6 Things I Learned While Being Naked In Public for 2 Weeks

Why naturists are naturists? Because they feel good naked. However, it’s always difficult to explain this wonderful feeling and lifestyle with words and ideas. The best way to understand what naturism is is to go a naturist resort/beach and strip naked. Generally, very quickly you feel good if not great and wonder how you could have lived with clothes all those years.

The title of this post comes from an article written by a non nudist. I generally love those article because they are the best to promote what naturism is about to the public. This one goes a little bit deeper than usual post because it’s written by a young woman doing here senior thesis on nudism as a culture. She has chosen to spend two weeks on a naturist resort and interview naturists, “who came to share the joys of being naked”, to better understand naturism. She shares her observations in a candid and objective way I think (although, yes, if you read comments to the post, she sometimes offer her observation in a way that could be misinterpreted, but hey, everybody is free to have an opinion, IMHO). So before you go a jump reading Sara’s post, what are the 6 things she learned?

  1. Clothes are important. They show to the world what we want it to see and the way we judge people unconsciously. Once you are naked, socioeconomic, career and education differences vanish. Naked, you cannot “judge” people by their clothes. Simple and powerful!
  2. No one cares what you look like. Just the better feeling you can have when you step in a clothing optional area. I love this sentence: “Clothes really did start to feel like a costume I was putting on to present myself to the outside world.” And I would add that if anybody care about what you look like, they will not show or tell, because this is how thing goes in a naturist environment. For the first timers, the realization comes pretty quickly and never ever disappears.
  3. Bodies are bodies. And they are just that, but society wants us to believe differently. Love this quote: “It is the importance we place on our bodies, and the meaning we attach to them that does more harm than good.” All is said. For generations, people have sexualized our bodies. Once you consider private parts as “normal” parts, bodies become what they are just: bodies.
  4. An ode to pubic hair. I believe in freedom of choice. Shave, wax, trim or do nothing. The choice is yours and should not be dictated by fashion magazine. Like jewelery, do what makes you feel good.
  5. The big Five-Oh. Because of gained confidence, age does not seem something horrible that you should fear. To the opposite! In a naturist environment you will find older and younger people chatting together, playing together, having a drink together in a total mutual understanding. Respect and confidence play a big role in our happiness!
  6. We do not need to fear each other. This is probably the most important part of the article when it comes to looking at society and comparing it to a naturist environment. Particularly because the author of the post is a young woman used to threats and violence that women are exposed to. But in the 2 weeks she spent naked on the nudist farm she never felt threatened, while from a non naturist standpoint, a naked woman can be seen as a focal point. But no, not in a naturist environment. And I leave you with this quote: “What these two weeks on the farm taught me was that violence, especially sexual violence, has absolutely nothing to do with the victim.”

All in all, a wonderful article, describing simple and powerful ideas about the joy of naturism.

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What needs to change for naturism to be accepted

As naturists, we feel good if not better while naked. Many of us would like to be able to be naked more frequently not facing negative consequences. For this, we need to continue, if not increase, to tell the naturism story and its many benefits. However, I was asking myself the question: what needs to change for naturism to be accepted? Here are some answers I found:

  • De-sexualizing nudity. For many, nudity is equal to sex. Society is actually promoting this idea in ads or movies. Most of the time, the vision of a naked or half naked body leads to sexual intercourse. It’s therefore easy to link the two together. However, if we were to see in ads or movies naked people living there normal lives, then the idea of nudity outside of sexuality will start to spread. We can even used blurred genitals until people get used to the idea of non sexual nudity.
  • Encouraging kids to stay naked. How many times do you see a young kid on the beach that takes his or her bathing suit off, being chastized by his or her mother or father? For most, if not all, kids, nudity is totally normal and healthy, as they do not have this link to sexuality yet. This nudity should be encouraged not banned, through parent education.
  • Explaining body transformation to teenagers in a simple way. When puberty kicks in, even naturist kids tend to get dressed as they do not feel that comfortable with their body. We, as caring adults, should explain that what they feel is natural, and if they want to get dressed or get naked, they have the freedom to chose. If they feel sexual desire, it’s entirely natural, however, they need to unlink nudity and sex, which are two totally different things.
  • Decriminalizing non sexual nudity. if nudity is more accepted after being more exposed to non sexual nudity, they laws should be enacted to let people get naked in social public space as long as their attitude is not sexually oriented. I know this may be controversial, but if, for instance, you ask most hikers what they think about naked hiking, they find it Ok for a big majority (read Naked Hiking to learn more about this).
  • Being naked with friends and family. Big changes starts with small decisions. Do your friends and family know you are a naturist? Are you naked with them? Do you encourage them to embrace naturism? You need to come out and get more naked time with your friends and family. Of course, that may be tough the first time. Some people may find you weird. With all the content that exists on the web about the benefits of naturism, it’s eay to have a leaflet ready to hand over.
  • Practicing and promoting naked activities. Hiking naked, practicing naked yoga or participation to World Naked Bike Ride will contribute to show people that naked people are harmless, they just want to practice their preferred activities naked.
  • Joining a naturist association and or club. To promote its activities, an association needs members. By becoming a member of your country naturist association (AANR in the US, FFN in France, for instance or APNEL to promote naturism in liberty), you will help them to promote naturism, have more naturist places and have changes in legislation to allow more legal acceptance. And if you can and have time, act with them, dedicate some energy to help promote naturism.

Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that can only be appreciated when tested. It’s always very difficult to explain to non naturists the many benefits of naturism. Of course, intellectually people will understand and accept (or not). But the real eye opener is when you undress totally first alone, then with other naturists. It seems a long way before naturism gets widespread acceptance, however, it’s just by continuing promoting it that it will be more and more accepted until one day, hopefully, it will just be allowed anywhere as one of the many clothing options.

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What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort

A nice article about a nudist experience: What I Learned Spending a Day at a Nudist Resort. Although as a long time naturist a day naked has a different ending. Here are some highlights of this article:

  • Pubic hair is out. Definitely not entirely true but by being naked among other naked people, we realize a lot of people get rid of their pubic hair for sure.
  • Scrotum piercings, however, TOTALLY IN and people are hiding insane tattoos. I think that most nudist don’t care about other people piercing and tattoos, but yes being naked reveal everything.
  • The difference in human bodies is staggering. And this is great for body acceptance!
  • Being told you look younger isn’t a compliment when you’re naked. Not really sure about this one.
  • It’s easier to be friendly when you’re naked. Definitely a great characteristic of nudists.
  • Swingers and fetishists overlap with nudists, but they’re not the same thing and nudity doesn’t equal sex. Social nudism is about carrying your normal life naked. And yes, some nudists are swingers, and some swingers are probably not nudists, but these two groups of people (swingers and nudists) are not the same.
  • Never underestimate the value of sunscreen. Simple truth!
  • Eye contact is critically important. Even more in a nudist environment where staring is a big no-no. And by looking at people in the eye, you see their soul.
  • We naturally want to be clothed. No, not true for everybody, particularly for nudists who have embraced the lifestyle, we naturally want to be naked.

As you will read, even if you disagree with some parts of this article, I think overall it’s a great view on nudism and its many benefits. Enjoy!

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5 reasons why nakation is the best vacation

For most people in the Northern Hemisphere, time has come to spend some days or weeks on annual summer holidays. For naturists, it’s the time of the year, they will drop the clothes and stay those days and weeks entirely naked, spending time at the beach, with friends and family, relaxing.

As we all look for those days and weeks, here are my five main reasons I will spend those holidays with no clothes on, and why you should consider doing the same.

1. It’s comfortable

You wake up in the morning and do not care about getting dressed. You do what you want to do without having to think about what to wear. The answer is easy: nothing. It’s the most comfortable clothing option. If you want to become more comfortable in your own skin, have a look at this post.

