6 Things I Learned While Being Naked In Public for 2 Weeks

Why naturists are naturists? Because they feel good naked. However, it’s always difficult to explain this wonderful feeling and lifestyle with words and ideas. The best way to understand what naturism is is to go a naturist resort/beach and strip naked. Generally, very quickly you feel good if not great and wonder how you could have lived with clothes all those years.

The title of this post comes from an article written by a non nudist. I generally love those article because they are the best to promote what naturism is about to the public. This one goes a little bit deeper than usual post because it’s written by a young woman doing here senior thesis on nudism as a culture. She has chosen to spend two weeks on a naturist resort and interview naturists, “who came to share the joys of being naked”, to better understand naturism. She shares her observations in a candid and objective way I think (although, yes, if you read comments to the post, she sometimes offer her observation in a way that could be misinterpreted, but hey, everybody is free to have an opinion, IMHO). So before you go a jump reading Sara’s post, what are the 6 things she learned?

  1. Clothes are important. They show to the world what we want it to see and the way we judge people unconsciously. Once you are naked, socioeconomic, career and education differences vanish. Naked, you cannot “judge” people by their clothes. Simple and powerful!
  2. No one cares what you look like. Just the better feeling you can have when you step in a clothing optional area. I love this sentence: “Clothes really did start to feel like a costume I was putting on to present myself to the outside world.” And I would add that if anybody care about what you look like, they will not show or tell, because this is how thing goes in a naturist environment. For the first timers, the realization comes pretty quickly and never ever disappears.
  3. Bodies are bodies. And they are just that, but society wants us to believe differently. Love this quote: “It is the importance we place on our bodies, and the meaning we attach to them that does more harm than good.” All is said. For generations, people have sexualized our bodies. Once you consider private parts as “normal” parts, bodies become what they are just: bodies.
  4. An ode to pubic hair. I believe in freedom of choice. Shave, wax, trim or do nothing. The choice is yours and should not be dictated by fashion magazine. Like jewelery, do what makes you feel good.
  5. The big Five-Oh. Because of gained confidence, age does not seem something horrible that you should fear. To the opposite! In a naturist environment you will find older and younger people chatting together, playing together, having a drink together in a total mutual understanding. Respect and confidence play a big role in our happiness!
  6. We do not need to fear each other. This is probably the most important part of the article when it comes to looking at society and comparing it to a naturist environment. Particularly because the author of the post is a young woman used to threats and violence that women are exposed to. But in the 2 weeks she spent naked on the nudist farm she never felt threatened, while from a non naturist standpoint, a naked woman can be seen as a focal point. But no, not in a naturist environment. And I leave you with this quote: “What these two weeks on the farm taught me was that violence, especially sexual violence, has absolutely nothing to do with the victim.”

All in all, a wonderful article, describing simple and powerful ideas about the joy of naturism.

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Should You Be Spending More Time Naked in Public?

Here’s a good question posted in the Willamette Week: Should You Be Spending More Time Naked in Public?

For naturists it’s a resounding Yes! However, the story of the author is insightful and probably shared by many of us, naturists and non-naturists alike.

After going through a relative happiness as a kid to be naked, aversion for nudity grew through teenagers time and is still solid with many adults. And then comes the experience of social nudity: “When (almost) everyone is naked, suddenly it doesn’t feel weird.” But, “when we see those bodies, we feel uncomfortable.”

And, by realizing every body has flaws and variety is interesting, this is where the epiphany generally happens. “So that instead of feeling like our own weird bodies were the only ones that didn’t look perfect on a billboard, we could understand that we fit just right within the breadth of naked humans?”

The author concludes in sort of a humoristic way: “But our bodies are fucking amazing. They are doing so many things all the time, who cares what the skin looks like?” Yes, this is where the beauty of naturism lies in my opinion. When you get comfortable in your own skin and become comfortable with other naked people around you, you know you are a naturist and you will look at the textile word with some suspicions. This is the border textiles do not understand because they have not realized what they are missing.

Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle, bred with respect and self confidence. If you have not tried it, I really encourage you to cross the border. Follow the advices I gave in those articles: 10 reasons why I am a nudist and you should be too!, 10 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity, and 10 Steps to Positive Body Image.

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It doesn’t stop. How nudity keeps being linked to sex and worse – porn

In this article, the author, Paul, claims that “nudity and sex aren’t the same thing”, which is entirely logic for most nudists/naturists. He writes as well “we [naturists] fight an uphill battle because many porn mongers pretend to be naturists and nudists while spreading their mess all over the Internet, giving us a bad name.”

