Nudist idea #82: write a book naked

Alone, in front of your computer, the best clothing choice is none? Not quite sure? Try! As I write this post, I am in my preferred suit, the one that suits me best, my birthday one. So comfortable!

Write naked is actually the title of a book, written by NY Times best-selling author Jennifer Probst. It explains the path to success of the author, who does not seem to write in her birthday suit, but who knows? The fact is for most nudists, nudity is the most comfortable clothing option for all-day errands and activities. Writing can be one of those, whether you write on a piece of paper or on a computer.

Image result for writing nakedPersonally, I love to write sitting, the laptop on one arm of the couch, or at my desk, when I need to move among multiple windows, while preparing an article or a book (I still have books on nudism on preparation. I am just taking my time). However, the one thing that keeps me going is being comfortably naked. The comfort of nudity inspires me more that when clothed. It’s probably a question of hormones or neurotransmitters like endophirns. The point is, for me, it helps a lot. What about you?

Are you writing naked? On paper, or on computer? How do you feel? Share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Nudist idea #51: Work from home naked

A new year has begun, let’s make if a happy nude year! After a quick break on January 1, and before I set my nude goals for the year, let’s continue with the next 50 ideas (promised to make it 100, remember) with how to increase your nude days by working from home. If you happen to be working from home or have the opportunity to “telecommute”, no need to get dressed. On top of being really comfortable, it’s a great way to be able to put in practice the Nudist idea #16: Live entirely naked for 24 hours and potentially the Nudist idea #27: Live entirely naked for 2 full days (and 3 nights).

Image result for working nakedThe beautiful thing about working naked from home is you virtually need nothing but a big smile on your face. No expensive special clothing requirement. You may need some special hardware like a computer, an broadband Internet link and a headset if you have some calls to make, and this is all! There’s even an international Working Naked Day (first Friday of Feb, second in 2018), which was founded by Lisa Karanek, owner of the site, Working Naked, devoted to working from home. In her own words:

Working Naked® means different things to different people. For some, it means being left naked: stripped of any support available in a corporate job, including an administrative assistant, technical staff and co-workers to help brainstorm and deal with issues.

For others, it’s about working (almost) literally naked.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in your birthday suit, fluffy pajamas, or a perfectly tailored suit. When you work from home, you have the freedom to set your own schedule, dress anyway you want, and work on your own terms.

Image result for working nakedI think you get the idea. Whether you are a freelancer or just work some days from home, if you share the nudist lifestyle, I encourage you to really work naked from home. It’s just the best suit ever made for you. It may feel strange at the beginning (particularly speaking over the phone with customers, colleagues or your boss), but you’ll quickly get over it and it will become one of the most natural things.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and comments below. Remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Still naked? A personal story of a #ProudNudist

Here’s a simple personal story about nudism, respect and fun.

A couple of weeks away, I was working from home. After the alarm rang, I woke up and went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast, as I usually do. Sleeping naked, I prepare and have breakfast nude, always. Then, with the kid having left early for school, and while my wife was getting prepared to go to work, I went running into the woods, dropping my pareo quickly to enjoy a naked jog. Forty five minutes later, I was back, alone at home for my morning meditation. You guessed, still naked.

Once done, showered, and equipped with a good cup of green tea, it was barely eight and I was ready for a long working day, facing a pile of work, and tons of calls. Morning went through like a breeze and I prepared a quick lunch thay I enjoyed on the terrace, before going back to work, until the kids came back from school. I overlooked their homework then left them to play and went back to finish some work for the day. Since the previous day, I had not worn clothing, except for my light pareo at the start of my morning run. I was almost done with my work when my wife came home. She entered my home office, greeted me with a kiss, looked at me and asked : “Still naked?”

Not that she’s not used to see me naked as I barely wear clothes at home and strip bare as soon as I can!

I looked at here and answered: “Yes. Why?”

She shrugged and left my home office saying: “it always feel weird, but as long as you are happy, I am too.”

And this made my day. I worked another half an hour while she took care of the kids and checked for the second time their homework. I then went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner (you guess I like cooking), while the kids were setting up the table. We had a nice family dinner altogether sharing our main events for the day. I was naked, the rest of the family was clothed, and everybody was happy and enjoying the moment spent together.

The rest of the evening, everybody went carrying their own activities, the kids playing in their room, me writing this post, my wife preparing her next workday.

The feeling of staying naked a whole day, just carrying your daily activities is just normal. You are living a normal live in your normal nude state, without thinking about it. The only time I thought about it was when my wife asked her “still naked?” question. I came to realize I did not dress for the whole day, otherwise nakedness being a complete normal almost unconscious state, I may have not thought about it.

