Every Beach Needs to Be Clothing Optional and Here’s Why…

I cannot agree more. Actually, I believe ALL beaches should be clothing optional. Wear something or nothing! But you may say that people will be offended by nudity, sure, but nobody obliges them to stare. Nudity should one of the available clothing options. Good read on body shame and “real” people.

Clothing Optional Trips

Yes this post is my opinion as to why every beach should have a clothing optional section but my reasons for this are probably not what you would think. Follow me and see if you agree. /Cover photo from PeterGreenberg.com

kardash There is nothing real about the Kardashians yet they are role models to many young women and men.

Nothing about the Kardashian family and their “reality” is real. Yet they are undeniably the hottest thing in Hollywood and are role models (dear God did I just write that?) to countless fans including many young women. Their fashion, their product endorsements and their bodies sell.

While I disagree with a lot about what the Kardashian sisters represent, it’s their bodies that I have the most trouble with and why I wrote this post. I know you’re asking, “What do the Kardashians have to do with promoting access to clothing optional/nude beaches…

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3 naked activities for a spring week-end

Eh… TGIF! And tonight the week-end starts. So as I was thinking about what to share today, I came up with three activities that I will do over the week-end weather permitting of course, and that you can do too. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing incredible, just three simple activities that do not require clothes apart from a hat if the sun shines and good shoes if the terrain is spiky. Here we go!

  1. A naked hike. Open a map of your surroundings, a hiking map if possible, spot a nice track you have not done, grab your shoes, your hat and some sunscreen. Pack some snacks and water, a lot of water, and off you go. 4, 5 or 6 hours of total nakedness in nature.
  2. A naked swim. It’s beach time again. The water will be chilly for course, but cold water is very good for the skin and for overall health. So grab a towel, sunscreen, snacks, water and head to the nearest naturist beach. A great way to gently start your overall tan for the coming summer.
  3. Naked gardening. If you happen to have a garden, take care of it. Mow the lawn, prune dead branches and gather the remaining of the leaves from the last winter. Make your garder beautiful so all flowers blossom in wonderful colors and shape.

As I said, nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just pure happiness in the best suit ever, your birthday one. Many if not all activities can be undertaken in full nudity, so go for it, it’s the best feeling ever!

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7 tips to plan your next nakation

Winter is coming to an end and you look forward to spending time naked in the sun. Here’s a simple seven-step process to plan your next vacation with nudism/naturism in mind.

  1. Decide the length. You may not be in total control of the duration of your next holiday, due to personal or professional reasons. However, the planned duration will help you chose where you can go. If you have one week only, you’ll need to pick a nearby place that you can reach in a couple of hours. If you have two weeks or more, you can decide to take up to one full day to reach your vacation. The later works very well in Winter, since remember while it’s Winter in one hemisphere, it’s summer in the Southern hemisphere. So from Europe, you could go to the Caribbean, South Africa or Australia for instance for your next nakation. Many countries are nudist friendly and have naturist resorts and beaches, expand your naked horizon.
  2. Decide the budget. Going on holiday costs money: for the trip, the stay, the food and extras. If you are on a tight budget, camping may be an option. If you want more comfort, you’ll need more cash on hand. So be clear not to be negatively surprised. Sometimes, naturist venues are more expensive than textile ones for weird reasons, and it may impact your budget negatively. Think particularly about the extras. Sometimes it’s cool to be able to get a piña colada, naked on a beach, so get sure you put enough money on the extras so you can indulge yourself.
  3. Decide the surroundings. Seaside, mountain, countryside, city? Whatever you like, narrow your choice to your preferred place. Check what activities you can practice around as well. You may stay in a mountainous environment with a lake and enjoy cool beach too. You may stay in a place where you practice naked hiking also. Look outside of the campsite or resort what you can do naked or clothed. Sometimes, you can walk to a nearby nudist beach, from your nudist resort entirely naked, sometimes not. Some places offer naked activities outside of the resort, some have no activities at all. Some have just a clothing optional pool but you need to be clothed in the resort. Check well the T&Cs and the activities.
  4. Pick three places that fit your choice. Why three and not one? Simply because marketing is one thing, reality is another. Once you chose three places, go over social networks, look for customer experiences, ask your network about advice and real experience with the place. Look for customer experience on non-nudist networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Trip Advisor and on nudist networks. Once you gathered some intelligence, you’re ready to make a choice and book.
  5. Book your trip. Call the chosen resort and negotiate pricing so you come up with the best possible offering for the budget you have. Some places have different pricing depending on the location of the room/bungalow/tent, and if you intend to be out of your room or bungalow most of the time, it may make sense to book a cheaper place at the back of the lot for instance. Remember your extras will almost always be higher than expected. While booking, confirm the activities you discussed on steps 3 and 4. Sometimes activities change year over year, and there may be less or more options here. Better be safe than sorry.
  6. Prepare your packing list. The good think with naturist holidays is you won’t need t a lot of clothes and therefore can use only a carry-on luggage (great option for low cost airline that charges extra for checked luggage). Of course, plan for the unexpected chilly evening or that visit that you want to do to the nearby town that will require clothing. By experience, take minimum clothes, so you minimize your clothing time to the max. Do not forget to think about the activities you’re going to do locally: playing tennis, hiking, windsurfing, etc. This may require special gears like hiking shoes and a simple pareo if you hike light or naked outside of the resort for instance, or your tennis racket. Think about sunscreen and hats. Nakation requires more sunscreen than others, as your body we’ll need to be entirely protected.
  7. Check all travel required papers. This includes passports and visas. Some visas require 2 weeks to be issued, redoing a passport may take 3 to 4 weeks. So plan this well ahead so your holiday time is not spoilt. Ensure you get all hotel and transfer vouchers if any. It’s always painful to pay for a transfer that you booked but forgot the voucher at home. You can also check the legislation on nudity in the country you are going to. Once again, leverage your network to know more about the local rules. Like we say, when in Rome, do like Romans.

