Why #nudism is critical and matters to society

Nudists know the many benefits of nudism and shared nudity. However, a vast majority of people, who are not nudists, see nudity as bad. We know this feeling is rooted in education as well as the fact that society has been sexualizing nudity for years. Therefore, people associate nudity to sex, and because sex is private, nudity should be. End of the story for many people.

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Nudists have disassociated nudity and sex. Being naked is therefore normal, natural and social. With this, every nudist has been exposed to all sorts of nude bodies: every color, gender, body shape, scars, etc. Nudists know that nudism is all about being comfortable in our ones skin, with ones own body. When kids are exposed to nudism early or adults later when they embrace the nudism lifestyle, they understand that people are all different and come to respect, and appreciate, those differences.

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Every time I am discussing with a nudist I do not know at a club or resort, I’m always nicely surprised by how friendly he or she is. We immediately bond because we share this wonderful lifestyle and we immediately show respect and interest. I come to believe that if nudism was more spread and accepted, people will show more respect to each other and we will face less sexual harassment situation. I am not saying that those situation do not happen in a nudist environment, predators and disrespectful people are everywhere. However, these people are faster spotted in a nudist environment, and I come to believe that by disassociating nudity from sex, people will show more respect and consideration for differences.

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We have recently seen that the opening of a nudist/naturist space in Paris, in the Bois de Vincennes, has not creating an outcry, but has actually dragged a lot of naturists over the week-ends to enjoy shared nudity. Because it’s a public place, non nudists and nudists shared the same space with peace and acceptance. This proves that we can live together, that nudity is harmless, and has actually exposed nudism to more people, who may have been curious, are respecting others’ choice and may become nudists later. I hope to see this space will open again next year, sooner than this year, and that many other cities will follow suit, exposing the lifestyle to more and more people.

Nudism is probably one of the most respectful and peaceful lifestyle on this planet. There’s nothing wrong with naked bodies is the message we, as nudists, need to repeat again and again. We need to talk about nudism more and to invite all our friends and family to spend time naked together at our local club or resort, or to go on a nakation. I believe nudism is one of the best ways to grow respect among mankind, and is so critical to our well-being.

Share your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Why nude is the answer to a better world

As I was running this morning, I had this idea sprouting in my mind that indeed nudism and social nudity are the answers to a better world. When I came back home and went into my daily meditation, three key reasons to this idea came to me:

  1. No shame and more respect. There is much less body shame, if any at all, among nudists. We are all the same, however different. It’s always really refreshing to be among nudists because you know from the get go they will not judge you if you are too thin, too fat, have scars, have a beer belly or six packs. There’s more respect among nudists for diversity and inclusion.
  2. Less laundry means less detergent and water usage. When you spend days naked, you do not need to wash clothes often. Therefore, you use less water and less detergent. Not a real bad idea for nature and mother earth.
  3. More nature conscious. Naked, you realize how fragile the human being, nature and earth are. Without any clothes you feel the sun, the wind and the air surrounding you in a total different way. You may actually feel unprotected, therefore more cautious. A great way to become more aware of our place in the world.

There are many other benefits to nudism, many having been described in numerous articles including You Should Get Naked More Often. It’s Good For You or Want Better Self-Confidence? Get Naked!. However, I like the ones above as good starting points for discussing with non naturists as well, as we want to expand our nudist and naturist friends circle. The more nudists, the better the world will be, IMHO!

4 other good reasons to be nude!

Here are another set of four good reasons to be nude more often provided by Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, following the first four they provided.

5. You don’t have to stress out about what to wear
6. It’s easier to move freely and have full range of motion
7. Social nudism can be healing, improving body image and self-esteem
8. C’mon! Almost everything is more fun when you’re naked! Even golf!

What are your good reasons to be nude?


Some cool nudist pins

End of the holidays, continuation of naked living and putting naked assets in order. While rejuvenating my naked and happy boards on Pinterest, I bumped onto those quotes that I felt good about. I really loved this one:

Did I mention that I am completely Naked. Care to join me?

Why did I love it? Because naturism is to be shared. Yes being naked feels great. However, it’s feels even greater when you are surrounded with other like-minded naked friends.