I even do not think about it when the rest of the family is clothed and I am naked. Everybody has come to accept and respect my nudity, and they share it in the sun as soon as the temperature permits. Then we move from a mixed family to a nudist family, but that’s another story.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love


The 3 states of nudity – On becoming a nudist

As I am more often than not entirely naked at home, nudity has become a natural state, up to a point that I do not think about it. However, while hiking naked in the forest a while back, I came to think about my journey to nudism and without going into too deep a reflection on nudism, I came to realize there are 3 states of nudity that you encounter on your journey of becoming a nudist. Let’s go through them together, as it may enlighten you if you are not a nudist yet, and make you realize that becoming one is nothing special than just embracing nudity for what it is: a natural state!

Home Nudist

You become a home nudist when you can walk around your house entirely naked. At the beginning, you just walk from your bathroom to your bedroom, eventually grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen. Then, you will carry some activities, like cooking, vacuuming or watching TV. You may even go out in the garden, if you have one.

However, during all those activities, you realize you are naked. You may still feel some shame: “what if somebody was seeing me?” you may ask yourself. You are on the first state of nudity: you realize you are naked! Don’t get me wrong here, being naked feels good at that stage, you just realize you are naked, that’s just it. Nothing wrong or right about being naked, it’s just a conscious state.

Beach Nudist

For most people, the first encounter with social nudity is at the clothing-optional beach. You hesitate the first time you get naked on the beach. You feel everybody will look at you. Sometimes, you may even not get entirely naked or wrap a towel around your waist. “Who knows what can happen while I’m naked? “you may ask yourself (particularly if you are a man and think about a potential erection).

However, quickly, you will realize everybody is naked around you. Nobody watches you, everybody carries their activities entirely naked with no shame and no questions. You are entering the second state of nudity: you realize others are naked too! Once again, nothing wrong or right here. You are not judging others as others are not judging you, you are naked and feel good, and others are naked and feels good. However, you are still in a conscious state of nudity.

Resort Nudist

Then, one day, you go to a clothing-optional or nudist resort. You feel anxious and excited at the same time, feel some tension while registering, but are greeted with a smile and made comfortable. After having settled down, you get naked, wrap a towel around your waist and go to the swimming pool. It’s likely you will meet other nudists in the pool and potentially being pulled into a volley ball game or a walk around the premises, or any other activities done entirely naked with your new friends.

Before you realize what is happening, you will have spent a very good time, chatting, walking, playing, with people entirely naked, like yourselves. You are entering the third state of nudity: you do not think about being naked, you just feel good! You are now in an unconscious state of nudity, you feel good and do not think about being naked. When you meet others, you do not think of them being naked, they are just human beings, you do not think about them as naked persons, but as persons.

In the third state of nudity, you do not realize you are naked, you are just like you are and it feels comfortable. This is up to a point that, if you’re home and somebody rings the doorbell, you may open the door naked, or you want to fetch mail and you go to your letter box entirely naked, with potentially all neighbors being able to see you. And this is where, some nudists, like myself, are frustrated by laws that forbid us to be naked when and where we want, not because we are exhibitionists, just because nudity is a normal and natural state for us.

This is the state I am in almost every time I am naked, should it be at home, at the beach, at a nudist resort or on a hiking trail, or like now, while typing this post on my computer. While I cannot explain why nudity feels so good, I  embraced nudism years ago now and it just feels great to me. So, get naked, stay naked, live naked, and share the naked love with friends and family. Nude is not lewd, it’s awesome!

This article is available in Dutch on thanks to Paul.

101 activities you can do naked

Here are 101 activities you can practice entirely naked. Some are riskier than others and require some form of knowledge, but most are just simple and fun to practice naked. So go for those you like and/or can do, and have fun!

