Naturism philosophy nudist practice and the politics of disagreement

This article from, titled Naturism philosophy, nudist practice, and the politics of disagreement, sparks the important topic of unconscious bias that bends our judgement towards our own internal beliefs.

No two people are alike. They both have had different experiences in their childhood and lives that shape their thinking. If you are not aware of this, everything you see, hear and feel is biased by those deeply rooted beliefs.

This forms the overall rich set of experiences of various human beings. Now, when it comes to nudism and particularly social nudity, non-nudists are inherently biased by their own beliefs with or without being really aware. Trying to convince them by simple reasoning is generally useless unless they agree to consider another point of view and for this, they need to agree that their own beliefs bias their judgement.

Accepting our unconscious bias requires a deep sense of differences and needs of others. It’s not a given, but something that should be taught at school if we were to want a really equal society.

Now, what transpires in this article is that even within the nudist community people have different opinions. And it’s true! Some will be okay with a clit piercing for instance, while some others will find this too sexual to display in family resorts. Some will be okay with nudity outside of naturist resorts or beaches, like naked hiking, while others will see this as offensive.

However, the important idea to me is respect. Respect of others opinion. We may not all agree, but we should be able to respect others people thinking, and find an agreement, even if it’s agreeing to disagree, peacefully.

To end on those ideas, I want to dispel the myth of the nudism being seen as a sect. Nudism/Naturism is fundamentally a lifestyle. It’s accepting ones own body and accepting to display it in public. Though it may feel a sect from outsiders, it’s actually because nudists feel very well in their own skin and share that with other nudists. This what makes it’s like a sect from the outside. But take any group of people who share a common interest, they will look weird from the outside, although all inside will consider themselves normal. This is what happens with naturists. Come and join any naturist group and you will discover human beings. Some more friendly than others, because naturists are fundamentally human beings and we cannot be friend with everybody.

Meanwhile, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


What do you want to do in nudism before you die?

Dire title, isn’t it? We do not think often about death, well at least I don’t. But I do think about nudism and how to expand my nudist life. So here’s a list of things the author wants to do nude.

What do you want to do in nudism before you die?

You can relate to the 101 things you can do nude post. I feel you can do everything naked, weather and security permitting. Unfortunately for us, free range nudists, law does not allow us to be naked in public, so we need to find clever ways to :

  1. live naked as much as we can
  2. have the law change if possible so non sexual nudity becomes on of the clothes option, like APNEL in France is doing.

However in the meantime, naturism is a great and wonderful lifestyle. Nothing feels better than staying naked all day, doing what you like best.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

A week-end at SunEden

Many people ask what naturists do when at a naturist resort. I do not know what they imagine or expect, but the reality is probably less mucky than what their imagination can think about. To dispel any myth around naturism, here’s my recent week-end at SunEden, a South African naturist resort, affiliated to the South Africa National Naturist Association, situated approximately one hour North of Johannesburg, in the middle of the bush.

Nakedness starts where the motorway ends

After around 40 minutes of driving on the motorway from Joburg starts the gravel road that leads to SunEden. For me, this is the signal of nakedness. Five hundred meters away from the last remnant of civilization, I stop the car, and throw my clothes away for a 20-minute naked drive. I was waiting for this moment for a while and every minute spent naked counts! Last right turn and here I am in front of the gate, calling Maria. Sesame opens!

After chitchatting for a couple of minutes with Maria, I am unlocking the door of my chalet, a simple one-bedroom little house, with an outside kitchen and a piece of garden. As I was arriving mid-day, it was perfect time to get a light lunch. But before, I went for a walk around the vast domain. With 35 hectares of land, and dozens of antelopes walking around freely, SunEden is a natural heaven. It had rained over the last couple of days, and the track is muddy in some places. Putting my barefoot in the mud is a wonderful sensation that drives me back to my natural human roots.

As I walk, a light wind makes the temperature ideal to be naked. It’s just a wonderful time. Two springboks are lying next to the track, looking at me, but frightened as I come closer. Off they go. I continue walking around for the next 30 minutes, covering most of the domain in a stress less hike. As the sun comes sometimes out of the clouds, I start to sweat and find the swimming pool very appealing. Due to the cloud cover, I’m the only swimmer. The water is delicious and cool down my entire body. But, I’m starting to be hungry and it’s time for lunch!

