Asia for nudists: the best places to bare it all on holiday

Asia was not in nudists mind for nakations, but this could be changing with new nudist resorts opening in Thailand and some existing in Indonesia, as it is described in this article.

Nudist holidays are common in Europe, the US or the Carribeans, where plenty of choice exists from small rustic campsites to luxury hotels, from small secluded beaches to family ones. Asia could be the next destination of choice with four resorts opening in Thailand.

nudism is good business

What is interesting in this article is to read that tourists going to Gregers Moller’s resort come from “Hong Kong, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan”, countries where nudism is not so common due to culture and a not friendly legislation to nudists. However a market seems to exist and those new resorts will possible thrive.

For all nudists in Asia and in the rest of the world who want to visit Thailand or Indonesia, it’s wonderful to see options for spending time naked while enjoying the beauty of those countries!

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Closed for holidays – Fermé pour les vacances

It’s that time of the year where online activities become less and therefore I may not post here before August. Whatever you do, wherever you are, I wish you all wonderful naked holidays.

Voilà la période estivale où les activités en ligne diminuent et je ne vais sans doute pas poster sur ce blog avant août. Quoi que vous fassiez, où que vous soyez, je vous souhaite à tous de belles vacances naturistes !

5 reasons why nakation is the best vacation

For most people in the Northern Hemisphere, time has come to spend some days or weeks on annual summer holidays. For naturists, it’s the time of the year, they will drop the clothes and stay those days and weeks entirely naked, spending time at the beach, with friends and family, relaxing.

As we all look for those days and weeks, here are my five main reasons I will spend those holidays with no clothes on, and why you should consider doing the same.

1. It’s comfortable

You wake up in the morning and do not care about getting dressed. You do what you want to do without having to think about what to wear. The answer is easy: nothing. It’s the most comfortable clothing option. If you want to become more comfortable in your own skin, have a look at this post.

2. There’s no laundry to care about

Holidays are relaxed time. The minimum the chore, the better. And laundry is one of those. As for food, you may favor barbeque and salad, for clothing, no clothes is the better option. And icing on the cake, you will not use any detergent, a greener option for our planet.

3. No tan line

The body needs sun, not too much, but the right amount. Tan line are not nice, but an overly tanned body is wonderful. Drop the swimsuit, drop the clothes every day and get a beautiful tan,

4. It’s friendly

Clothes-free environments are friendlier. We cannot really say why, but I guess it’s because clothes creates a barrier between people, the lack of removes it. When you are wearing nothing, your smile makes all the difference. Wear a smile and a hat, and get along!

5. It’s just true freedom

Naturism is probably the last freedom in this overregulated world of ours. When naked you are who you are, a fragile human being. You will feel better, closer to nature, more linked to our beautiful planet, and will feel this feeling of complete freedom without judgement of others.

There are probably tons of other reasons why naturist holidays are the best. Share yours in the comments below. And if you are not a naturist and are thinking about naturism, go for it! Find a nice resort, camping or beach, and enjoy the freedom of being clothes-free!

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7 tips to plan your next nakation

Winter is coming to an end and you look forward to spending time naked in the sun. Here’s a simple seven-step process to plan your next vacation with nudism/naturism in mind.

  1. Decide the length. You may not be in total control of the duration of your next holiday, due to personal or professional reasons. However, the planned duration will help you chose where you can go. If you have one week only, you’ll need to pick a nearby place that you can reach in a couple of hours. If you have two weeks or more, you can decide to take up to one full day to reach your vacation. The later works very well in Winter, since remember while it’s Winter in one hemisphere, it’s summer in the Southern hemisphere. So from Europe, you could go to the Caribbean, South Africa or Australia for instance for your next nakation. Many countries are nudist friendly and have naturist resorts and beaches, expand your naked horizon.
  2. Decide the budget. Going on holiday costs money: for the trip, the stay, the food and extras. If you are on a tight budget, camping may be an option. If you want more comfort, you’ll need more cash on hand. So be clear not to be negatively surprised. Sometimes, naturist venues are more expensive than textile ones for weird reasons, and it may impact your budget negatively. Think particularly about the extras. Sometimes it’s cool to be able to get a piña colada, naked on a beach, so get sure you put enough money on the extras so you can indulge yourself.
  3. Decide the surroundings. Seaside, mountain, countryside, city? Whatever you like, narrow your choice to your preferred place. Check what activities you can practice around as well. You may stay in a mountainous environment with a lake and enjoy cool beach too. You may stay in a place where you practice naked hiking also. Look outside of the campsite or resort what you can do naked or clothed. Sometimes, you can walk to a nearby nudist beach, from your nudist resort entirely naked, sometimes not. Some places offer naked activities outside of the resort, some have no activities at all. Some have just a clothing optional pool but you need to be clothed in the resort. Check well the T&Cs and the activities.
  4. Pick three places that fit your choice. Why three and not one? Simply because marketing is one thing, reality is another. Once you chose three places, go over social networks, look for customer experiences, ask your network about advice and real experience with the place. Look for customer experience on non-nudist networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Trip Advisor and on nudist networks. Once you gathered some intelligence, you’re ready to make a choice and book.
  5. Book your trip. Call the chosen resort and negotiate pricing so you come up with the best possible offering for the budget you have. Some places have different pricing depending on the location of the room/bungalow/tent, and if you intend to be out of your room or bungalow most of the time, it may make sense to book a cheaper place at the back of the lot for instance. Remember your extras will almost always be higher than expected. While booking, confirm the activities you discussed on steps 3 and 4. Sometimes activities change year over year, and there may be less or more options here. Better be safe than sorry.
  6. Prepare your packing list. The good think with naturist holidays is you won’t need t a lot of clothes and therefore can use only a carry-on luggage (great option for low cost airline that charges extra for checked luggage). Of course, plan for the unexpected chilly evening or that visit that you want to do to the nearby town that will require clothing. By experience, take minimum clothes, so you minimize your clothing time to the max. Do not forget to think about the activities you’re going to do locally: playing tennis, hiking, windsurfing, etc. This may require special gears like hiking shoes and a simple pareo if you hike light or naked outside of the resort for instance, or your tennis racket. Think about sunscreen and hats. Nakation requires more sunscreen than others, as your body we’ll need to be entirely protected.
  7. Check all travel required papers. This includes passports and visas. Some visas require 2 weeks to be issued, redoing a passport may take 3 to 4 weeks. So plan this well ahead so your holiday time is not spoilt. Ensure you get all hotel and transfer vouchers if any. It’s always painful to pay for a transfer that you booked but forgot the voucher at home. You can also check the legislation on nudity in the country you are going to. Once again, leverage your network to know more about the local rules. Like we say, when in Rome, do like Romans.

On D-day, jump into your clothes and head to your holiday spot. On arrival, get in the mood as soon as possible. That means, get naked as soon as you arrive. If you’re a newbie naturist, you can keep lightly covered the first hour or so, but I would encourage to get fully undressed as soon as possible. A nakation is really a nakation when you can freely move around naked. If I can, I undress in the car before reaching the destination for instance. The more naked, the better. There are clubs or resorts that allow clothing in the evening, so the choice is yours if you want to stay naked or get clothed. Weather permitting, I prefer full nudity, but once again, it’s a matter of choice. Whatever your chose, ensure you spend great holidays, keep the naturist spirit high, come back full of wonderful images in your mind, and share your experience with your other naturist fellows!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!