The creative process of a #naturist cartoon

I have been enjoying creating the cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist for the Clothes Free Life online magazine for the past three weeks and thought I would give a you a sneak peek at the creating process that goes into each one. Creating a cartoon old school (without computer graphics) by drawing and […]

via From Idea to Concept: Creating The Secret Life of a Naturist — Naturist Fab

Nudity is pure beauty

A first for this blog, to celebrate the longest day of the year and the world music day. Some poetry, inspired my morning gym and meditation.

Being naked is being oneself
Without shame
Without fear
Without prejudice

Being naked is being vulnerable
Without shield
Without protection
Without shadow

Being naked is being open
To others
To the sun
To the wind

Being naked is being happy
Welcoming life
Welcoming love
Welcoming calm

Being naked is being human
Quite simply
Quite naturally
Quite entirely

Nudity is pure beauty

4th annual clothes free poetry contest

Love to write? Being a nudist/naturist? Well this is the time to show the world your talent. organizes its fourth clothes free poetry contest. This year’s theme is

The Body as Poetry

Celebrate and honor the gift of your body through poetry!

Sharpen your pencil and show the nudist world your talents. All details can be found on web site by using the above link.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!