Paul Gustav Fisher nude paintings

I bumped into the first painting below and it caught my attention. Not only because of the nudity of the two ladies, but because the whole composition was just beautiful. Looking for more details, I discovered Paul Gustav Fisher, and his paintings. He painted more scenes and people than just nudes, but his nude paintings all have this sense of freedom, and carelessness that feels enjoyable and totally natural. I gathered on this page all his nude paintings I could find, and I’m determinate to get a couple of reproductions of those to hang at home. Enjoy beautiful art!


Fischer Paul Sunbathing In The Dunes.jpg
Sunbathing in the dunes

Paul Fischer Badende Kvinder (The Bathers).jpg
The Bathers

Paul Fischer Bedende Kvinder (A Morning Dip).jpg
A morning dip

Paul Fischer - Strandparti med badende kvinder (kopi).jpg
The Three Bathers

Bathers on a beach

The beach at Båstad

Summer On The Beach

Paul Fischer - To badepiger i et krat ved kysten ved Hornbæk.jpg
Two bathing girls in the bushes near the coast of Hornbæk

Paul Fischer - Piger på stranden, Båstad.jpg
Girls on the beach, Båstad

Paul Gustav Fischer - From the Artist's Studio 1904.jpg
From the artist’s studio

Paul Gustav Fischer - Seated Model in the Artist's Studio.jpg
Seated model in the artist’s studio

The morning toilet

After the swim

Bathers on a Beach

Bathers on the Beach, Falsterbo

Bathing Beauties on the Beach


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Some nudists haikus

Plunging into the world of art, with some haikus I got inspired to write today as I was working from home in my birthday suit and I updated my profile on deviantart.

I look forward to your comment and particularly if you would like to have more of those?

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Photo from, CC0 Public Domain

Nudist idea #92: Learn something new naked

Nudity is comfortable. It puts your mind in the best relaxed possible state. It’s therefore the best opportunity to learn something new. Either through a MOOC, online, or just by practicing something the good old way.

Related imageYou can learn to play the piano, to practice yoga or to cook in your birthday suit. It requires learning and practicing. If you have a coach, ask him/her if you can be naked, as you are a nudist and prefer nude activities. If you learn alone, just get naked and start learning! I find so much comfort in nudity that it helps me remembering information and action better. As many other activities not requiring special equipment, your naked body will soon become the norm.

Whether in front of a computer, sitting on a couch or flipping through the pages of a notebook, just shed all your clothes, pour you a cuppa and enjoy the moment. Not only it’s a pleasure to learn new skills, it’s highly profitable on the long term and gratifying. There are so many things to learn during our lifetime that it’s much better to get comfortable in our skin.

Have you learned something new naked? How was it? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #77: Read a good book naked

I personally love to read. Fiction, non fiction, classic, new, many books are fascinating. Sitting on a couch, on a towel on a beach or on a lounge chair in the garden, reading transport you in another world. Whatever the book, there’s one constant, reading naked is always a more pleasant activity.

Image result for reading naked

Reading is listed by Cosmopolitan as one of the 30 things you have to do naked. Nudity brings this calm, quietness and serenity that is required to be fully absorbed by the book you read. And what is more comfortable than you own skin.

Reading is a still activity. This means that you should be comfortable, physically. The temperature needs to be warm so you will not chiver, otherwise you are not in the best situation. Image result for reading naked outsideThis comfort is the reason you should always be naked when reading. You need to find a place that is cozy and appropriate. One place I particularly like to read is to lie in the shade in the garden, either on a towel on the grass or on a lounge chair, with a light breeze caressing my skin. It’s so relaxing I can spend hours jumping into the story I’m reading. Being naked at home most of the time, it’s natural for me to open a book and do not get naked for this specific activity. However, is you are not naked, do the conscious effort to undress and to find a good spot before opening your book. Not only this will help you to get comfortable in your own skin, you will probably not go back to a clothed reading world.

Do you read naked? Where is your best place to read naked? How do you feel? Share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

The creative process of a #naturist cartoon

I have been enjoying creating the cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist for the Clothes Free Life online magazine for the past three weeks and thought I would give a you a sneak peek at the creating process that goes into each one. Creating a cartoon old school (without computer graphics) by drawing and […]

via From Idea to Concept: Creating The Secret Life of a Naturist — Naturist Fab

Nudist idea #76: Form a naked music band

Another activity that do not require clothing: playing music. You can play the guitar, piano or flute without a single piece of clothing. Like many other activities, all you require is a towel to sit on, if you have to sit, and your musical instrument.

