Oregon Bath Garden Perfect Intro for Nude Recreation

This is a great story about naturism and the benefits of it, for first timers, as well as a cool address for those travelling or being able to travel to Oregon. Definitely, one place I look forward to visiting some day if possible.

Clothing Optional Trips

FullSizeRender (1) (3) Enjoying the bath garden and introduction to social nudity at Chozu Gardens in Ashland, Oregon.

Once in a while, my wife and I get an email from a couple interested in exploring nude recreation. It all started last summer when Eric sent us an email after reading several of our blog posts about our nude experiences. He had questions and concerns.
Eric and his wife were comfortable being nude at home and when they were alone and he was interested in trying a more social setting but he was most concerned about making sure the experience was a good one for his wife. She was concerned about the people they might meet and making sure it was a safe and relaxing environment and not sexualized in any way. These are honest concerns.
We shared advice with Eric and gave him suggestions. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from Eric this week…

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