2. There’s no laundry to care about

Holidays are relaxed time. The minimum the chore, the better. And laundry is one of those. As for food, you may favor barbeque and salad, for clothing, no clothes is the better option. And icing on the cake, you will not use any detergent, a greener option for our planet.

3. No tan line

The body needs sun, not too much, but the right amount. Tan line are not nice, but an overly tanned body is wonderful. Drop the swimsuit, drop the clothes every day and get a beautiful tan,

4. It’s friendly

Clothes-free environments are friendlier. We cannot really say why, but I guess it’s because clothes creates a barrier between people, the lack of removes it. When you are wearing nothing, your smile makes all the difference. Wear a smile and a hat, and get along!

5. It’s just true freedom

Naturism is probably the last freedom in this overregulated world of ours. When naked you are who you are, a fragile human being. You will feel better, closer to nature, more linked to our beautiful planet, and will feel this feeling of complete freedom without judgement of others.

There are probably tons of other reasons why naturist holidays are the best. Share yours in the comments below. And if you are not a naturist and are thinking about naturism, go for it! Find a nice resort, camping or beach, and enjoy the freedom of being clothes-free!

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Children Brought Up In ‘Naturist’ Environment Will Learn More About Body Honesty

A short review of the comprehensive report released by British Naturism: Children Brought Up In ‘Naturist’ Environment Will Learn More About Body Honesty, Claims Report.

Here’s the complete executive summary of this very interesting report everybody should read and give all your friends and family to read, naturist and non naturist alike.

British Naturism is the National Organisation for Naturists in the UK, with over 9000 active members, but representing the interests of almost 4 million Naturists nationwide. Many Naturists share a philosophical belief in a natural naked lifestyle, in harmony with nature, with their counterparts all over the world.

The policy of BN on children is simple: we believe that children should be brought up and kept safe in an environment of openness and body honesty. They should know about how their bodies work, what happens to them at puberty and what a normal consensual sexual relationship is, before they experience it as adults. This should be done ideally by bringing up children in a Naturist environment where body honesty is key, but otherwise through good, explicit, factually correct and non judgemental sex and relationships education through the prime educators: parents, teachers and organisations like the BBC.

We believe that bringing children up in such an environment and with wholesome, honest and open body attitudes leads to better sexual health outcomes for young people, fewer body image disorders, and more sensible attitudes to life. Prudery, not openness or nudity, harms children.

We want children to be innocent, but not ignorant.

We believe that body openness and honesty protects children from the possible harmful effects of inappropriate material. They should find out about sex and how their bodies work from good education and openness instead of glamour and pornography. Children are naturally curious and if their curiosity is not answered openly then they will seek answers anywhere they can. Blocking will not prevent them as they can usually circumvent it with a facility that adults may not believe possible.

There is objective evidence that those beliefs are well founded, unlike some other beliefs. The following document sets out our views in considerable detail, with evidence from sound academic sources rather than prejudice or sound bites. It makes interesting and essential reading for anyone concerned with the welfare of children and/or internet censorship.

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We dropped everything to join a #nudist resort

Interesting story from The Sun: We dropped everything to join a nudist resort.

Discovery of a naturist resort in the Netherlands by a textile couple from the UK. Interesting perspective and food for thought to get naturism accepted more widely. I still find that “parking” nudists in resorts is not the right way. Nudity should be more freely accepted and people should be allowed to live naked at home without fearing complaints and lawsuit. Nudity in liberty is the right way to go, it seems. However, have a good read!

Should You Be Spending More Time Naked in Public?

Here’s a good question posted in the Willamette Week: Should You Be Spending More Time Naked in Public?

For naturists it’s a resounding Yes! However, the story of the author is insightful and probably shared by many of us, naturists and non-naturists alike.

After going through a relative happiness as a kid to be naked, aversion for nudity grew through teenagers time and is still solid with many adults. And then comes the experience of social nudity: “When (almost) everyone is naked, suddenly it doesn’t feel weird.” But, “when we see those bodies, we feel uncomfortable.”