Getting healthy and happy

I am getting a salad and a sumptuous avocado. The perfect light lunch to recover after a busy week. Finishing lunch, I make a good coffee and grab a magazine for a relaxing moment. However, the sun has decided to be more generous than expected and I realize I’ve forgotten a cap. No issue. I take my wallet and head to the shop, the Kraaines, where Maria greets me. I get a brand new cap, we talk a little about the weather and the much needed rain, then go back to my chalet to start working on this article. With a wonderful sun, birds chirping and insects flying around, ideas flow through my fingers as I type them. All is condensed in those moments where, naked, you feel so well that you do not need much but this simple freedom.

It’s now time to go back to my novel. I need to finish it. It has been a long winding story and I really need to get to the bottom of it! Let’s go, I’m in the right mood! While I was working on a new chapter, the marketing manager of the resort comes to have a quick chat with me. He wants to know if everything’s OK, invite me at having a beer in the evening and goes his way after a brief chitchat. A wonderful chap, like many naturists. After some pages written, a nice tea and biscuits, the sun is slowly going down, time to go for a beer with other SunEden residents at the bar. Going back to my chalet, feeling sleepy, I took a quick shower, have a light dinner and hit the sack for a long peaceful night.

Early birds chirping wake me up gently. It’s dawn and I feel great. I make my first cup of warm tea and go wandering outside. Time for some action. Grabbing my running shoes, I go for my morning jogging around SunEden. After 40 minutes and some gym movements, I grab a towel and head for the swimming pool to break my sweat. Water around my body is the most wonderful feeling ever. I am now ready for a breakfast under the rising sun. With an unfinished coffee, I open my laptop to continue writing this post. Plans for morning? Reading, working on my tan, writing, chatting with residents and who knows?

No clothes, only smiles

Just before lunch, as the weather gets warmer, I go to the swimming pool. There, while I am reading and relaxing on a lounge chair, Burt, a resident comes for a chat. We talk about each other for a while, he says he came four times and decided to purchase a house there. I am a bit jealous as he made a choice I cannot make right now. But I know deep inside that this time will come. I explain how I came to know SunEden and how it became a relaxing retreat during my hectic schedules. We chat like old friends, although we did not know each other five minutes before, and all that in complete nakedness, not even actually thinking about it, but smiling all the time.

The wonderful characteristic of naturists is their smile. As we look at each other in the eyes, smiling becomes natural. You meet smiling people, happy as they are. And no, it is not the holiday effect, most people at SunEden when I am there are not on holiday. They are working people, just coming for a naturist weekend, spending good naked time with friends, enjoying nature sans clothes. Because, one of the key benefits of naturism in places like SunEden is nature.

You are surrounded by nature, trees, animals, birds. You have modern comfort, and no unnecessary luxury. And as you are not wearing anything, no clothes to take care off. Just getting naked and enjoying life, doing what you like best, whether it’s reading, swimming, walking or just chilling with friends. So this is it, after a relaxing week-end, it was time to say goodbye, to get some clothes on to go back to the textile world, but with wonderful memories and a new found energy!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Why getting naked in front of others?

Okay, tons have been written about naturism, why it’s so relaxing and its numerous and various benefits. However, as I was walking on one of the many tracks of the beautiful nature and naked retreat of SunEden, and I saw a naked couple walking towards me, an evidence stroke. Why was I naked in front of those people, and why those people – I did not know – were naked in front of me?

There’s only one reason: because they felt good! I feel good when I am naked and there’s no other reason why I am a naturist. To me and many naturists, nudity is natural, it’s comfortable and I just feel good naked!

Of course, this is not something that came overnight. Actually, yes, feeling good naked came overnight but realizing this was a complete natural feeling shared by millions of people worldwide took time. But there’s no other explanation to being a naturist. Naturists know there’s nothing sexual in being a naturist. Naturists know there’s a big, big difference between being a naturist and being an exhibitionist, which is linked to sex and arousal. I’m not aroused because I’m naked and nakedness does drive arousal in a naturist environment.

But yes, this was it, this is the answer to give to non-naturists when they ask you why you are a naturist. Just because I feel good. Of course, this can drive the discussion to body shame, body acceptance, accepting our own flaws, looking at people in the eye, the benefits of naturism, and becoming who you really are. And the advice you should give non-naturists is to just try. Of course some people will be totally against trying. But at least, they should accept that naturists are just normal people who just do not see a naked body as something inherently wrong or to be hidden.