On D-day, jump into your clothes and head to your holiday spot. On arrival, get in the mood as soon as possible. That means, get naked as soon as you arrive. If you’re a newbie naturist, you can keep lightly covered the first hour or so, but I would encourage to get fully undressed as soon as possible. A nakation is really a nakation when you can freely move around naked. If I can, I undress in the car before reaching the destination for instance. The more naked, the better. There are clubs or resorts that allow clothing in the evening, so the choice is yours if you want to stay naked or get clothed. Weather permitting, I prefer full nudity, but once again, it’s a matter of choice. Whatever your chose, ensure you spend great holidays, keep the naturist spirit high, come back full of wonderful images in your mind, and share your experience with your other naturist fellows!

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Why bathing suits are pointless and unhealthy, by YNA

Swimming naked is just so natural that I still cannot understand why people have created swimsuits. Although I’m pushing the limits here, of course swimsuits go with the silly reasons why you should not be naked in public. Now, with all honesty, if you ever tried skinny dipping, you should ask yourself why you are still wearing a swimsuit at the beach. In the below post, Young Naturists America blogger Felicity Jones explains, in detail, why swimsuits are pointless and, above all, unhealthy.

Why bathing suits are pointless and unhealthy

Not only, I second all the explanation in this post, I add that once you try nudism, you never, ever want to come back to wearing anything but your birthday suit at the beach. Up to a point, that I believe that all beaches should be clothing optional! Enjoy this post.

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The Only Place to Escape Body Shaming: A Nude Beach

Accepting our own body is probably the most important benefit of being a nudist. This post describes the journey and its many benefits.

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Clothing Optional Trips

Image is from article on ET Online: http://www.etonline.com/fashion/153293_victoria_secret_slammed_for_perfect_body_campaign_topshop_accused_of_body_shaming/

The only place I know of to escape body shaming is a nude beach, resort or campground. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? The only place to escape the unrealistic and material ideas of the perfect body is a place where your total body is on display.  Let me explain.

My wife and I have been going on nude vacations for more than 20 years. We started on our honeymoon to Bora Bora. While there aren’t any recognized nude beaches in French Polynesia, topless sunbathing and swimming is the norm. My wife was in her mid-20s and thoroughly enjoyed swimming, sunning and walking the beach without her bikini top on. I certainly didn’t mind either. To me, she is beautiful and even more so when she isn’t wearing anything to cover up.

From there we have been to many nude beaches, resorts and B&B’s. We’ve learned that…

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Happy #Nude Year!

