4 good reasons to be nude

Here are four good reaons to be nude more often provided by Cypress Cove Nudist Resort:

  1. It feels good!
  2. It’s more comfortable!
  3. Swimming without the hassle of a bathing suit.
  4. It’s easier to move without the restriction of clothing.

All very good reasons to adopt the most incredibly awesome lifestyle: naturism!

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My First Time At A Nudist Resort

What can we expect more that those kind of articles that stands as an epiphany for the naturist lifestyle? This post from Abigail Moss on Refinery29 titles My First Time At A Nudist Resort is more that a just a story of a first timer, it’s a great testament to what naturism is about. Here are some exceprt I really liked:

  • “I am not a naturist, I suppose is what I’m saying. Or, at least, I wasn’t, until a couple of weeks ago.” Well, when the article finishes with “Next summer, we’re going back.” I bet Abigail is now a naturist, particularly with the below.
  • “I took the shorts off and nobody looked, nobody pointed, nobody laughed. Obviously not. Everyone else was naked too.” And yes, this is the first “surprise” of any non naturist visiting a naturist resort, naturists don’t see naked people, they just see people who happened to be naked. Respect is probably the number one value among naturists, and nakedness is definitely shared.
  • “On a beach, being naked just makes good practical sense. No swimsuit for sand to get all caught up in, no tan lines to worry about.” All is said.
  • “And once you’ve been naked on a beach, why not at a bar, or in a corner shop, or a swimming pool?” Yes, this is the beauty of feeling well naked and being with naturists, it just becomes the new normal. It’s actually quite strange how it becomes so natural quickly. No t-shirt, no pant, just you!
  • “We’re all just people. Various sizes and shapes and levels of hairiness and wrinkliness and tan, but, basically all the same.” Yes, this is the second “surprise” from non naturist: body acceptance, oneself and others. You may be surprised the first times, then do not pay attention to it anymore, we are just human beings and feel great to be among people who are not making a statement by wearing so and so clothes.
  • “Being naked, I realised, doesn’t expose you at all – it makes you anonymous and equal.” This is a huge discovery and probably the most important ones, as it explains why our body is not sexual by nature, we have sexualized it over time. Gaining our freedom back to be naked makes us better, I think.
  • And the last: “Flying home to headlines and TV reports filled with hatred and division, there’s something very comforting in having discovered a place where people are just people.” Naturism is the best lifestyle I know, the one that makes people who they truly are, just human beings who aspire to a good life.

Share this article among your non naturist friends and you may convert them to naturism. They may join you to your next club meeting or naturist holidays. It’s said nakations are the best vacationsm and it’s even better with good friends!

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What’s the difference? (being naked or not)

I’m often asked the question: but what’s the difference being naked or wearing just a swimsuit for instance? And this question came back to mind as I was taking off my short during one of my morning jog, to continue naked.

At that precise moment, I felt at the same time very good and my true self, and this was exactly the answer to the “what’s the difference question”. However, it’s difficult to explain to a non naturist, what does “very good” mean? Can’t you feel very good clothed? Yes, probably. So, in order to explain what’s the difference, I will take a couple of examples that explain it.

Warm and inviting as a fireplace in winter

Imagine you spend a couple of hours outside in the cold. You are well dressed, it’s snowing and the cold bites you. While you like winter, you start thinking about the fire and a hot chocolate/coffee/tea in front of the fireplace.

The moment to come back home arrives. You enter the house, take your jacket, gloves and boots off, and head to the lounge, where logs burn in the fireplace. The warmth of the fire is incredibly pleasant. You feel “very good”!

If you’ve lived in a cold country in winter, you’ve probably experienced this feeling. This is the exact same “very good” I felt when I took my short off and got naked. It’s a subtle alas !

Refreshing and relaxing as a swimming pool in summer

Imagine your spend a couple of hours outside in the hot summer day of a tropical country. You are lightly dressed to protect you from the sun. While you like summer, you start thinking about the swimming pool and to dive into it.

The moment to come back home arrives. You enter the garden, take your t-shirt, short and shoes off and dive into the swimming pool. The water is at the perfect refreshing temperature.  You feel “very good”!

If you’ve spend time in a warm country in summer, you’ve probably experienced this feels. This is the exact same “very good” I felt when I took my short off and got naked. It’s a subtle alas !

No shame, just no clothes

Naturism is about feeling good in your birthday suit, and this piece of clothes, how small it may be, makes whole the difference. It’s subtle, it may be seen as ridiculous, but this is what a naturist feels between wearing something and being naked.

A lot has been written of the various benefits of naturism, including many posts on this blog dedicated to naturism. And the first reason for me and for many naturists I know has always been: if feels good! And yes, a small piece of clothes makes all the difference!

