My #nudist resolutions for 2018

Last year, I had three resolutions:

  1. Spend another full week clothes free. Done
  2. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. Not Done
  3. Make at least 5 naked hikes. Done

I did 1 and 3. As this cannot be satisfying, as I always want to reach my targets, I’m making another three (and a half) resolutions and will update quarterly to ensure I reach them:

  1. Spend one full week clothes free. This summer, at our summer home, avoid all clothing for a full week.
  2. Visit a new nudist club to spend at least two days, and write a report. I will need to plan it depending on my trips.
  3. Make 5 naked hikes, and write reports on each. This should start as early in the season to be able to reach the 5 depending on my trips and holidays.
  4. Optional: make this “clothes optional” sign at my house and next to my swimming pool (or buy one). I think, I’m going to buy one, as I have seen many online which were really nice. I will take a picture once setup

Nothing revolutionary this year, as this, personally, need to be a year of consolidation of many projects started in the previous years. I will continue update this blog as well, but less frequently as I will focus more on other parts of my professional and personal lives. I will however continue promoting this awesome lifestyle that is naturism!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

My #nudist resolutions for 2017

At the beginning of every year, I reflect on the previous one and check what worked and what did not. Last year, I made 5 resolutions:

  1. Spend a full week clothes free. Whether the NEWT or a clothes optional resort, I have not yet made up my mind.
  2. Organize at least one clothes-optional party at home. Not all my friends are naturist, so I’ll need to pick the ones who are and the ones who are not and are OK to stay clothed while others are naked. It will definitely be fun!
  3. Participate in one naked 5K. I will find the right one that fits with my schedule so I can plan ahead and run bare!
  4. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. I have been writing about it, never done it. I want to do a kind of vintage signage. I have some ideas so I need to plan accordingly to find the right material and do it.
  5. Visit one new nudist resort. You expand your mind by visiting new places and meeting new people. Based on my trips, I will ensure I spend a day or two in a nudist resort to spend time socially naked.

Well, I have to confess that beyond number 1, the other 4 did not make the grade. Number 2 did not happen because my wife did not feel totally comfortable about it. Number 3 was not planned therefore did not happen. I was an inch away to do number 4 but fell short because I did not place the order for the wooden letters I found because of the price tag. And I had to cancel number 5 because of a crazy family schedule. Not a really good picture. On the positive side though, I hiked naked more time than I imagined and that gives me plenty of wonderful memories.

So this year, resolution time comes again and my nudist resolutions are the following:

  1. Spend another full week clothes free. I cannot participate to the NEWT, but I will find a naturist resort and will go and spend one full week with my wife. The Caribbeans may be…
  2. Make and display a “clothes optional” sign at my house. This year is the right one. I have sketches of this and will dedicate some time to find the right wooden letters at the right price.
  3. Make at least 5 naked hikes. And expand the group of people I am hiking naked with. A great way to make new naturist friends.

And I will stick to those 3. Less is more. And you, did you pass the 2016 grade? Are you committing to new activities for 2017? I look forward to reading your resolutions in the comment area.

Update – August 15

  1. Happened mid-July – It was holiday at home, due to budget restrictions, but enjoyed full nudity the whole week, as the weather was gorgeous!
  2. Ongoing. Have not made up my mind on whether I should make it or purchase a sign.
  3. Am at four currently, and hope to be able to make fifth in the coming weeks.
  4. Additional. I did visit a new nudist club, Olive Dell Ranch, while on a business trip and had the opportunity to spend a week-end in SoCal. Just wonderful!

Mes 5 résolutions naturistes pour 2016

Nudist_picnicOui je sais, les bonnes résolutions de la nouvelle année sont généralement oubliées une fois janvier fini. Cependant, j’ai trouvé un moyen relativement simple de réaliser les miennes. Cela tient à trois choses : qu’elles soient réalistes, qu’elles soient accessibles quotidiennement (dans un agenda électronique ou papier) et qu’elles soient partagées avec des amis pour pouvoir être révisées tous les mois ou les trimestres. Voici donc mes résolutions naturistes pour 2016 :

  1. Passer une semaine totalement nu. Pendant la NEWT ou dans un endroit naturiste, je n’ai pas encore fait mon choix.
  2. Organiser une journée naturiste à la maison. Tous mes amis ne sont pas naturistes, il va donc falloir choisir les bons ou ceux qui ne le sont pas pourront rester habillés ou se mettre nus, comme bon leur chante. J’y pense déjà avec le sourire.
  3. Participer à une course à pied naturiste. Il faut que je trouve la bonne afin d’organiser le voyage.
  4. Faire une pancarte « maison naturiste ». J’ai plusieurs fois mis cette idée en avant sans l’avoir mise en œuvre. Je veux faire une pancarte un peu vintage, avec du matériel recyclé si possible. J’ai quelques idées, il faut que je fasse un plan.
  5. Passer un moment dans un nouvel endroit naturiste. On ouvre son esprit en visitant de nouveaux endroits et en rencontrant de nouvelles personnes. En fonction de mes déplacements professionnels, je vais m’assurer de pouvoir passer un ou deux jours dans un endroit naturiste pour pouvoir partager un moment de convivialité nu.

Comme vous pouvez le voir, rien d’irréaliste, tout en nécessitant un peu de planning et d’adaptation à mes autres objectifs non naturistes comme les travaux à réaliser à la maison ou mes objectifs familiaux. Retrouvons-nous dans un trimestre pour faire un point d’avancement. Et vous ? Avez-vous des résolutions naturistes pour 2016 ?

Dénudez-vous, Restez nu, Vivez nu et Partagez l’Amour du Naturisme !