Nudist idea #70: Film your naked activities


We all love to keep memories. One the most preferred ways is to take picture. The second one is to take movies. You can film what you are doing and spend some time making small movies with a dedicated software.

Naked activities and nakation are just ideal for memory movies, as we generally are in a nice setting, relaxed, with a bunch of other naturist friends. Just ask permission to film and start shooting.

Even if you are not an experienced film maker, just try it. You may have some work afterwards to get rid of bad parts, but you will enjoy to watch the homemade movie and will be proud to share with your friends.

Have you ever film your naked activities? How was it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Bare with us… the movie!

A nudist comedy is a rare thing, so as naturist, it would be great this happens. As explained on the indiegogo page, the movie is not for profit as it will be given to for promotion of naturism. So if you are not to tight on your money, contribute!


Here’s the pitch from the indiegogo page:

It is the first TRUE fully nudist comedy feature film. Its created in joint partnership between TIM CHIZMAR founder of  “NudistComedy” fully nude standup tours and CORKY STANTON the owner of “” a naturist living website.

Both men have been recognized by The American Association for Nude Recreation in the past for achievements in promoting the body positive lifestyle.

What We Need & What You Get

We are hoping to shoot a nudist comedy feature that promotes all human bodies and not just models.

Once its completed we are NOT looking for MPAA rating or distribution, if we hit our goal we will GIVE the film to the fans on as a FREE watchable feature on the homepage where it’ll stay for years. You’re welcome!

The Impact

Nudist resorts, clubs and beaches all over the world complain that nudism is dying out with today’s youth. They say they want to appeal to them but still offer nothing but chili cookouts and bingo nights, That doesn’t thrill the X-games youth!!

They want to go nude rock climbing or naked skydiving, something thrilling, thats what this project is – REAL NUDISTS, REAL COMEDIANS, really having fun with a fun premise/story that does not poke fun at the lifestyle but instead encourages it for the first time on film. I’m not counting so-called nudist flicks with no cohesive story, bad production value, or that hide genitals like they are somehow evil. Too many projects claim they are “nudist” but let down the audience they were supposed to be making it for. Our movie will be really nude and really fun – in that order!

Hopefully this will be a gateway to show people all over the world how fun the lifestyle can be. Its not pervy swingers but open-minded adults that know that Nude isn’t Lewd, for real.

Risks & Challenges

Biggest issue is simply this pledge drive, we scaled the budget to the bare bones, and we need at least to hit this goal to be in a position to make it with proper cast, crew, equipment, locations, food, insurance, post production and lots of other stuff we have to be on top of if its finished product is to be quality. Real quality and not crap.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word, share it on social media and tell everyone you know. We cannot make this without you. We did the groundwork, now its up to you to meet us halfway.