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How To Feel Comfortable Naked Every Day

All posts and articles from mainstream press that address nudism and nudity in a positive way are a great way to increase awareness on this awesome lifestyle. This is true from this article from medium.com.

Nudity isn’t for everyone, but for me, it’s everything

It’s a short article that gives three simple and reasonable advice to embrace the nudist lifestyle:

  • “Your body is your temple, treat it that way” – in other words, learn to take care of you and your body, you only have one and life is more pleasant when your body works well.
  • “Embrace your curves and the body you were born with” – love you as you are and not as the media wants you to be. Perfection is photoshopped! Reality is much better. Nudity teaches you to love who you are.
  • “Take the first step and begin by spending an hour a day naked” – learn to walk before running. For many nudity is not “natural”. Try it slowly and appreciate the freedom, before spending more time and sharing with others.

Once you try and enjoy nudity, you never come back. Naturism is the best possible lifestyle. I often refer to its definition as given by the International Naturist Federation: “a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment“. Respectful, peaceful, and powerful!

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Be unmasked – a new naturist blog that is worth reading!

I like to share the things I enjoy. This is the case with the Be Unmasked blog. Relatively new and coming from down under, this blog makes us think about nudism and nudity in general. It’s well written and wonderfully illustrated by artistic nude pictures taken by the author.

It asks some great questions and makes us think. Take for instance, the Freedom defined? post. Freedom can mean a lot different things to different people. From a naturist standpoint who embraces the definition of naturism given by the International Naturist Federation, “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment”, freedom is about respect. However, the posts provides different meaning of freedom and though each person can have a different view, it’s interesting to think about those difference angles and reflect on what they mean for each of us.

I enjoyed a lot reading those short posts on nudism/naturism/nudity and I hope frequent posts will continue. Keep up the good work. A small advice though to the author: proof read the posts, I found some mistakes, nothing big, but worth corrected to make the blog perfect!

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When Will We Accept Nudity?

You will find here an interview of Mark Haskell Smith, author of Naked At Lunch. He comes back on nudism and its acceptance, as well the future of it. A good read. One extract about naturists I like:
The one generalization about nudists that is actually true is that they’re really friendly people. They are super welcoming.
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Nakedness as THE obvious choice

naturists_coffee_mug-rfafda657cf4c46c885bea00da83a4134_x7jg9_8byvr_324I’m almost just back from a very relaxing week of holiday where my clothing has been mostly limited to shopping: I hiked and jogged naked, I went to the naked beach, and spend all day naked, including doing all sort of chores and housework. So nakedness was not an option, it was the “normal” state. However, one morning as I was brewing coffee just after waken up, my nakedness kinda stroke me. Let me explain!

Over the last ten years or so, nudism has impose itself to my life. As I explained in a previous post, nudism is my preferred state of being. If I can chose between clothing and nakedness, I will always chose the later. I just feel good entirely naked. Up to a point that nakedness being a normal state is entirely forgotten. So you can come home unexpected and there are big chances that I will open the door naked without thinking about it.

But this morning I realized I was naked preparing the coffee and a feeling came to me naturally: I was naked, I felt good and there could not be any other choice. I started to think about why getting dressed to prepare breakfast when the weather was hot enough to be naked. Of course, there are tons of reasons that I have already written about, mostly cultural. But overall, once you accept that everybody has a body, based on the same model (with variations, like for cars), and that there is nothing inherently sexual about nudity, then nakedness becomes THE obvious choice.

Being naked is comfortable, uses no clothing (no detergent to clean clothes)  and allows you to do almost everything (except dangerous activities where you may need protection). So this was an kind of a second epiphany. Nudism was not an option, it was THE obvious one. And on I went having breakfast enjoying the first warm rays of the sun, before jumping in daily activities.

What about you, do you also think nudism is THE obvious clothing choice when it’s possible?

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Nudity isn’t indecent. It’s a noble British tradition

Common sense and how things went haywire: Nudity isn’t indecent. It’s a noble British tradition

“There is barely a public building unadorned with a naked sculpture, yet we criminalise the real thing.”

A lot of good common sense in the above article with clear examples of how society became stupid about the naked body. A good read and good idea for a dinner conversation. What do you think?


Well hey, ..saves on laundry bills. Plus, it’s healthier for the body!

I love the title of this short post containing just the below picture. Yes the world needs more naturists, it needs more acceptance of the naked body too, it needs all the beaches to be clothing optional and the right to be naked at home without the neighbors being able to call the police. Naturism is probably the best lifestyle ever for the planet, and yes it cuts your laundry bill! You just have to wash your towel, nothing more!

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