My First Time Skinny-Dipping

It’s just great to have this new blog from a nudist mom, as the blog’s called, who shares her nudist experience. We all felt the same kind of exhilaration we skinny dipped for the first time and the wholesomeness of being naked is what makes us nudists. Enjoy another great nudist blog!

Why You Should Get Naked Around Strangers

I’m still in a body image mood. This is probably because of the French law that parliament passed forbidding too skinny models working for modelling agency. However, it resonates well with various discussions I had with friends and family about people who were finding themselves too fat and others who were finding themselves very comfortable in their own body, including myself.

Now, this ties to nudism and being comfortable in our own body, and this article: Why You Should Get Naked Around Strangers, from the MindBodyGreen website. I love the following quote from the article: “I realized that just as self-compassion is an antidote to a world in which we’re never good enough, surrounding yourself with real women’s naked bodies is an antidote to the “perfect” female bodies that we’re inundated with every day.”

As previously said, nobody’s perfect, and seeking perfection can just be a way to escape happiness with what you have and what you are. Everybody is beautiful, everybody has something unique that make him or her what he/she is. So, for all people who seek the perfect body and spend a fortune on diets, supplements, massage, and the likes, divert some of your money to join the nearest nudist club and enter a world where you’ll get to love your body, not as it should be but as it is.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Worth a Thousand Words

Very nice experience of sharing our love for naturism. It’s one of the best lifestyle if not the best, so why hide? Thanks for sharing to the world this awesome story of yours.

My Life as a Naturist

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words and I’ve been advocating this for a long time. However, I’m always met by opposition from closet nudists who jealously guard their right to secrecy. But I’ve never said that nudists are not entitled to their privacy or that they must always post their nude pics online showing their faces as well. All I’ve said in my previous blog posts is simply that closet naturists should not post photos of themselves if they are going to hide their faces or show only photos of their rear because this will give the wrong impression to the textile world – that we naturists ourselves are ashamed of our nudity so how can we expect them to take us seriously?  And whatever excuses that you have are irrelevant. The point is just don’t post photos that show the world you are ashamed of…

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My naked morning run – dare, enjoy, and share

This morning, the sun was shining and my mood was joyful. It was the ideal time to go for a run in the best possible suit: none. After a simple breakfast with the family, I put my trail shoes on (no five fingers this morning, I need a new pair), a cap, my GPS and grabbed my pareo to be able to cross some roads, then on I went.

Although it was a little chilly and my body reacted showed some goosebumps, I was feeling well. After around 500 meters, getting warmer and entering the forest, I took away, folded my pareo and tucked it under my cap. I was naked in nature for the next hour or so. I was alone in the forest, accompanied by birds, a light wind and the rising sun, which from time to time lightened my path and warmed my body.

The best was yet to come. Some path had high grass that was wet by morning dew, and without trying to avoid it, what you would do if you were wearing shorts for instance to avoid getting wet, I ran through it, appreciating the freshness to cool my body who started to sweat. It was just a wonderful feeling you can only appreciate in nature while entirely naked. I regretted my five fingers at that time, because my shoes got wet too and got heavier. Buying a new pair of five fingers is definitely on my list.

Almost halfway, I met a group of woodcutters. I heard them from afar, so I put on my pareo just to pass by them. They saw me at last second, I greeted them, they wished me well and went on their duty, probably not even noticing I was just wrapped is a very light pareo. After a 100 meters I was again naked. I could have stayed naked while passing the woodcutters, but I always prefer to be respectful of workers in those case. With other runners I meet, I generally stay naked. I do not know why, probably moving runners do not notice I’m naked, or that’s the way I think, who knows? Anyway, after a good fifty minutes and eight kilometers, I was back at my departure point, sweaty, warm, my body full of dopamine and endorphins, and I felt so good, I had to share this naked morning run on my blog. This is it.

As a conclusion, running naked or practicing any sport naked is a choice that, as nudist, I do anytime I can. Of course, sometimes, I have my own reservation, and I do not “dare” to get naked. But most of the time, there’s no real rationale behind the choice of not getting naked, and I realize this more and more, spending actually more and more time entirely naked. I feel better naked, there’s little to no risk to cross an anti-nudity hardcore individual if you choose wisely the place you get naked. So my advice is to jump and get naked as often as possible if you feel great naked like I do!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

The 3 states of nudity – On becoming a nudist

As I am more often than not entirely naked at home, nudity has become a natural state, up to a point that I do not think about it. However, while hiking naked in the forest a while back, I came to think about my journey to nudism and without going into too deep a reflection on nudism, I came to realize there are 3 states of nudity that you encounter on your journey of becoming a nudist. Let’s go through them together, as it may enlighten you if you are not a nudist yet, and make you realize that becoming one is nothing special than just embracing nudity for what it is: a natural state!

