model Hannah Davis causing controversy SI Cover Model Hannah Davis causing controversy

Meet Model Hannah Davis on the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. What do you think? Many are calling this cover photo “pornographic” and “too sexual.” This leads to an interesting question about which is more explicit: a man or woman wearing nothing at all or wearing very little?

After coming back from a week at Orient Beach in St. Maarten, I can honestly say I’ve been around hundreds of naked and partially clothed men and women. I’ll admit when my wife and I first started going to clothing optional beaches and resorts, I would have said that a naked body was more explicit than one covered by swim trunks or bikini. While it wasn’t a physical turn on to see my wife naked, it certainly was mentally. She looked then and still does today stunning with nothing on.

To me this…

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