And, by realizing every body has flaws and variety is interesting, this is where the epiphany generally happens. “So that instead of feeling like our own weird bodies were the only ones that didn’t look perfect on a billboard, we could understand that we fit just right within the breadth of naked humans?”

The author concludes in sort of a humoristic way: “But our bodies are fucking amazing. They are doing so many things all the time, who cares what the skin looks like?” Yes, this is where the beauty of naturism lies in my opinion. When you get comfortable in your own skin and become comfortable with other naked people around you, you know you are a naturist and you will look at the textile word with some suspicions. This is the border textiles do not understand because they have not realized what they are missing.

Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle, bred with respect and self confidence. If you have not tried it, I really encourage you to cross the border. Follow the advices I gave in those articles: 10 reasons why I am a nudist and you should be too!, 10 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity, and 10 Steps to Positive Body Image.

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A Comprehensive Nudism Guide

Young Naturist America have posted a Comprehensive Nudism Guide And Nudist Questions. It’s the answer to 12 simple questions:

  • What is Nudism?
  • What Are Nudists?
  • Since people are naked – is nudism really about sex?
  • Is Nudism a socially accepted lifestyle?
  • Why do people enjoy Nudism and being naked with others and / or in public?
  • Does Nudism have a moral or ethical value system? What does it mean to be a practicing nudist?
  • Nudity is somewhat controversial in the USA – How is nudism perceived in today’s society?
  • Where can people practice Nudism?
  • Which Societies Practice Nudism?
  • How do people begin practicing Nudism?
  • Can People Practice Nudism Alone or Do They Need a Group?
  • What are some of the reasons why people practice nudism?

And two questions about Young Naturists America

  • Is the YNA website only about Nudism?
  • What is the goal of YNA as far as Nudism is concerned?

Overall, it’s a link to keep handy to share with friends and family who ask about nudism/naturism. I would say the essential is there is a very simple and readable form. Enjoy and spread the lifestyle!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Naturist/Nudist Misconceptions and the Truth

Another great article on naturism from the Huffington Post: Naturist/Nudist Misconceptions and the Truth. Written by a newbie naturist, it’s a simple and natural description of what naturism is about : “Naturists are normal people who choose to do everyday things but just without clothes on”.

It touches on the various topics that are generally close to the heart of naturists: body shame (“Naturism is the perfect antidote to what you see in the media as the perfect body”), health (“it does help to give you more access to Vitamin D because your body is in the sun, when it is sunny”), non sexual nudity (“Naturists aren’t a sexual when we meet and can see everybody’s naked body; it is just not sexual changed as such”).

But I think what is most striking is the simple fact that the author explains that naturism is not illegal in England (as it’s not in most countries actually). However, the interpretation of the law can be confusing and cause some misinterpretation of non-sexual nudity.

Naturism is a way of life more that an activity. As the author writes, “try taking off your clothes and allow being a Naturist to change your life. What have you got to loose!” The only thing you will loose for sure are your clothes, but there is so much to gain!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


What Do I Want For Nudists?

Here’s another article that provides wishes or hopes about naturism. The author makes for wishes:

  • I want nudists to be treated like human beings. I agree, although, I do not think nudists are not treated like human beings, they are just marginalized. Now we have to face a harsh reality: nudists are a minority, and as such our rights need to be recognized. So my wish is that nudists have to be treated like normal citizens with their own rights to get naked, if they wish.
  • I want no one to feel like going naked is something they have to do. Freedom of choice is the basis of any democratic society. Respect is one of its byproducts.
  • I want God to use nudism for good. As usual, not sure about this one, however, nudism is good and should be perceived as such. There’s no shame in being naked and there should not be any shame seeing others naked.
  • I want nudism to be a force for change. This is probably the strongest wish, however, we can only do this if we become a political party, as change as become highly political. Ecological parties are the closest to naturism, fighting to save humanity through the protection of the planet. So, stand out for what you are, come out as a nudist and embrace the political reality to become a force of change. Nudism as to come out of the closet to become a force of change.

Food for though for the week-end. While you think and answer (comments highly appreciated), get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!