Home Nudist

You become a home nudist when you can walk around your house entirely naked. At the beginning, you just walk from your bathroom to your bedroom, eventually grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen. Then, you will carry some activities, like cooking, vacuuming or watching TV. You may even go out in the garden, if you have one.

However, during all those activities, you realize you are naked. You may still feel some shame: “what if somebody was seeing me?” you may ask yourself. You are on the first state of nudity: you realize you are naked! Don’t get me wrong here, being naked feels good at that stage, you just realize you are naked, that’s just it. Nothing wrong or right about being naked, it’s just a conscious state.

Beach Nudist

For most people, the first encounter with social nudity is at the clothing-optional beach. You hesitate the first time you get naked on the beach. You feel everybody will look at you. Sometimes, you may even not get entirely naked or wrap a towel around your waist. “Who knows what can happen while I’m naked? “you may ask yourself (particularly if you are a man and think about a potential erection).

However, quickly, you will realize everybody is naked around you. Nobody watches you, everybody carries their activities entirely naked with no shame and no questions. You are entering the second state of nudity: you realize others are naked too! Once again, nothing wrong or right here. You are not judging others as others are not judging you, you are naked and feel good, and others are naked and feels good. However, you are still in a conscious state of nudity.

Resort Nudist

Then, one day, you go to a clothing-optional or nudist resort. You feel anxious and excited at the same time, feel some tension while registering, but are greeted with a smile and made comfortable. After having settled down, you get naked, wrap a towel around your waist and go to the swimming pool. It’s likely you will meet other nudists in the pool and potentially being pulled into a volley ball game or a walk around the premises, or any other activities done entirely naked with your new friends.

Before you realize what is happening, you will have spent a very good time, chatting, walking, playing, with people entirely naked, like yourselves. You are entering the third state of nudity: you do not think about being naked, you just feel good! You are now in an unconscious state of nudity, you feel good and do not think about being naked. When you meet others, you do not think of them being naked, they are just human beings, you do not think about them as naked persons, but as persons.

In the third state of nudity, you do not realize you are naked, you are just like you are and it feels comfortable. This is up to a point that, if you’re home and somebody rings the doorbell, you may open the door naked, or you want to fetch mail and you go to your letter box entirely naked, with potentially all neighbors being able to see you. And this is where, some nudists, like myself, are frustrated by laws that forbid us to be naked when and where we want, not because we are exhibitionists, just because nudity is a normal and natural state for us.

This is the state I am in almost every time I am naked, should it be at home, at the beach, at a nudist resort or on a hiking trail, or like now, while typing this post on my computer. While I cannot explain why nudity feels so good, I  embraced nudism years ago now and it just feels great to me. So, get naked, stay naked, live naked, and share the naked love with friends and family. Nude is not lewd, it’s awesome!

This article is available in Dutch on thanks to Paul.

Where can you run naked?

I promised, here the long awaited post. The below list may not be 100% complete and if you have other ideas, share them! I look forward to your comments.

Your naturist club/campsite/resort/beach

This is the ideal place. No need for a cover up, all you need are shoes, a cap and your GPS.

Country tracks, fields and forests

Depending on where you live, it’s possible that a few hundred yards or miles away, you’ll find hiking trails or forests. This is the second best place. Generally, those trails are not very popular and encounters are not frequent. In case of meeting somebody, you may decide to cover up or not. Some hikers/runners are not against nudity. Ideally run with your naturist mates. A lonely nudist can be seen an exhibitionist, a group of nudist will be considered a bunch of originals.

Organized races

There are organized races in a naturist club, like for instante the one of Sunny Rest Resort in Pensylvania, and those organised on public places like Bay to Breakers in San Francisco (during which total nudity is tolerated) or the naturist beach race of Sopelana in Spain.

Roads and urban environments

You may run at night or in countries in which urban nudity is tolerated like Belgium or Spain, but you’d better avoid, except if you want to risk to go to the police station.

The gym

OK, running on a treadmill does not replace running outside, but it allows a good sweat and endorphins and dopamine discharge, it’s therefore not to discard completely. You should have a discussion between your naturist club and your gym to check if the later would agree to open for naturists once or twice a week. It may allow to use its premises for naturists when turnout is low, but it’s win-win: your gym will fill a low attendance moment and you’ll be able to train naked.

Voilà! Not really complex, but your willingness to run naked should drive you to find a quiet place where you can get naked with little to no risk. I can guarantee that when you find the place, you’ll be ready to do the effort to reach it because nothing replaces a run in the simplest clothing ever, your own skin!

