Are naturists hedonists?

I came across naturism and hedonism through a conversation with friends about why I am a naturist. And one of my answers was because I was feeling good naked, actually feeling even better than clothed. So the discussion went over the fact that actually naturism was a form of hedonism. Let’s go over both words, as the definition in Wikipedia:

Naturism, “or nudism, is a cultural and political movement practicing, advocating and defending social nudity, most but not all of which takes place on private property. The term may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.”

Hedonism “is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the primary or most important intrinsic good. A hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure.”

Actually, when we go a little bit deeper into the article on naturism, we find the following: “At one end of the spectrum are the nudists who just enjoy a nude life style, and at the other are the naturists, who have deeply held beliefs and see communal nudity as just one of many important principles.” And this I think provides partially the answer to our question.

Some naturists are purely hedonists, just being naked for the pleasure it provides (non sexual nudity). Some naturists are social and political nudist, being naked for what it represents as a philosophy. This is why you have luxury naturists resorts, and some more rustic. That you have people wearing jewelry or tattoos, and others seeing them as opposite to the philosophy of naturism.

Actually, many naturists, but may be not all, follow the accepted definition of the International Naturist Federation: “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment”. Whether you are hedonist and are seeking to maximize your pleasure or are a nature lover and are seeking to get closer to nature by being naked, you are a naturist. Self-respect and respect are, at least for me, the most important aspects of naturism.

By tagging naturists with labels like hedonism, we limit the power of naturism. Diversity is a gift of nature, the more naturists, the better. So naturists may be hedonists, but not all are. However, pleasure is an element of happiness, so if being naked makes you happy, so be it!

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Grape Harvest in the Nude!

This article is two years old but rings a lot of bells for naturists:

Nature squad harvests Bertus’s grapes

This reinforces the message of nudity being a natural state and the fact that any activities can be done naked. This shows as well that nudity in total freedom, that is outside of “naturist” resorts and beaches, can be accepted by people.

As naturists, we know that nudity is not inherently sexual. Society, culture and religion have associated nudity to sex and shame, but this association can be undone and we can find our freedom back. The freedom to be naked alone, with friends, at home, in nature and carry on our daily activities in the best suit we have, our birthday suit!

The idea is really to go and talk about naturism and non-sexual nudity to as many people as possible and look for possibilities to expand our range of naked activities. With green and ecology becoming more and more important, nudity and naturism may gain new supporters and acceptance in society. Go get naked and let’s have fun!

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This Is What It’s Like To Live Most Of Your Life Naked

Another article from mainstream online press on naturism: This Is What It’s Like To Live Most Of Your Life Naked. This one carries the ideas naturists all know and enjoy like the following:

  • Nudists and naturists participate in plenty of normal activities like swimming, camping, and karaoke without clothes
  • Even though naturism’s intentions are innocent, it can be hard for people to see it that way.
  • Naturism fits beautifully into a society that’s increasingly open to the idea that “perfection” doesn’t exist.

It emphasizes well the positive aspects of our lifestyle and that we discussed many times on blogs and forums. Unfortunately, it failed to convince the author of the article to embrace naturism: “Even though my self-esteem is quite solid, I’m not brave enough to show the world everything I’ve got. Although I’ll be keeping the rest of my clothes on, my hat’s off to anyone who is.”

And this is where the rubber hits the road. It shows how deep society has ingrained body shame, and how much work all naturists have to do to be fully accepted and have more people joining this wonderful lifestyle that just consists of being yourself, unashamed with the body that was given to you.

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The Ignored Benefits of the Nudist Lifestyle

I really loved this article on the ignored benefits of the nudist lifestyle on the Young Naturist America site. While the world is on a major crisis, plagued with corruption, debt and ecological challenges, naturism is not seen as one of the potential solutions to some issues.

As the author writes, naturism is not “mentioned on popular environmental and sustainable design websites”. Same happens with social movements that make “promotion of holistic, sustainable, lifestyle practices”.

One solution is to speak up and promote naturism ourselves. How? By coming out of our closet! Yes, we need to be naked more often if possible, to share with ALL our friends and family that we are nudist and request their permission to get naked with them, and to share all those benefits we now about: psychological, environmental, social, etc…

Of course, this requires the courage to come out, but do we really have the choice if we want to make nudity one of the possible clothing options? As nudist/naturist, we know that we feel better when totally naked, wandering in our home, our garden or in nature, let’s share this, starting with your neighbors, friends and family.