I wish you all a fantastic year 2016. May it bring you joy, peace and prosperity, and lots of nude moments you can enjoy with friends and family. Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle that brings people together in a respectful manner and I wish it attracts more and more people in 2016, demonstrating its many benefits to the mass. Here are my Nudist Nude Year wishes:

  • I wish all naturists share their joy of naturism with all their friends so there no more closet nudists but only accepted nudists worldwide.
  • I wish all beaches become nude beaches so I can get rid of all my swim suits forever
  • I wish nudity to be legal everywhere so one can chose to live naked as one of the clothing option
  • I wish all people make the distinction between nudism and sex, so they see naturism as a healthy lifestyle, what it actually is
  • I wish peace to the world and respect between all human beings, clothed or naked

I know I’m a dreamer, but if each nudist would do something along those line, then the world will become more nudist friendly. If you are naturist and are interested in the naturist lifestyle become a member of your local naturist federation or national association. Supporting your local or national naturist federation helps naturism to develop, to create more nudist-friendly public spaces, like nudist beaches, and to make naturism seen as a normal and healthy lifestyle by non naturists. Be a responsible naturist in 2016, enroll!

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Some of the World’s Best Nude Beaches

Thinking of getting an all-over tan next holiday? Pick one of the following beaches.

There are many other nude beaches and nudist resorts across the planet, this is a good start if you want to embrace the nudist lifestyle!

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Top 10 World’s Most Popular Nude Beaches

nude beach signAnother list from Grab List of the Top 10 World’s Most Popular Nude Beaches. Just a pity all the pictures in this post show people wearing swimsuits… You’ll find beaches in the US, Spain, Brazil, Greece, St Martin, Croatia, Venezuela, and France. Far from being complete, it provides a couple of good ideas for your next all-over tan session. Not sure they are the most popular nude beaches, but it feels a good pick.

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6 reasons to have more #nude beaches

Nat026 - smallI am actually taking liberty to widen the debate launched by the article titled Five reasons Queensland should legalise nude beaches published in a Brisbane, Australia, webzine. Here are the 5 reasons provided in this article, my point of view about them, and my 6th own reason:

  1. Everybody else is doing it. Sure, nudists are a minority. However, with more choices, more people would embrace nudism that is a perfectly natural and healthy practice. At best, all beaches should be clothing optional, at worst, one out of two beaches should be a nude beach.
  2. Good people don’t want to be law breakers. Let’s face it, nudism is perfectly legal in many countries. Although I still believe and advocate nudism should be available everywhere as one of the clothing option, we can take one step at a time to be minds used to public nudity. Therefore, let’s make all beaches clothing optional. Nudists are not criminals, they just appreciate being naked, nothing is inherently wrong with that.
  3. It’s actually safer for everybody involved. There will always be perverts. I actually find there are as many perverts on textile beaches as on nude beaches. However, on a textile beach, you notice them less. I can tell you that a man with an erection on a nude beach is spotted instantaneously and can be asked to calm down or leave. Non official nude beaches tend to be more pervert-prone than legal ones. Furthermore, a lot of nude beaches are isolated, making them more difficult if not impossible to protect. So it’s not about being “parked” or “secluded”, nudists want to be in a safe environment too.
  4. It could keep perverts away. See previous point on safety. The more nude beach options, the less perverts. One point on perverts as well is that it’s more difficult for these people to operate when there is a lot of people. The more people, the less perverts.
  5. It boosts body confidence. Body confidence is being undermined regularly by “artificial ideal” bodies photoshopped and shown in media. By getting nude with others, you gain more confidence in your body and in you! It’s all about accepting who you are with your inherent flaws. Nobody’s perfect, and even the image of perfection varies from people to people. Getting naked at the beach or in nature is just telling yourself and the world, my body is mine, there’s nothing wrong in showing it, it’s all natural.
  6. It’s healthier than wearing bathing suits. Sand, weeds, can get into a bathing suit. Keeping wet suits can be the source of various ailment. Getting entirely naked in the sun, with the right sunscreen, increases the level of vitamin D too. Not even mentioning the comfort of not having anything obfuscating your body movement. If you keep a bathing suit, have a look inside next time you go to the beach, you will see stuff get stuck in it, better get naked.

There may be other reasons I can’t thing about now, but the article from Bmag is spot on. Another great example of mainstream media advocating nude recreation. The future has to be nudist!

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