I wish you all a great naked time with friends and family. And remember,

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

A new scientific study shows that participation in naturist activities predicted greater life satisfaction

Naturists are happier! We have heard or read this sentence often. The feeling of people being more relaxed, more friendly, more smiling in a naturist environment is something that every naturist has experienced. A recent scientific study has proven this and more. Here’s the abstract of it:

“Body image dissatisfaction is a serious, global problem that negatively affects life satisfaction. Several claims have been made about the possible psychological benefits of naturist activities, but very little empirical research has investigated these benefits or any plausible explanations for them. In three studies—one large-scale, cross-sectional study (n = 849), and 2 prospective studies (n = 24, n = 100) this research developed and applied knowledge about the possible benefits of naturist activities. It was found that more participation in naturist activities predicted greater life satisfaction—a relationship that was mediated by more positive body image, and higher self-esteem (Study 1). Applying these findings, it was found that participation in actual naturist activities led to an increase in life satisfaction, an effect that was also mediated by improvements in body image and self-esteem (Studies 2 and 3). The potential benefits of naturism are discussed, as well as possible future research, and implications for the use of naturist activities.”

You can read the complete study here. This is a great rational testament to naturist activities. We all, naturists, know that being naked carries a feeling of freedom, respect for others and helps to be more body positive. And now, this comprehensive study proves the point. Naturism helps to get happier. Is there any reasons not to try?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Why are nudists such friendly people?

Another great post by Naked Wanderings. I like the tribe idea, which goes well along the one that Seth Godin is describing. Naturists from a kind of a tribe, which assembles itself by share nudity. However, I think naturists and nudists are more friendly because they are more accepting of differences.

Human beings come in various forms, shapes and colors. However, the image that is carried by the media is almost always that of the perfect body. Go to any nudist beach or resort and you will see humanity in its entirety, far from the perfection that is shown on the media. And this is a commonality among nudists. They do not laugh at people because they are different, they accept them. They do not frown at differences, they respect them.

Naturists are accepting everybody and every body, this is what makes, in my opinion, this secret sauce that makes naturists more friendly than any other group of people.

Enjoy the post from Naked Wanderings: Why are nudists such friendly people?

6 Things I Learned While Being Naked In Public for 2 Weeks

Why naturists are naturists? Because they feel good naked. However, it’s always difficult to explain this wonderful feeling and lifestyle with words and ideas. The best way to understand what naturism is is to go a naturist resort/beach and strip naked. Generally, very quickly you feel good if not great and wonder how you could have lived with clothes all those years.

The title of this post comes from an article written by a non nudist. I generally love those article because they are the best to promote what naturism is about to the public. This one goes a little bit deeper than usual post because it’s written by a young woman doing here senior thesis on nudism as a culture. She has chosen to spend two weeks on a naturist resort and interview naturists, “who came to share the joys of being naked”, to better understand naturism. She shares her observations in a candid and objective way I think (although, yes, if you read comments to the post, she sometimes offer her observation in a way that could be misinterpreted, but hey, everybody is free to have an opinion, IMHO). So before you go a jump reading Sara’s post, what are the 6 things she learned?

  1. Clothes are important. They show to the world what we want it to see and the way we judge people unconsciously. Once you are naked, socioeconomic, career and education differences vanish. Naked, you cannot “judge” people by their clothes. Simple and powerful!
  2. No one cares what you look like. Just the better feeling you can have when you step in a clothing optional area. I love this sentence: “Clothes really did start to feel like a costume I was putting on to present myself to the outside world.” And I would add that if anybody care about what you look like, they will not show or tell, because this is how thing goes in a naturist environment. For the first timers, the realization comes pretty quickly and never ever disappears.
  3. Bodies are bodies. And they are just that, but society wants us to believe differently. Love this quote: “It is the importance we place on our bodies, and the meaning we attach to them that does more harm than good.” All is said. For generations, people have sexualized our bodies. Once you consider private parts as “normal” parts, bodies become what they are just: bodies.
  4. An ode to pubic hair. I believe in freedom of choice. Shave, wax, trim or do nothing. The choice is yours and should not be dictated by fashion magazine. Like jewelery, do what makes you feel good.
  5. The big Five-Oh. Because of gained confidence, age does not seem something horrible that you should fear. To the opposite! In a naturist environment you will find older and younger people chatting together, playing together, having a drink together in a total mutual understanding. Respect and confidence play a big role in our happiness!
  6. We do not need to fear each other. This is probably the most important part of the article when it comes to looking at society and comparing it to a naturist environment. Particularly because the author of the post is a young woman used to threats and violence that women are exposed to. But in the 2 weeks she spent naked on the nudist farm she never felt threatened, while from a non naturist standpoint, a naked woman can be seen as a focal point. But no, not in a naturist environment. And I leave you with this quote: “What these two weeks on the farm taught me was that violence, especially sexual violence, has absolutely nothing to do with the victim.”

All in all, a wonderful article, describing simple and powerful ideas about the joy of naturism.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

4 reasons to meditate naked

naked-meditationIf you already practice meditation, you probably embrace the numerous benefits of it. If you have not already done so, I invite you to take off all your clothes and start meditating entirely naked. Here are four reasons it will enhance your experience.