Some of my neighbors still do not know I’m a naturist. This pushes me to put a towel around my waist to fetch mail for instance, as the mailbox is out of the garden. By coming out and asking if they would OK if I go around naked, there’s a chance they would accept this and there’s a chance they may want to discuss this. Of course, there’s also a risk they would look at me as a mad guy, but this could be deflated by sharing some of the websites promoting naturism and explaining its many benefits. This is what I’m going to do in the coming days as spring is there and temperature rises. This will allow me to stay naked all day long, even when my neighbors can see me. What will you do?

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Naturist/Nudist Misconceptions and the Truth

I just love when mainstream press writes about naturism because it emphasizes the message that nudity is normal. Here’s another one in the Huffington Post about naturism misconceptions and the truth.

Read the article, and here are some extracts I particularly liked:

  • Naturists are normal people who choose to do everyday things but just without clothes on
  • We just don’t think clothes are essential to everyday life
  • Naturism is the perfect antidote to what you see in the media as the perfect body
  • It is more about feeling good about yourself and being liberated from wearing clothes
  • So try taking off your clothes and allow being a Naturist to change your life. What have you got to loose!

To answer to the last, you just got to lose your clothes, and I assure you it feels really good!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

The rules of going naked in public

This is the interview of Emma James, one prominent figure of British naturism and creator of the naturist blog, in The rules of going naked in public.

Nothing has to be added. But here some extracts I particularly like:

“We consider swimwear unhygienic, quite apart from the fact it feels so unnatural and if you’re in a naturist environment and someone stoically keeps their clothes on they’re regarded with suspicion”

“Relax, take your clothes off and enjoy the wilderness or the company of fellow naturists. Don’t overthink it.”

“I love the fact that the [naturist] community is so friendly and largely non judgmental, welcoming and accepting.”

“Naturism is a much more natural lifestyle once you become immersed in it and one which tends to involve a whole plethora of sports.”

“Experiencing nature clothes-free is so much more profound than having your senses dulled with a barrier of clothing.”

All is said!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

A week-end at SunEden

Many people ask what naturists do when at a naturist resort. I do not know what they imagine or expect, but the reality is probably less mucky than what their imagination can think about. To dispel any myth around naturism, here’s my recent week-end at SunEden, a South African naturist resort, affiliated to the South Africa National Naturist Association, situated approximately one hour North of Johannesburg, in the middle of the bush.

Nakedness starts where the motorway ends

After around 40 minutes of driving on the motorway from Joburg starts the gravel road that leads to SunEden. For me, this is the signal of nakedness. Five hundred meters away from the last remnant of civilization, I stop the car, and throw my clothes away for a 20-minute naked drive. I was waiting for this moment for a while and every minute spent naked counts! Last right turn and here I am in front of the gate, calling Maria. Sesame opens!

After chitchatting for a couple of minutes with Maria, I am unlocking the door of my chalet, a simple one-bedroom little house, with an outside kitchen and a piece of garden. As I was arriving mid-day, it was perfect time to get a light lunch. But before, I went for a walk around the vast domain. With 35 hectares of land, and dozens of antelopes walking around freely, SunEden is a natural heaven. It had rained over the last couple of days, and the track is muddy in some places. Putting my barefoot in the mud is a wonderful sensation that drives me back to my natural human roots.

As I walk, a light wind makes the temperature ideal to be naked. It’s just a wonderful time. Two springboks are lying next to the track, looking at me, but frightened as I come closer. Off they go. I continue walking around for the next 30 minutes, covering most of the domain in a stress less hike. As the sun comes sometimes out of the clouds, I start to sweat and find the swimming pool very appealing. Due to the cloud cover, I’m the only swimmer. The water is delicious and cool down my entire body. But, I’m starting to be hungry and it’s time for lunch!

Getting healthy and happy

I am getting a salad and a sumptuous avocado. The perfect light lunch to recover after a busy week. Finishing lunch, I make a good coffee and grab a magazine for a relaxing moment. However, the sun has decided to be more generous than expected and I realize I’ve forgotten a cap. No issue. I take my wallet and head to the shop, the Kraaines, where Maria greets me. I get a brand new cap, we talk a little about the weather and the much needed rain, then go back to my chalet to start working on this article. With a wonderful sun, birds chirping and insects flying around, ideas flow through my fingers as I type them. All is condensed in those moments where, naked, you feel so well that you do not need much but this simple freedom.

It’s now time to go back to my novel. I need to finish it. It has been a long winding story and I really need to get to the bottom of it! Let’s go, I’m in the right mood! While I was working on a new chapter, the marketing manager of the resort comes to have a quick chat with me. He wants to know if everything’s OK, invite me at having a beer in the evening and goes his way after a brief chitchat. A wonderful chap, like many naturists. After some pages written, a nice tea and biscuits, the sun is slowly going down, time to go for a beer with other SunEden residents at the bar. Going back to my chalet, feeling sleepy, I took a quick shower, have a light dinner and hit the sack for a long peaceful night.

