3 naked activities for a spring week-end

Eh… TGIF! And tonight the week-end starts. So as I was thinking about what to share today, I came up with three activities that I will do over the week-end weather permitting of course, and that you can do too. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing incredible, just three simple activities that do not require clothes apart from a hat if the sun shines and good shoes if the terrain is spiky. Here we go!

  1. A naked hike. Open a map of your surroundings, a hiking map if possible, spot a nice track you have not done, grab your shoes, your hat and some sunscreen. Pack some snacks and water, a lot of water, and off you go. 4, 5 or 6 hours of total nakedness in nature.
  2. A naked swim. It’s beach time again. The water will be chilly for course, but cold water is very good for the skin and for overall health. So grab a towel, sunscreen, snacks, water and head to the nearest naturist beach. A great way to gently start your overall tan for the coming summer.
  3. Naked gardening. If you happen to have a garden, take care of it. Mow the lawn, prune dead branches and gather the remaining of the leaves from the last winter. Make your garder beautiful so all flowers blossom in wonderful colors and shape.

As I said, nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just pure happiness in the best suit ever, your birthday one. Many if not all activities can be undertaken in full nudity, so go for it, it’s the best feeling ever!

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What do you want to do in nudism before you die?

Dire title, isn’t it? We do not think often about death, well at least I don’t. But I do think about nudism and how to expand my nudist life. So here’s a list of things the author wants to do nude.

What do you want to do in nudism before you die?

You can relate to the 101 things you can do nude post. I feel you can do everything naked, weather and security permitting. Unfortunately for us, free range nudists, law does not allow us to be naked in public, so we need to find clever ways to :

  1. live naked as much as we can
  2. have the law change if possible so non sexual nudity becomes on of the clothes option, like APNEL in France is doing.

However in the meantime, naturism is a great and wonderful lifestyle. Nothing feels better than staying naked all day, doing what you like best.

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Ode to nudity

Nudity is beauty. What is more human and beautiful but a naked body, stripped out of its clothing crutches, free to move, offered to air and elements? Mesmerized by perfect body images, stupefied by ridiculous diets and filled up by gym workouts, the body has become a merchandise that needs to be calibrated. Naked, it’s offered to eyes as it is, as a wonderful human machine of humbling complexity.

Nudity is liberty. Liberty of the senses, freedom of the spirit and of imposed conventions. Naked, the human being finds its unique spot in the men and women world. It roams as it is and not as it hopes others will see it when it’s clothed. Nudity is seen as a transgression of the rules of the society, but it puts back the society at the center of the human being.

Nudity is fragility. Fragility to show others and the worlds our flaws, our small imperfections and the scars that life left visible. This fragility, wonderfully described by authors and psychologists, soon becomes a strength. A strength to accept ourselves as we are and to accept others as they are.

Who has never walked naked under the rain in nature has never experienced to be fully ingrained with the environment. Who has never swum naked in a turquoise sea, welcoming and hot like a womb, has never had a complete sensory experience. Who has never party or had a meal with friends, all entirely naked, has never bare all in society.

It’s that nudity that provides happiness to naturists. Nudity cannot be explained, it has to be lived, alone, with one, two or more, friends. One day, it becomes an evidence. One does not look for it, we find it someday, around a corner, through a meeting or a chat. And at that moment, it invades you, fills you with positive waves and does not leave you anymore. Body shame disappears and gives it space to the delight of nakedness.

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Gymnastics means working out naked

Source : Gymnastics means working out naked

We tend to forget or to not know that the ancient Greek where working out and competing at the Olympic games entirely naked. Nakedness was not associated with shame at that time but to freedom of movement. I have stopped training clothed a while back now, except at a public gym that does not allow nudity. However, as the author of the above articles implies, finding a gym that allow nudity is possible and more and more people are training entirely naked. Try it, you will never go back to wearing gym clothes!

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Twelve myths about naturism nudism and clothes free living

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. All the rest is myth! Good list!

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A conversation on twitter got me in a myth busting mood. so here are twelve mythbuster about naturism nudism and clothes free living.