It’s true that naturism and porn are often associated. I do not feel they are associated by default, but by the fact that mostly society equates nudity to sex, and therefore creates a “natural” link between porn and naturism. Now, I think, porn has became more and more mainstream, easily (too easily) available over the internet and thus reinforcing the association with nudity.

Having said this, porn has become an industry, a very profitable one. And like guns and tobacco, we all know it’s bad, but it’s fascinating and brings juicy profits. So, in the name of freedom, with regulation, people should be free to carry their activities.

So in the named of our freedom to be naked, as naturists, the more we can do as Paul writes is to stand for who we are and keep “evangelising” that nudity is good, is healthy and is wonderful. Social nudity is probably one of the best activities, leading to a conscious state of nature that surrounds us.

So, I do not have an answer to how disassociate nudity from porn, but to continue being who we are and being naked as often as possible, as there’s nothing more harmless than a naked body standing peacefully.

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Grape Harvest in the Nude!

This article is two years old but rings a lot of bells for naturists:

Nature squad harvests Bertus’s grapes

This reinforces the message of nudity being a natural state and the fact that any activities can be done naked. This shows as well that nudity in total freedom, that is outside of “naturist” resorts and beaches, can be accepted by people.

As naturists, we know that nudity is not inherently sexual. Society, culture and religion have associated nudity to sex and shame, but this association can be undone and we can find our freedom back. The freedom to be naked alone, with friends, at home, in nature and carry on our daily activities in the best suit we have, our birthday suit!

The idea is really to go and talk about naturism and non-sexual nudity to as many people as possible and look for possibilities to expand our range of naked activities. With green and ecology becoming more and more important, nudity and naturism may gain new supporters and acceptance in society. Go get naked and let’s have fun!

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This Is What It’s Like To Live Most Of Your Life Naked

Another article from mainstream online press on naturism: This Is What It’s Like To Live Most Of Your Life Naked. This one carries the ideas naturists all know and enjoy like the following:

  • Nudists and naturists participate in plenty of normal activities like swimming, camping, and karaoke without clothes
  • Even though naturism’s intentions are innocent, it can be hard for people to see it that way.
  • Naturism fits beautifully into a society that’s increasingly open to the idea that “perfection” doesn’t exist.

It emphasizes well the positive aspects of our lifestyle and that we discussed many times on blogs and forums. Unfortunately, it failed to convince the author of the article to embrace naturism: “Even though my self-esteem is quite solid, I’m not brave enough to show the world everything I’ve got. Although I’ll be keeping the rest of my clothes on, my hat’s off to anyone who is.”

And this is where the rubber hits the road. It shows how deep society has ingrained body shame, and how much work all naturists have to do to be fully accepted and have more people joining this wonderful lifestyle that just consists of being yourself, unashamed with the body that was given to you.

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The rules of going naked in public

This is the interview of Emma James, one prominent figure of British naturism and creator of the naturist blog http://socksoff4naturism.com/, in news.com.au: The rules of going naked in public.

Nothing has to be added. But here some extracts I particularly like:

“We consider swimwear unhygienic, quite apart from the fact it feels so unnatural and if you’re in a naturist environment and someone stoically keeps their clothes on they’re regarded with suspicion”

“Relax, take your clothes off and enjoy the wilderness or the company of fellow naturists. Don’t overthink it.”

“I love the fact that the [naturist] community is so friendly and largely non judgmental, welcoming and accepting.”

“Naturism is a much more natural lifestyle once you become immersed in it and one which tends to involve a whole plethora of sports.”

“Experiencing nature clothes-free is so much more profound than having your senses dulled with a barrier of clothing.”

All is said!

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A naturist dream

After a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and a welcoming shower, I was ready to commute to the office. I grabbed my laptop bag, kissed my wife, got my shoes on and headed for the bus station. The temperature was in the twenties and the sky lightly cloudy. While I was closing the front door, I waved at my neighbor who was opening the car door to his kids. She waved back. I started my five-minute walk to the bus station, letting my neighbor car pass by me. There were a couple of people walking down the street, heading to the nearest bus station, one was naked, like I was, the other was wearing beige trousers and a white t-shirt. Since government had passed the nakedness bill, nudity had become legal in public space and it was slowly gaining supporters.

At the bus station, I met my good friend Kelly, who was wearing nothing but a pair of flat shoes and a necklace. She greeted me, happy to ride with me to her office. Kelly had been a die-hard naturist, far before the nakedness bill and was relieved when it was voted, that finally she would not need to wear clothes to carry her daily activities. We chitchatted until the bus arrived. There were not too many people this morning, most of which were fully dressed. Beyond Kelly and I, there were two other naked men and one woman. One of the men had a backpack on, the other carried a laptop bag. The woman had nothing but a small bag over a shoulder, a pair of red mid-heeled shoes and a belly button piercing that I noticed when thee light reflected into the gold of it. The perfect naked business men and women.