So next time you meet a naturist, get naked, and next time you meet a non-naturist, explain why he/she should get naked. Because in the end, there’s no better lifestyle on this planet and no other way to feel really, really good in our own skin!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

7 Reasons Why You Deserve to Hang Out Naked in Your Home by The Stir

po04fnhwgkIf you are reading my blog for a while, you know I love when mainstream media promotes naturism/nudism. This article from The Stir, titles 7 reasons why you deserve to hang out naked in your home is one of those. The fact that it’s written by a female contributor, Adriana Velez, adds some value, as it’s well known that naturism seems to attract more males than females. Rebalancing the genre is therefore very important. Now, here are the 7 reasons Adriana gives and develops in her post:

  1. It’s body positive. Your body is your body, there’s nothing wrong about being naked.
  2. The idea of protecting others from the sight of a human body is a little sad. A body is a body, there’s nothing sexual in being naked at home.
  3. It feels frisky. At the beginning sure, then it just becomes far more normal and natural.
  4. No one ever gave another person a disease or a heart attack with just the sight of their bare ass. Nobody was ever killed by seeing a naked body, as far as I know.
  5. Kids aren’t as freaked out over nudity as you think. Adults make kids nudity averse, naturally, they are completely ok with nudity.
  6. Aren’t you just a little bit curious? It’s always cool to try new things, no?
  7. It’s YOUR home. You are at home, do whatever you want!

Nice common sense that it’s good to repeat. Enjoy the post, read it naked, it’s even more relaxing!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

5 Reasons To Get Naked More Often

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I love when mainstream press or websites mention positively nudism and naturism. This article from MindBodyGreen is one of those. The author, Samantha Rose, explains in plain and simple words how she discovered social nudity in a spa in Austria and how it completely changed her mind regarded nudity. Without going into to many details around her story, here are the 5 reasons she explains in her article:

  1. “Perfect” is an illusion
  2. Being vulnerable in front of others is a good thing
  3. When you judge other people, you judge yourself
  4. When you become comfortable being naked, you’ll feel less inclined to wear makeup and heels
  5. Baring your bits to Mother Nature feels really good

I really think with all the discussions lately on body shame and beauty perfection, this is just spot on. It resonates even more coming from a woman. I would close this short intro to the post with that quote taken from it:

As I looked around the spa that day it wasn’t my body that separated me from everyone else, it was my attitude.

Smart, isn’t it?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

#Naked in the woods, a reader feedback

Some 51WQgCurteL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_weeks ago, I put my hands on a digital copy of Naked in the Woods, a guide to Spiritual nudity by Storm Moon. I wrote my first experience to total nakedness in the woods in my post titled A #naked walk in the forest at night. The experience was awesome and I then continued to read the book. Now that I came to its end, here’s my feedback.

First and foremost, I enjoyed the book. It ties nicely nudity, sensuality and nature. Do not get confused, even though the author advise to do most of the prescribed exercises naked, they can be done clothed as well, because it’s all about increasing our senses of belonging to the universe that surrounds us.

There are 7 different parts that walk you through the roads of the communion with nature, embracing nudity and peace:

  1. The naked spirit. This is all about being conscious of who we are related to nature, to our deep self, linking to energy and chakras. This is probably the chapter I preferred because of my personal practice of naked meditation and of long years of learnings of my body.
  2. Treasuring the human form. This chapter confused me at the beginning and challenged my thinking as a nudist. Although I felt my body was just a mere envelope to my soul, this chapter taught me my body could be loved and adorned. I created the right justification for body jewels and adornments.
  3. Heart of Gaia. This is the most beautiful chapter, linking nakedness and nature, perceiving its beauty and spirit, and helping developing our senses. How to learn from the trees and the earth.
  4. Elemental Magic. This chapter was an epiphany that gave me the idea of writing nude tales on the elements (more on this soon). It links the human body to natural elements nicely and help us realize how diverse and wonderful the universe is.
  5. Sensual Journeying. Careful, sensuality is often confused with sexuality, although one can lead to the other, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of, here is a chapter on how to deepen our senses to the nine elements. A beautiful journey to the cave and the other places our senses can walk us into.
  6. Rites and rituals. This is the chapter that introduces the “tribe”, that is our group of sensory exploration. This provides great guidance on how to increase our nature awareness with social nudity and sensory exploration. Once again, nothing sexual here, just beauty of sharing our deep understanding of nature.
  7. The tribal revival. The last chapters ties everything together and brings the notion of flow. I always loved this idea of flow. It’s something strange that you can experience from time to time, and that leaves you with an impression of fullfilness. Something you want to recreate everyday of your life. The chapter and the book ends on an interesting point of view in the future that may seem like some hallucination, but reveals to be an ideal I would love to live in.