  1. Naturism/nudism is just getting naked
  2. Naturist/nudist are asexual prudes
  3. Real naturist/nudists post naked photos online
  4. Naturists/nudists are perverts, and sex fiends
  5. Real Naturist/nudists are clothes free 24/7
  6. Naturists/nudists are a bunch of old hippies
  7. Naturists/nudists are all white or of European decent
  8. Naturists/nudists are young bohemian slackers
  9. Naturists/nudists are all rich
  10. Naturists/nudists stay to themselves are resorts and camps
  11. Naturists/nudists remove all their pubic hair
  12. All naturist/nudists are alike

Do you have any naturist, nudist or clothes free myths you want to bust add them in the comment below.

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30 Things You Absolutely Must Do Naked

A while back, I published a post on 101 activities you can do naked. This time, it’s the online version of Cosmopolitan, the famous fashion newspaper, which comes up with 30 things you absolutely must do naked. This is just awesome that mainstream press recognizes nudity as a normal and natural to perform some daily duties. Here’s the exhaustive list:

  • Cleaning your place
  • Catch up on emails
  • Dance
  • Organize your closet
  • Hand-write letters to friends
  • Cook/bake
  • Read
  • Croquet
  • Go camping
  • Order a pizza
  • Eat a pizza
  • Take an online course
  • Night swimming
  • Think about your life choice
  • Paint
  • Binge-watch a show on Netflix
  • Clean out your garage
  • Convert all you old CDs to digital
  • Exercise
  • Wallpaper your room
  • Do laundry
  • DIY facials
  • Solve a jigsaw puzzle
  • Get really drunk
  • Go to the beach
  • Take a nap
  • Crochet
  • Learn an instrument
  • Play video games
  • Eat grapes

The message here is very simple: if you want to do all those things naked, there’s nothing wrong with it. Nudity is not equal to sex, go for it! And this is great, because, any naturist will tell you that being naked to perform daily activities is what they like best, and sometimes a chore feels funnier when done naked. Note the subtlety in the title: absolutely must! It ‘s not “may”, it’s go, shed you clothes and have fun!

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Gymnastics means working out naked

Warning! Working out naked is addictive. Up to a point that when you start, it’s difficult and frustrating to come back to exercise clothed. However, when you start, you just find it’s common sense not to wear any clothing.


Gymnasium was the place where in ancient Greece, men used to work out, study and have philosophical discussions. They entered the gymnasium naked. The origin of the word gymnasium is from the word “gymnos”, meaning naked in greek. Athletes were also performing naked at the Olympic games. There are many stories trying to explain why athletes were naked. The most popular is about an athlete, who lost his clothes while he was running at the Olympic games of 720 BC. He won the race and everyone believed that there are better winning possibilities if they were naked.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming fans of training naked. There are some gyms that encourage their customers to work out naked or at least shirtless. It is all about being free from the restrictions of clothes while we train and enables us to be more in tune with our bodies.


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9 Personal Naturism Quotes

Official definition of Naturism by the International Naturist Federation:

“Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.”

And here are 8 other quotes that I like

Nakedness is awesomeness and happiness

A nude body never goes out of fashion

Nudism is for every body

Why wearing clothes when you can be naked?

Naturism is highly addictive, with no side-effect

There’s no other better feeling of freedom that to carry your daily activities naked

Nudity should be legal everywhere as one of the many clothing options

There’s nothing wrong with being naked, nudity is natural and healthy

Why are we taught shame about nudity and our bodies?

Here’s an interesting post from a fairly new blog written by a rather young male (an about page would be nice) Why are we taught shame about nudity and our bodies?

I encourage you to read this post and the others as well, as I think he describes rather simple common sense ideas and is going through a lot of questions we all had to ask ourselves.

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The most important thing I’ve learned about nudists

“I believe that nudism can be a force for good in the world”. I totally agree with this statement. Nudism/naturism is all about respecting oneself and respecting others, while enjoying being naked for the freedom it provides.

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