As we approached the city center, traffic became denser and pavement more crowded. I noticed more and more people were naked. It seemed that with spring and the temperature getting hotter, people jumped into the naturist bandwagon, leaving their inhibitions and clothes at home. Even the so-called regulated profession, like our bus driver, could trade their daily uniform for nakedness, at the exception of shoes, cap and the traditional towel to sit on. It was the case of Rob, our dedicated driver on the 8 line, who decided to go naked the day the bill passed and his employer informed employees of the new policy.

It has actually been the case in all companies, public or private. At the exception of jobs that required protection, every employee had the choice of wearing clothes, prescribed uniform or go naked with limited clothing when necessary. This was for instance the case of police officers, who could keep their cap and belt with their badge. Government had recently released statistics that showed that 17% of the population has chosen nakedness over clothing over the last month, a 5-point increase since the beginning of spring. I would guess it would go over 20%, and even 30% when summer kicks in. It would probably take a year or two before over 50% of the population go naked on a daily basis. At the same time, rapes, sexual assaults and violent crimes went down.

I kissed Kelly goodbye as the bus stopped in front of her office. I had two other stops before I reached mine, a three-minute ride. As I was entering the building, I was greeted by Al, the guard on duty, with a full uniform. Al was in his fifties, with a light beer belly and told me he was not ready to show the world his naked anatomy. I told him that nobody would notice, as more and more people were naked, but he was still resisting. A position all nudists respected. This was the beauty of the nakedness bill: it gave choice, with respect. It’s true that the first days after the bill was passed, there had been some giggles, wide-opened eyes and people looking away. But slowly, the situation normalized and people stopped reacted at others naked or not. One of the many positive aspects of the bill was that people started to look at you in the eyes and stopped staring. Something nudists were doing for years was now a common practice.

As I was reaching my desk, my phone rang to remind me of my 8:30 meeting with Bob and Irene. There were two of my colleagues who embraced nudism shortly after the bill was passed. None were nudists before, but as they knew I was one and I came to the office naked on the first day, they decided to join the movement very quickly. I get to the meeting room after dropping my bag and grabbing my laptop. Both were already there, having a coffee and chatting. I shook Bob’s hand, gave two welcome kisses to Irene and grab a cup of coffee. The meeting could start. After fifteen minutes of so, Jo-Ann, our CEO, joined us. Not only she embraced nudity on the first day too, she encouraged employees to get naked, while respecting everybody’s choice. She felt, nudity was providing a more open, transparent and relaxed work environment, and I felt she was right. The employee satisfaction survey showed a sharp increase, while some very reluctant employees left the company, repelled by too much openness.

The whole day went like a charm with great productivity and wonderful interactions. It ended by a quick celebration for the signature of a new large customer that would keep my department on its toes for at least the next six months. A very good news indeed. After a couple of glasses of champagne, I left the building, a little bit dizzy and decided to walk a few blocks. During the course of the day, the cloud cover went away, leaving a wonderful blue sky over our heads and allowing temperature to go up. It was just a perfect end of day, one of those when you wonder why some people still cling to their clothes. Being naked was just making sense, from freedom to well-being. I then decided to walk all my way to home, it would add thirty minutes to my commute time, but the weather was just perfect, and I would go through the park, just enjoying the naked walk.

I reached home, just before seven PM. Kids were still playing outside and people enjoying the first spring temperature in their backyards. I reached home and kissed my wonderful wife in her gorgeous nudity. We spent a nice evening, having dinner, sipping a glass of Chardonnay (which was probably a little too much for me after the two glasses of Champagne I had at the office party), then reached our bedroom for more private activities. While I was falling asleep, I thought it had just been another wonderful day, naked, as would probably be the next ones, as the country was getting more naked.

The 3 reasons why naturism is not embraced and accepted by more people

While I was reading “Naked Hiking“, the book about naked hiking from Richard Foley, the chapter written by Howard Anderson, titled Free Range Naturist, made me realize the three reasons why naturism is not embraced and accepted by more people. In this chapter, the author goes into the details of the memes, those cultural elements transmitted from people to people by non-genetic means. This chapter brought back memories of conversations I had with my spouse or friends about naturism. When thinking about them, they revolve around three elements “transmitted” by the family and society against naturism and nudity:

  • You can’t do that. You cannot be naked in public, nudity is private or nudity is for animals. All those sentences are preconceived, without rational objective reasons. This is my parents, my reverend, or my education that taught me that nudity was a private matter. Full stop! What happens if I feel good naked and am confronted with the “You can’t do that” that I was taught? Well, you may end up with a shrink to solve your own internal battles or accept this well-being and decide to live the naturist lifestyle, a healthy and positive one. Because in fact, yes, you can do that! There millions of naturists in the whole world. Naturism is legal in a vast majority of countries, including, in some, outside of naturists structures that define naturism boundaries.
  • I am not beautiful enough. I’m too fat, too thin, have too many scars, etc. Society has applied so much its ideal body distorting mirror that body shame got into our minds slowly. When you go to a nudist beach or a nudist resort, you immediately realize there are very few, if any, perfect bodies. All naturists are men and women who accept their own body as it is. They can practice sports, eat healthy and take care of themselves, but they do not hide their body flaws being a clothing armor. The joy of nudity kills any body shame.
  • It’s not hygienic. It’s true that sitting bare bottom on a chair is not hygienic, no need for a deep explanation. It’s the reason why every naturist always goes around with her/his towel, so she/he can sit on it. It’s certainly the number one rule of any naturist respectful behavior. It’s generally one that is on display in places like cafés and restaurants.

Those three reasons are memes, transmitted and replicated par our parents and society. The same goes with associating nudity and sexuality. Every naturist knows that by dissociating nudity and sexuality, le human body can be naked with it being seen as the precondition to a sexual act. Naturists are not having sex all day long. It’s not that naturists do not have sex, but this is a private matter like for a vast majority of people, naturists and non-naturists alike.

The challenge with those memes is the stronger they are, the more difficult they are to change or to prevent from replicating, even by using rational reasons. Asking a religious fundamentalist to become naturist is near to impossible since his/her anti-nudity meme is so strong. As such, have more people accepting naturism et being able to be naked in a greater number of places is a never ending battle. However, by realizing the anti-naturist memes revolve around the above three reasons, every naturist can explain rationally and emotionally what naturism brings in joy, simplicity and well-being.

We cannot convert everybody to this wonderful lifestyle, but with patience and by living our naturist life, naked and happy, we contribute to a better world, where nudity will eventually become one of the available clothing options.

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Why do we need clothes? #naturist #nudist

This is a good question, isn’t it? Particularly when you are nudist and you spend some time or lot of time entirely naked, you know that we do not need clothes to live weather permitting of course. The Independant article on Erica Simone tries to give answers. Or at list, Erica Simone, with her Naked in New York pictures try to provide an answer.

The headline enlighten us a bit: “A photographer simple wondered ‘what the world would feel like naked, without the empowering or disempowering effect of clothing.'” This quote from the article makes you think: “What we wear acts as a silent language, allowing us to convey who we are and want to be to the outside world.” I would say that what we do not wear act a silent language too. Being naked convey who we are and want to be to the outside world too, showing that nudity is a clothing option too.

Then, this one is thought provoking: “Most passers-by seem fairly unperturbed by her nudity, which was not intended for shock value.” And I think it’s an interesting one. Most people are not perturbed by nudity, even public nudity. I would bet it’s the same persons who would be perturbed by nudity that would be perturbed by uncommon clothing.

Now, it’s interesting to read the comments too to reflect the different point of views on nudity, that really revolves, for the negative ones, around morality and religion. This shows the mental construction of how nudity is perceived. Nudity is not “bad” in itself, we, society and religious body, make it bad by associating it to sexuality. This said, I still believe nudity should be one of the clothing option. Enjoy!

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Happy #Nude Year!

I wish you all a fantastic year 2016. May it bring you joy, peace and prosperity, and lots of nude moments you can enjoy with friends and family. Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle that brings people together in a respectful manner and I wish it attracts more and more people in 2016, demonstrating its many benefits to the mass. Here are my Nudist Nude Year wishes:

  • I wish all naturists share their joy of naturism with all their friends so there no more closet nudists but only accepted nudists worldwide.
  • I wish all beaches become nude beaches so I can get rid of all my swim suits forever
  • I wish nudity to be legal everywhere so one can chose to live naked as one of the clothing option
  • I wish all people make the distinction between nudism and sex, so they see naturism as a healthy lifestyle, what it actually is
  • I wish peace to the world and respect between all human beings, clothed or naked

I know I’m a dreamer, but if each nudist would do something along those line, then the world will become more nudist friendly. If you are naturist and are interested in the naturist lifestyle become a member of your local naturist federation or national association. Supporting your local or national naturist federation helps naturism to develop, to create more nudist-friendly public spaces, like nudist beaches, and to make naturism seen as a normal and healthy lifestyle by non naturists. Be a responsible naturist in 2016, enroll!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!