5 ways to widen the circle of your #nudist friends

Clothing OptionalI’ve been thinking lately how to be nude more often? Of course, an easy answer is to undress as soon as it is possible. For instance, after a day at work, get naked as soon as you get home, or even as soon as you get into your car. You can of course spend your week-ends and your holidays in naturist places. This adds to your nude days. However, we are social animals and the best way to increase your nude time is to increase the number of your nudist friends. By having more nudist friends, you can organize nude week-ends at your place or theirs, you can have naked dinners or naked hiking. So after some brainstorming nude in my coach, here are 5 ideas I will implement to increase the number of my nudist friends and you can do the same too.

However, one word of advice. You cannot increase your nudist friends if you are not open about your nudism. You should come out of your closet and be open with friends and family. This may be hard at the beginning, but if you are a naturist, you know what naturism is, you know its many benefits and you know how you feel when you are nude. This is what you should be open and comfortable with. With this set, here are my ideas to increase the number of nudist friends:

  1. Have a “Clothing Optional” sign at your door. This is a simple thing to DIY or you will find dozens of internet sites that will make a sign for you. Get a nice one and hang it. It will inevitably be a wonderful ice breaker to start a conversation on nudism.
  2. Have a pile of naturist magazines on your coffee table. If you are a member of your local naturist federation, there’s a good chance you are a subscriber to their newsletter or magazine. Otherwise you can subscribe to some like Nude & Natural, the magazine of The Naturist Society, or The Australian Naturist magazine (TAN) if you’re down under. Instead of stashing them in your personal library. Put them on your coffee table. So next time you have friends having a beer or dinner at your home, this will definitely be a great ice-breaker.
  3. Have a business card size description of what naturism is and its benefits. If the conversation, when at friends’ or in a restaurant, go over holidays and naturism, take this little card from your wallet and give it to your friend. It could have on one side the definition of naturism, plus the address of your local club, and the benefits of being a naturist on the other side.
  4. Throw nude parties at home mixing naturists and non-naturists. If you already have some naturist friends, throw a nudist barbeque on a Saturday or Sunday, and invite some of your non-naturist friends. Tell them, it will be a fun day and when they arrive, tell them you have some nudist friends today and some guys may be nude. So if they feel getting nude too, they are welcome.
  5. When at friends’ place on week-ends, always ask if you can swim naked in their swimming pool or undress to help with the BBQ. This is the reverse of the previous idea. You’re invited to a BBQ, weather is beautfil, everybody’s in short or in swimsuit, tell you’re a nudist and ask if anybody is offenced if you get naked. If nobody is, wear your preferred suit. It may that others follow you!

As you can see, this is not rocket science but requires you are open about your nudism. It may happen that some of your friends may not stay your friends, as they will find nudity offending. But let me tell you that it’s probably not going to happen, because friends are friends. They may not be comfortable with you being nude with them being clothed and you may come to a decision to stay dressed if this friendship matters to you, but you will feel so much better. Share your ideas by commenting below. I will be looking forward to your own ideas as well.

Sometimes illegal?

Below is a video that explains particularly well that public nudity is not illegal in Great-Britain. It’s actually not illegal in many countries, however if one person complains, it may have consequences for the nudist. It’s a short and well made movies. You’ll learn why public nudity is not illegal and hear from nudists about their experiences and wish to be nude more often. Enjoy!

#nudism as told by two women

tn5One of the recurring themes on naturists forums is the, somehow, lack of women. It’s sometimes true there are more men than women interested by naturism, online. On nude beaches or nudist resorts, I still feel women are well represented and parity is almost perfect. Now, when you discuss nudism with women and men, women are generally less enthusiast to try. They may feel less secure, more vulnerable. So when other women share their experience about nudism, it’s the kind of information worth spreading.

The first story comes from Kimberlee, who shares her experience at the Caliente Resort in Florida. Kimberlee shares how she moved from body shame to body acceptance by getting naked. As she said to get over her body shame, “I gave myself a challenge to go to a clothing optional resort”. I love the way she shares how people are just behaving normally while naked: “It was as if I was in another continent seeing natives in their own habitat”. Then she realizes many other people were like her, with bumps and lumps, but just acting naturally naked: “They were happy, enjoying life and very non-judgmental, respectful and loving towards the others”. And then the epiphany: “After ten minutes of watching people do their thing, as if they were at a golf and country club pool I noticed one ever big difference. Total acceptance!” She discovers the beauty of naturism, respect! No matter what or who, people respect you: “I felt more comfortable here tanning than at a non-nudist pool.” She continues sharing her very positive experience this day and closes her post with “It was true life changing experience. ..for the better!” This is what nudism does to people!