1. No compressing elastic at the waist

Even though you may wear a lose yoga pant, the strap at the waist will compress a little and will limit the free flow of chi, your vital energy. It’s subtle, but I always feel it, and if I have to wear pants, my attention is focused on this feeling of the strap encircling my waist. So better get rid of it. This is although true for bras for women. Get rid of them for your meditation.

2. All your skin is breathing freely

One of the common way to start meditating is to focus your attention on your breathing. What I’ve been taught when I began meditating is to imagine your entire body is breathing, every inch of your skin. When you are naked, you can feel the air around you and imagine it penetrate your skin. I generally start with legs, then arms, belly, torso, back, neck and head. Just imagine the chi penetrating your skin from the sun and the surrounding air.

3. You can feel the earth beneath you

Whether you meditate sitting or lying, without clothes on, your body is in direct contact with the couch, the bed or the floor. You can focus your attention on those contact points and feel them on your bare skin. With this, you gain a better understanding on this wonderful enveloppe of yours that is your skin.

4. Once tried, adopted

Once you start meditating, you can feel the benefits rapidly. Once you start meditating naked, you will quickly feel so good in your own body that you will not want to wear anything than your birthday suit. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of freedom and relaxation of meditating naked. If you can, try meditating naked in nature, in your garden or in a forest. This will increase more the quality of your meditation, of course if you are in complete security and do not fear to be seen.

Meditation is a simple practice that takes just a few minutes of your day but can bring so much to the quality of your life that it would be a pity not to embrace it. Naked meditation brings the practice to another level, by opening a new level of feeling of freedom and regaining the senses through our skin. It does not require much, just stripping off entirely and enjoying intensely the moment.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share The Naked Love!

It doesn’t stop. How nudity keeps being linked to sex and worse – porn

In this article, the author, Paul, claims that “nudity and sex aren’t the same thing”, which is entirely logic for most nudists/naturists. He writes as well “we [naturists] fight an uphill battle because many porn mongers pretend to be naturists and nudists while spreading their mess all over the Internet, giving us a bad name.”

It’s true that naturism and porn are often associated. I do not feel they are associated by default, but by the fact that mostly society equates nudity to sex, and therefore creates a “natural” link between porn and naturism. Now, I think, porn has became more and more mainstream, easily (too easily) available over the internet and thus reinforcing the association with nudity.

Having said this, porn has become an industry, a very profitable one. And like guns and tobacco, we all know it’s bad, but it’s fascinating and brings juicy profits. So, in the name of freedom, with regulation, people should be free to carry their activities.

So in the named of our freedom to be naked, as naturists, the more we can do as Paul writes is to stand for who we are and keep “evangelising” that nudity is good, is healthy and is wonderful. Social nudity is probably one of the best activities, leading to a conscious state of nature that surrounds us.

So, I do not have an answer to how disassociate nudity from porn, but to continue being who we are and being naked as often as possible, as there’s nothing more harmless than a naked body standing peacefully.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

I Took a Naked Yoga Class and I’ve Never Felt Better About Myself

This is probably one of the best articles on nudity in mainstream media. This is to share with all non-nudist friends and family. Yes, this is yoga. Yes, not everybody is in yoga. Yet, it’s naked social activity. The article titled I Took a Naked Yoga Class and I’ve Never Felt Better About Myself describes how the author moved from doubtful to doubtless about the many benefits of naked yoga.

Here are some extract from the article that resonated well with me:

  • One guy said that “if everyone’s naked, no one’s naked.”
  • But after a while, you completely forgot about not having any clothes on. I was more focused on the poses, my breathing, and my screaming muscles than I was on being naked.
  • And you know what? Aside from being sweaty and sore and spending every second wishing it were over because guys, it was an intense workout, I loved it. I’ve never felt quite so in tune with how my body was working. It really was freeing.
  • Among other things, nudity removes distractions. I wasn’t comparing my outfit to the Lululemon leggings the stylish girl in front of me was wearing. My sports bra wasn’t digging into my ribcage and making me uncomfortable. I didn’t get a wedgie every flow sequence.
  • When I told my friends that I was trying this, most people had the attitude of, “Wow, that’s so great. It sounds so intimidating! That’s something I could never do.” But the whole point is that everyone can do this. Nudity is universal. Bodies are universal.

I think it really describes well what, we naturist, feel daily when we are naked alone at home, in nature or with fellow naturists. Really, nudism is the best possible lifestyle and nudity should find it’s normal place in society.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!