Overall, as I said, I enjoyed the book very much. It reinforced my love and need of nudism, showed me new ways to enjoy nudism in nature and opened tons of ideas on how to share more of the beauty of being naked in nature. If you are interested in meditation, personal development and want to explore the junction between nudism and nature, this is a must read.

Last but not least, you will find at the end a long list of related books on nature, nudism, Gaia and various other linked topics, showing that Naked in the woods is not just a mere idea out of the mind of the author, but an expression of life shared by many people. Just a beautiful way to embrace life!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

How to Be #naked in Public

Naked_in_the_streetsThis is a simple but direct article from the New York Time Magazines on naturism/nudism. It’s short but provides a good deal on whoever inquire about nudism. The title is somehow misleading, as the public here refers to mostly other nudists, but hey, it’s what most naturists do: get naked with other naturists. So they are naked in public! I would have thought the article would have tackled the vast topic of being #naked in everyday life, with other nudists and textiles, like in the pictures illustrating this post, but this is a first step, and it’s a good one.

The more article on nudism/naturism in mainstream press the better! Funny to read the comments though that mostly tell that nudism is a non-topic. Let’s go naked! Some say they do not want to see nudists and do not feel comfortable in the nude. And this is the same old story of body acceptance. Why on earth are people that uncomfortable seeing others naked? I am not uncomfortable seeing others wearing weird clothes or dying their hair in red or blue, or having tattoos. Differences are what make humanity so wonderful!

Anyhow, enjoy this short article on how to be naked in public and remember: Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love! No clothes are as comfortable as our own skin!

Nudity Provides Health Benefits for Your Body and Brain

We all know nudity feels good. A lot of nudists, including me, are happier when naked. We feel the freedom, the exhilaration of being clothes-free. However, what we slowly realize is that nudism and naturism benefits are not back up by serious science and not just only personal impressions.

I recently bumped into this post from the web site: Nudity Provides Health Benefits for Your Body and Brain. The post points to some studies validating very interesting benefits of nudism: stronger body, increased socialization, tolerance, cost cutting, to name a few.

Although the post did not bring any new data points nor benefits I was not aware of, it’s a great post to share with non nudist friends, either to break the ice about nudism or to give them food for thought for considering nudism. The more people who will embrace nudism, the better, as nothing comes close to spending days naked!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!




10 Extraordinarily Simple Ways To Get Healthy and Happy

MindBodyGreen published an article entitled 9 Extraordinarily Simple Ways To Get Healthy & Happy. While I totally agree with these 9 ways, as a nudist who knows and lives health benefits of naturism, I want to add a 10th way and provide some tweaks to additional benefits of the 9 ways:

  1. Get Outside. Get outside and drop your clothes, do what is recommended entirely naked if you can: swim, take a walk in the forest, picnic in nature.
  2. Do some green exercise. Do it in the nude. You do not need clothes to surround yourself with nature and greenery.
  3. Enjoy some sunshine. Offer your entire body to the sun (with safe sunscreen). Let the sun shine on your naked body is a wonderful experience.
  4. Eat wild. No clothes needed to have a wild lunch or dinner.
  5. Sleep luxuriously. You may have read on the health benefits of sleeping naked, if not do, and in all cases, forget your PJ and sleep in your birthday suit.
  6. Hydrate. Drink water, a lot!
  7. Have fun with your friends. Throw a naked party, get nudists friends to share good time at the nude beach, in other words, share your love and your fun, naked!
  8. Get Dirty. Garden naked the feet in the ground, paint with your fingers and get dirty, play with your kids all naked and have fun.
  9. Unwind. Grab a book, lounge in your sofa, live slowly, all forgetting your clothes.
  10. Join a naturist club. Get nude! My best holidays are always naked. Once you’ve tested nude time, you’ll never go back to the textile world.

All in all the MindBodyGreen article is extraordinary and spot-on on simplicity, no rocket science, anybody can do this! Add the nudity dimension to those ways and enjoy life in a whole new way.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!