Early birds chirping wake me up gently. It’s dawn and I feel great. I make my first cup of warm tea and go wandering outside. Time for some action. Grabbing my running shoes, I go for my morning jogging around SunEden. After 40 minutes and some gym movements, I grab a towel and head for the swimming pool to break my sweat. Water around my body is the most wonderful feeling ever. I am now ready for a breakfast under the rising sun. With an unfinished coffee, I open my laptop to continue writing this post. Plans for morning? Reading, working on my tan, writing, chatting with residents and who knows?

No clothes, only smiles

Just before lunch, as the weather gets warmer, I go to the swimming pool. There, while I am reading and relaxing on a lounge chair, Burt, a resident comes for a chat. We talk about each other for a while, he says he came four times and decided to purchase a house there. I am a bit jealous as he made a choice I cannot make right now. But I know deep inside that this time will come. I explain how I came to know SunEden and how it became a relaxing retreat during my hectic schedules. We chat like old friends, although we did not know each other five minutes before, and all that in complete nakedness, not even actually thinking about it, but smiling all the time.

The wonderful characteristic of naturists is their smile. As we look at each other in the eyes, smiling becomes natural. You meet smiling people, happy as they are. And no, it is not the holiday effect, most people at SunEden when I am there are not on holiday. They are working people, just coming for a naturist weekend, spending good naked time with friends, enjoying nature sans clothes. Because, one of the key benefits of naturism in places like SunEden is nature.

You are surrounded by nature, trees, animals, birds. You have modern comfort, and no unnecessary luxury. And as you are not wearing anything, no clothes to take care off. Just getting naked and enjoying life, doing what you like best, whether it’s reading, swimming, walking or just chilling with friends. So this is it, after a relaxing week-end, it was time to say goodbye, to get some clothes on to go back to the textile world, but with wonderful memories and a new found energy!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Why getting naked in front of others?

Okay, tons have been written about naturism, why it’s so relaxing and its numerous and various benefits. However, as I was walking on one of the many tracks of the beautiful nature and naked retreat of SunEden, and I saw a naked couple walking towards me, an evidence stroke. Why was I naked in front of those people, and why those people – I did not know – were naked in front of me?

There’s only one reason: because they felt good! I feel good when I am naked and there’s no other reason why I am a naturist. To me and many naturists, nudity is natural, it’s comfortable and I just feel good naked!

Of course, this is not something that came overnight. Actually, yes, feeling good naked came overnight but realizing this was a complete natural feeling shared by millions of people worldwide took time. But there’s no other explanation to being a naturist. Naturists know there’s nothing sexual in being a naturist. Naturists know there’s a big, big difference between being a naturist and being an exhibitionist, which is linked to sex and arousal. I’m not aroused because I’m naked and nakedness does drive arousal in a naturist environment.

But yes, this was it, this is the answer to give to non-naturists when they ask you why you are a naturist. Just because I feel good. Of course, this can drive the discussion to body shame, body acceptance, accepting our own flaws, looking at people in the eye, the benefits of naturism, and becoming who you really are. And the advice you should give non-naturists is to just try. Of course some people will be totally against trying. But at least, they should accept that naturists are just normal people who just do not see a naked body as something inherently wrong or to be hidden.

So next time you meet a naturist, get naked, and next time you meet a non-naturist, explain why he/she should get naked. Because in the end, there’s no better lifestyle on this planet and no other way to feel really, really good in our own skin!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Benefits Of Naturism

The Vitromartis naturist resort in Crete has published a blog post on the benefits of naturism. They give 18 reasons to consider naturism. If most are the common reasons every naturist knows and shares, some are unusal. Here are three I found interesting:

  • Naturism acts as a therapy. It’s true that because of the well-being and the joy associated with naturism, you get to a deeper sense of relaxtion and happiness.
  • Increased morality. The author explains that because naturists dissociate nudity and sex, teenagers have less curiosity around the body, not experimenting early sex, therefore reducing teenage pregnancy.
  • Reduced patriarchy. With naturism, men do not impose their clothing requirements on women. This also desxualize the body and the effect clothes can have.

As naturists, we all know the benefits of our lifestyle, and I encourage you to read and share the above post. It’s always interesting to be able to have a naturist discussion with non naturists. You will get all responses, from horrified to willing to try. However, with such 18 reasons, you can hope to “convert” many more adepts and be able to get naked more often.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!