The second story comes from Ireland. Here, a journalist for the Idependent.ie news magazine, Sarah Carey, shares her experience at a nudist campsite in France. Sarah starts with her anxiety about getting naked to her choice of non-trimmed pubic hair. At the camp, she discovers the beauty of shapes and that “perfection was freakish”. She realizes too that “we’ve been crushed by bodily shame and anxiety.” She closes the articles by talking about her clothes: “Taking them off was the only way to liberate myself.” As a whole, I am not sure whether she enjoyed her week, but she made quite a lot of positive discoveries.

Overall, I loved the fact that both felt different after, that they felt liberated from the norms imposed by modern society. In the end this is what matters to naturist: feeling themselves in their best suit: the one they got at their birthday!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Jade Sambrook #naked on Rollerblades at the WNBR in Montreal

Wonderful post on the Montreal WNBR and the feedback of nudity acceptance by the public in general. More public nudity will drive more acceptance, up to a point that, maybe some day, anyone can chose to be nude whenever and wherever he/she wants. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful story and great pics from Jade!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

The Naked Jade

If I am not mistaken it was a beautiful day in June of 2010 when I witnessed for the very first time the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in action. I was leaving the Rideau Mall in downtown Ottawa and noticed what appeared to be a group of naked people on bikes who were waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

I wondered if I was hallucinating and quietly asked myself if these folks were really naked. I allowed my eyes to get a closer look by focusing onto a bike seat: ”Yep, that is indeed a penis” I told myself.

The light turned green and off they went chanting slogans like ”more ass, less gas”! I put two and two together and concluded that it was the WNBR. I couldn’t help but think how awesome and liberating it must be to participate in such a ride.

For those who do not know what the World Naked Bike Ride is, or what exactly…

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Nudity is a complete natural and normal state

I woke up early to the rain this morning. Went to the kitchen, had a coffee and browsed the web for a while, enjoying various twitter and blog posts. Naked, sitting in my couch, watching the sun rise, I was fine, happy. I did not realize I was naked, this is my natural state all day (and night) long. I thought about the previous day. I have been naked the whole day, except when shopping for grocery as the store is located in the textile world. (My place is in the textile world but have been declared clothing optional, so no clothe needed to stay). I did some gardening, read a little while and did various activities all naked.

My garden is open so anybody can see me. On top of this, I have a walking path on one side of the garden, so walkers have a partial view of the garden, and potentially of who is there. The point is nudity is a complete normal state and should not be considered shameful. I am, like all my fellow naturists, very well in my skin, and not ashamed at all by staying naked in all circumstances. My neighbors, although textiles, know and accept my nudity. I have been clear that I am naked when the temperature allows it and as long as they are comfortable with it (which they are), I’ll stay naked when they come home (which they do frequently).

I feel a lot of nudists fear rejection or being labelled pervert if they share they are nudists. My experience shows that it’s almost never the case. Some people may not be comfortable with you nude and I understand this. Their education, religious beliefs, body acceptance, limit their behavior, and I may wear a light wrap to ensure they are comfortable (at the end of the day, nudity acceptance is a journey and I think we should sometimes make some compromise). But as I said, it’s a minority. A UPS delivery man came end of last week, I was naked, greeted him naked, signed the receipt and that was it. I asked him before fully opening the door if that was a problem to him if I was naked. As he said no, that was the end of it. Same with many people who come home.

To come back to the title of this post, nudity is a natural state. Shame of nudity is a learned behavior. Nudity equals sex is a taught equation, and for many religions, sex is bad, therefore nudity is bad. I believe sex is good, and nudity is good too, although nudity and sex are two different things. We need to deconstruct those beliefs, but it’s worth it, because nudism is just a wonderful natural state. When you start being nude at home, at the beach, or in nature, you do not think any more about it. You are just who you are, naked.

Becoming a full time nudist in a textile world requires time. It’s a journey. One full of questions, doubt and efforts. You will experience rejections, questions, and frowns. You will experience freedom, true love and happiness. Do not fear other’s reaction. As I said, most will accept, some will smile and a minority will reject. Not all will share, but more and more you will meet like-minded people and will be able to experience shared social nudism. You will also become more sensitive to nature and your environment. This is when you move from nudism to naturism. Embark on the beautiful boat of nudism and be the freedom guide you!