Benefits of social nudity: stress reduction, general health

This is an awesome article, thoroughly documented on the benefits of social nudity. Take the time to read it (it’s long) and to follow all the links (there are plenty). Then, get naked and enjoy!

Naturist Philosopher


Most naturists/nudists believe that social nudity has significant health benefits. They’re very probably right. However, there doesn’t seem to be much clarity about exactly how nudity is beneficial for one’s health. We’re going to take a close look at that issue here. It’s going to take some time to give a good explanation. But if you want the quick answer, it’s this: social nudity helps counteract psychological stress. And if you’re in a hurry, you can jump here for the quick summary.

In the early days of naturism (up to 1940, say), there was a strong emphasis on healthful living. In Germany, where modern naturism originated in the late 1890s, nudity was considered to be a part of healthful living, whose principles were sometimes referred to as Lebensreform: “life reform”. The principles included such things as abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and (other) addictive drugs, exercise, healthful diet (especially vegetarianism)…

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Explaining Social Nudity to Friends

If you are a nudist, you should not hide it. Nudity is normal and naturism is a healthy activity. Read more about the experience of sharing from the Nomadic Nudist.

Nudie News

Telling people I’m a naturist has been an interesting experience. People I thought would really dig it have reacted with bewilderment. In a testament to the people I have chosen as friends that are close enough to tell, no one has reacted adversely. There have been no truly negative experiences. Here’s a small sample:

Let’s start with family. No one in my family knows yet. I expect it to come out inadvertently, maybe if my wife and I and I have kids who tell the grandparents about swimming naked at my club. I’m not trying to keep it a secret but I’m also not trying to broadcast it. When it happens, I just plan to say something like, “I swim naked and I avoid wearing clothes. It’s not a big deal. It’s quite liberating and I’d like for my kids to grow up without shame and body-image issues.” One friend…

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10 reasons to be naked socially

Originally published on the NOOK, the Naturist social network

You can be a nudist alone in your home or you can become a social nudist who is nude with others, nude or not. Social nudity is shared by millions of nudists worldwide, whether at home with friends, on a beach, in a nudist resort or camping, in nature while hiking, or just anywhere it’s not illegal to be nude. Here are the 10 reasons I believe are good for anybody to be nude socially.

1. We are all the same
Yes, some are thin, some are fat, some are small, some are big, etc. But in the end, we are all human beings and we have been made on the same mold. So nothing to be scared about. You will notice nobody stares at you, and if it happens, ignore it. If it’s an insisting look, you may want to ask the person to stop but at the exception of voyeurs, just ignore them and enjoy your nakedness.

2. There is no judgment on how you are clothed
Brands are no longer useful to state who you are since you are naked. You may judge people by who they are not by what they wear. Some will use jewelry to enhance their naked bodies or will display tattoos. If that’s good for them and they are comfortable with them, then it’s cool by me.

3. Most nudists are friendly
Nudists are generally friendly with other nudists as they share this passion of being naked. Yes, this is a passion. Nudists love being naked and generally find all occasions to undress, finding like-minded people. Of course you cannot be friend with everybody, and that’s ok. Nudists are normal human being with different tastes, just one taste in common: nakedness!

4. It breaks all social barriers
There are no CEOs or unemployed people, there are only nudists, whoever they are in the textile world. And this is one of the coolest things. Nudity tears down all social barriers. Go to a nudist resort and you will meet tons of friendly people, and you will eventually discover very diverse jobs that may not have bumped into each other in any other setup.

5. Nude is beautiful
Non nudists find bodies awful and tend to see others with their flaws. A nudist is well in his or her body and believes other nudists feel the same. Therefore, all bodies are beautiful. This is one of the things I enjoy with nudists gathering. No piece of garments to show off, just our beautiful bodies we show the world.

6. It allows to discover new friends
When you are a nudist, you love being nude, but not everybody is a nudist. By meeting other nudists you increase the number of nudist friends with which you have more opportunities to be nude. This is the creation of a virtuous circle: the more nudist friends, the more opportunities to be nude.

7. You get no tan lines
When you go to the nude beach or to a nude resort, you can stay nude all day and avoid those horrible tan lines. Beautiful all-over tanned people.

8. Do all your preferred activities with a total body freedom
You can play tennis, go to the pool, cook, read, etc. without having to think about what’s you are going to wear. It’s easy, nothing! Stay as you are (as long as it is not cold, nor dangerous), since most activities can be done nude.

9. It’s natural
Being nude is natural. It’s living in our body without constraints. Nude is natural, it’s religious and social believes that has demonized our bodies and our commercial society that has sexualized it. Being nude is just living our life in our best suit: our birthday suit!

10. It’s fun
As nudists are friendly people, you do more fun activities and share great moments. My time is never dull at the nudist resort.