Nudity should be normal


This post claims that Nudity should be normal and I half agree with the title and totally with the content, particularly this sentence: “Try visiting a naturist club on this day (National Nude Day) to see how normal and nonsexual nudity can be.”

I half agree with the title because Nudity is normal, society has made it “anormal”. Society has created body shaming and the pursuit of body perfection. The human body is beautiful, every body is different. We learn that what matters is the soul not the body by itself. So yes, let’s stop body shaming, let’s win our public nudity back.

Nudity is normal

Nudity is normal! There’s nothing wrong with a naked body. If nudity was legal everywhere, more people will be nude in non sexual ways and nudity would become a non-event, which it is in a nudist environment and for a vast majority of nudists.

I’m always amazed at people who think a naked body is bad. We all have the same. Go to a nudist beach or a nudist resort and you will realize we are all the same. Some are thinner, some are plumpier, some have big breasts, some have small breasts, some have tan lines, some don’t. Stop looking at others, start being well in your body

Nudity is liberating

Nudity is liberating! When you are naked, there’s no fashion anymore, there’s no brand comparison, there’s no way to tell you are “better”, you are just free. Freedom starts with nakedness in my opinion. When I need to wear a swimsuit at a beach, I’m dictated by others to wear it, because if it were only me, I would be in my birthday suit. I’m much more comfortable naked when it’s warm.

Tomorrow, May 7, is World Naked Gardening Day, grab the occasion to get naked and take care of your garden or a friend’s. The fifth of June is World Naturist Day (Northern Hemisphere), find the right naturist spot and spend the day naked, with friends! If this is the first times you get naked with others, pay attention, it’s highly addictive! With no side effects, so…

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

World Naked Gardening Day

Gardening is one of those natural activities that are better done naked. Gardening naked provides a unique feeling of being close to nature, of enjoying deeply our connection to the earth and to the air. The next World Naked Gardening Day is planned for May 7th.

So get your garden in order after winter. Check if all your tools are ready, get some new seeds if needed and plan your day to spend it in your garden enhancing its natural beauty. Spending a day naked taking care of your garden is worth all the meditation and relaxation. It’s healing for your body, soul and mind.

One of the beauties of naked gardening is you do not have to wash any clothes. Gardening involves some “dirty activities” like moving earth and planting seeds, that can strain your clothes. When you are naked, just a shower and everything’s off. Try not to wear shoes on that day, feel the earth with your barefoot.

One important information though is to spread the news, to non-nudists and nudists, to gardeners, to nature lovers. If you can invite friends to share this day with you. Whether they undress or not is irrelevant. You’ll be naked and you’ll share the wonderful sensation of air on your skin. It’s a great time to prepare a wonderful vegan lunch and enjoy what earth has to offer to our body.

I look forward to the 7th of May! Share your experience if you celebrate this day or another, naked in your garden!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

6 ideas to spend the long Labor Day week-end NAKED!

We are just about to start a 3-day week-end for those who are celebrating Labor Day, by not working! It’s an ideal time, with spring blossoming in the northern hemisphere, to spend 3 full day sans clothing! So for those who might be clueless about what to do, here are 6 simple ideas for you to enjoy 3 full day of complete nudity.

  1. Pay a visit to your local naturist resort. Place a phone call, check if there’s some vacancy, pack your minimum suitcase and on we go! A great way to relax and enjoy nudity in a safe and fun environment. If you are a newbie, you’ll have 3 full days to get into the nudism mood.
  2. Throw your clothes away on Thursday evening and stay home. Whether you’re a home nudist or cannot go to a naturist resort, just stay home and get naked. You do not need clothes to do what you have to do at home. If you are organized, you can pack your fridge with food so you do not have to get dressed to go shopping.
  3. Head to the closest nudist beach. The sun is out? Go to the beach and work on your tan, without any lines. If you can, drive to the beach naked and come back naked. Extra minutes without having to dress.
  4. Celebrate the World Naked Gardening Day. On Saturday May 2, the world is celebrating the World Naked Gardening Day. It’s a great occasion to go outside, rain or sun, and take care of your garden with the best suit you have, your birthday suit!
  5. Pack a rucksack and head to the nearest hiking trail. Three days are just enough to go on a long trail hike and experience the exhilaration of naked hiking. Look on the Internet for a hike in your neighborhood or get to your hiking guide, ask friends to join and hop on the bus gus, and get yourself free!
  6. Invite friends to a bring-and-share naked party. You have some nudist friends or some non-nudists who are open-minded? Throw a simple pool or garden party over the week-end, and ask each to bring and share food and beverages. Organize some games, forget your clothes and have fun!

I wish you a great and relaxing Labor Day week-end! Enjoy it, naked of course!