Image result for nudist musicIf you have some nudist friends who play other musical instruments, it may be a good idea to play music together. A naked music band! Not only it will be fun, but you may share your music with others during music festivals or inside nudist resorts. Many nudist resorts and clubs organize events for their members. Having naked musicians to perform live will definitely be of much an appeal for many nudist resorts managers.

nudist musicWho knows, you may even become famous. It will for sure be a great way to spend more time in your preferred suit and possibly to visit new clubs around the country. Therefore, making new friends and expanding your nudist horizon. There’s almost no limit to how much you can expand your nude time (at least until it reaches 24x7x365), and performing in nudist clubs is definitely one good way!

Do you play music naked? How do you feel? Share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #73: Visit a museum

Beyond the World Naked Bike Rides, it seems more and more events are opened for nudists. As for museum, there were at least three examples that I know of: Vienna is Austria, Montreal in Canada and Melbourne in Australia.

Image result for nudist museumIn the first two cases, this was a ones-off, whereas the third example is a tour organized by an artist during which nudity is mandatory. As many other things in life, visiting a museum does not require clothing. Only society is asking us not to be naked in public. But the fact is that, if nudity was seen as normal and was legal, we could be naked when temperature and security are permitting it. And a visit to the museum would be one of those moments.

Nudity is totally accepted in art. It’s time it’s accepted in all-day life situation like visiting a museum, don’t you think. The above video shows nudists visiting the “Naked men” exhibition in Vienna. As a nudist, I love the idea and am eagerly waiting for the next opportunity to get naked while strolling among beautiful art.

Have you already visited a museum naked? How was it? We would love to hear about your experiences with it in the comment section below. As usual, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Nudist idea #44: Feature in a Spencer Tunick installation

If you link nudity to large group of people, you find Spencer Tunick. From his website: “Tunick has traveled the globe to create these still and video images of multiple nude figures in public settings.” Nudity is central to Spencer Tunick.

Image result for spencer tunick

Becoming a model in one of Tunick’s installation requires that you sign up to participate. Unfortunately, although I’ve signed up, I still wait to be called. Therefore I cannot describe what the experience is. However, from all the pictures, it appears that it’s an opportunity to be naked with many others. Like being an art model, I presume it requires a lot of waiting and standing still. However, it’s an opportunity to meet other people interested in art and spending time with them in the nude.

Image result for spencer tunick

I would really love to hear from anybody who has featured in such an installation. Was it a cool experience? What was the biggest challenge, if any? How does it feel to be with so many nude people at the same time? Did you meet nice people who became friends? Were all the participants nudists or was it their first time?

So if you have been in such a picture, thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below. Remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #42: Be a naked model

Being naked is natural. There’s actually nothing more natural than just being who you are without any artificial cover. Posing naked for art students is one of the most natural and normal artistic activities.

Image result for naked art model

The human body is one of the most beautiful creation. There are numerous wonderful nude painting. However, to learn how to paint human bodies, artists need models. A lot of art schools are asking for models to pose naked or clothed. Being a naturist, getting naked should not be big a problem. Staying still for hours will be, but art teachers will provide ample poses so you can relax, and move.

Image result for posing naked male art model classOf course, you may argue that posing naked is not really enjoying nudity. It’s true that staying still for hours may not be the best experience of your life. But, for some, it’s a great way to make some good money and enjoy a piece of nudity, a state in which nudists are comfortable. Look for art schools and ask whether they are looking for live models. If you have some free time, this may be a good way to get naked more often and spread the positive message of naturism.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #41: Hang and display your nakation pictures

We all love pictures and keeping memories of our past good times and holidays. However, when it comes to nakation, the question of sharability of our pictures can be asked.

black-and-white-grey-set-of-3-canvases-eb1-3082.jpgLet’s think for a moment. Most of us, if not all, would hang our best family pictures on the wall. We would as well hang beautiful art pictures or paintings, some depicting nude bodies, like the picture on the left. The question is why not mixing both, and hanging holiday pictures of our nakations? What is wrong with it?

Image result for naked people in pictures on wallsOur friends and families may see us naked would you argue? If you are naturist, many people have seen us naked and this has not created an outcry. When you look at your past holiday pictures, you are happy, naked or not. Therefore, I believe we should not make any difference when it comes to naked pictures of ourselves or with our naturist friends.

What would you do, or what are you doing? Are you hanging pictures of your nakation for others to see? Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!