8 ecological positive effects of naturism

Nudism plus nature equals naturism. Ecologists want to protect nature to give our children a clean Earth. Although each of us may have a different point of view on ecology, here are 8 positive effects naturism has on ecology.

  1. Naturists wash less. We wear less clothes, therefore we need to wash less and consume less detergent.
  2. Naturists purchase less clothes. We wear less, we need less, and we purchase less. Bleaching, synthetic materials, transportation put a tax on the planet. By consuming less clothes, we reduce our footprint.
  3. Naturists tend to be more nature conscious. Naturism contains nature in the world. We can see a lot of discussions on green products and behavior on naturist’s forum. I tend to think this is linked to our sensitivity to nature and fragility of the human being.
  4. World Naked Bike Rides are naturist events that do not contribute to increasing greenhouse effect. Riding a bike is healthy and ecological. Bring the city back to pedestrian and cyclists!
  5. Naturists tend to more simplicity. By being naked, we tend to believe in simple pleasure and simpler life. Less gizmos, more connections. Less electronic, more humanity.
  6. Naturist’s locations tend to be nature friendly. Most naturist resorts are in beautiful natural places, doing their best to preserve what Mother Nature has to offer. We need more places to be naturist friendly by observing simple ecological rules
  7. Respect is one of the values of naturism. Respecting nature and ensuring we leave a clean place to our kids is one of the values I have always encountered with naturists.
  8. Most naked activities are healthy and nature friendly. Naked hiking, naked swimming, naked volley-ball, just to name a few activities do not require to harm our natural environment, but to benefit from it.

I am sure there are lots of other positive effects on nature by living simply in harmony with nature, entirely naked. Our nudity makes us more receptive to our surroundings. You are more alert to what nature has to offer to our ears, eyes, nose and overall body.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Clothes Encounters

Great article on textile-nudist interaction. This post summarizes about nudity in nature and interaction with clothed people. If one is smiling and friendly, a positive discussion can start when the nudist can share why he/she’s naked and share the happiness of nudity. In a large majority of cases, the clothed people will be fine and their level of tolerance will raise. Get naked and enjoy the freedom!

Why some people see nudity as bad?

Picture above (c) clothesfree.com

While browsing the web the other day, I read this article about Why We Stay In Crappy Situations (And How To Get Out Of Them), on the MindBodyGreen web site. To set some context, I’m a nudist and am passionate about human psychology. I went through various phases of self-analyze, personal development and even psychoanalysis, and I am fascinated by what makes some people do things other won’t. The above article stroke a chord.

First this sentence: “We’re creatures of habit, and breaking habits causes everything from anxiety, to depression, to eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.” it’s so comfortable to stand still, to avoid facing change. When we are confronted with somebody who has a different point of view from the one we have, our first reaction is to reject it. Accepting it or even considering it valid will force us outside of our comfort zone.

Another excerpt: “making a change, even a necessary change, pushes you out of your comfort zone and into that awkward place that nobody likes called growth.” Considering and eventually accepting another point of view makes us think and potentially act, expanding our comfort zone, “growing it”.

And a last one: “Right before we have a growth spurt, many of us have a temporary feeling of discomfort.” Change is uncomfortable, but this discomfort is necessary to apprehend the new situation and get into our new expanded comfort zone. The rest of the article goes with the self-defeating behaviors that go with change and the solution to it: “We must be willing to surrender what we are for what we can become.”

Now you may ask what is the relationship to nudism, as it is the theme of this blog? Well, link this to nudism viewed from the point of a non-nudist. What will you hear:

  • Naked bodies are not to be shown
  • Only animals are naked
  • Nudism is exhibitionism
  • Nudists are perverts

And I could go on and on. But what is behind: habit and fear! Society and family teach kids nudity is bad, that our body has to be hidden, and that we should spend a stupid amount of money on branded clothing to show who we are. So when, as teenager, the adult, we are confronted with nudism, our first reaction is to denigrate it. But actually, we express two feelings:

  • Body discomfort
  • Others acceptance, or risk of lack of

We fear what others will think, what others will see, what others will tell. We refuse to confront our humanity, bare! Most (although it’s difficult to say it’s a majority or not, since nudists are definitely in minority), most people will consider nudism as bad because of the fear ingrained during our childhood and adulthood of our own body acceptance and other’s acceptance. Going from textile to nudist can be uncomfortable, painful and long, but so rewarding.

If this post and the linked article rang a bell and you wonder how to become a nudist, follow my ten steps. It’s not rocket science, it’s plain simple and the only risk you take is enjoying your nudity and to become a nudist.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Shared the Naked Love!