  1. Showering – this one seems obvious, but in some sport environment or at the local public swimming pool, it may be a problem.
  2. Swimming – once you try, you’ll never want to wear a swimsuit again.
  3. Surfing – If water temperature permits, this is a treat.
  4. Kitesurfing – Nudists kitesurfers are a rare breed, but it’s a blast!
  5. Windsurfing – Same as surfing or kitesurfing, once you tried, you do not want any suit.
  6. Scubadiving – this is a tricky one because 60 feet below surface the water can be chilly, but if conditions permit, do it!
  7. Gardening – A no-brainer. Excepting if you need protection, gardening is the perfect naked activity.
  8. Cooking – Beware of oil or hot water. An apron can be necessary.
  9. Cuddling – Skin to skin is the best.
  10. Paddling – Stand-up paddle is far better naked, weather permitting.
  11. Canoeing – Like most watersport. If water is warm enough, no clothes necessary.
  12. Tanning – No tan lines. Do not forget sunscreen though!
  13. Eating – No need to dress to have a meal, no?
  14. Shopping – At the Naturist resort, enjoy naked shopping.
  15. Running – A very pleasant activity that may require breast support for women and nothing for men, but shoes.
  16. Hiking – Enjoying nature the way it should be.
  17. Having a drink – Pour yourself a glass of your preferred beverage and enjoy!
  18. Playing cards – easy and fun!
  19. Driving – If driving in public place, have a cover-up handy.
  20. Playing pool – many Naturist resorts have a pool table, no clothes required.
  21. Playing volleyball – Get some sweat!
  22. Playing tennis – Who needs shorts and shirts to hit the balls?
  23. Playing Petanque – The perfect summer Naturist activity.
  24. Playing bowling – More and more Naturist clubs are organizing naked bowling, simple and awesome in the buff.
  25. Sailing – if weather permits, why wear clothes on a ship?
  26. Skiing – This is tricky as snow can actually burn the skin. To do only if you are a seasoned skier.
  27. Waterski – Hitting the water badly can hurt, but if you are not taking risks, this s very pleasant.
  28. Wakeboarding – Same as waterskiing.
  29. Having a meal – Stay naked and enjoy some social around breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  30. Sleeping – The best way to sleep is naked. Full stop.
  31. Lounging – Sit on a couch and chill!
  32. Dancing – You’ll love it, complete freedom!
  33. Browsing the web – No clothes required to sit in front of a computer or use a tablet.
  34. Washing the dishes – Watch warm water, otherwise, this is just obvious.
  35. Doing chores – How to make chores pleasant? Get naked!
  36. Writing this list – This is so obvious…
  37. Watching TV – Like sitting in front of a computer, why being clothed to watch your preferred series.
  38. Painting – On a canvas, your house, objects, it’s funnier to be naked.
  39. Repairing –Whatever you have to repair, except if you need protection.
  40. Knitting – One of those activities that does not require any form of clothing.
  41. Visiting a museum – Some museums allow nudity, jump on it!
  42. Parasailing – This is one of the naked activities on my To Do list…
  43. Parachuting – Joining nudity with exhilaration of parachuting.
  44. Skydiving – Falling naked at 200 km/h. It may require some clothing though.
  45. Snorkeling – Swim with the fishes in the same clothes.
  46. Partying – This is a great feeling. You can laugh, dance, have fun, sweat and feel awesome.
  47. Reading – A good book, a comfortable couch, what else do you need for a great reading session?
  48. Making love – Body to body. Nothing comes close to this.
  49. Picnicking – Enjoying shared time in nature.
  50. Rock climbing – Ropes and rocks can burn your skin. Reserved to experts only.
  51. Sculpting – If you are an artist, why getting clothed, your body is art.
  52. Blogging – My computer does not care if I am naked, so I am.
  53. Taking pictures – Look, press the button, voilà! It does not require clothing.
  54. Filming – Action! Much better to be relaxed to admire your creation!
  55. Mowing the lawn – You’ll get sweaty fast, so wear your best suit, your birthday suit!
  56. Having a sauna – It’s like swimming, it’s far better nude!
  57. Coding – Computers do not judge you by your clothing. Wear none!
  58. Cycling – One of those sports that do not require anything but your body.
  59. Shaving – You’re in the bathroom, no clothes allowed.
  60. Phoning – Allo? I’m naked but you don’t know!
  61. Playing a musical instrument – Music relaxes you, relax your body by letting him breathe.
  62. Painting your nails – Wanting to look better, love your body!
  63. Ironing – Yes, you have some clothes and you need to iron them, useless to use more clothing for this.
  64. Brewing coffee – That’s a smelling sensation, get free to be even more relaxed.
  65. Scrapbooking – A great indoor activity that requires no clothes.
  66. Having a chat – Naked chats are soothing. Look me in the eyes!
  67. Thinking – I’m thinking about thinking getting naked!
  68. Practicing yoga – Naked yoga is the ultimate form of freedom of movement and consciousness of your own body.
  69. Meditating – Ommmm! Breathe and enjoy the sensations and the freedom.
  70. Going to Bay to Breakers – This one is on my To-Do list. Naked of course.
  71. Fishing – You’ll be wet and fishy, so wear nothing.
  72. Camping – This is a great experience to camp naked.
  73. Going to the beach – No comment. No swimsuit allowed at the beach.
  74. Cutting wood – You’ll get sweaty fast, avoid spoiling clothes.
  75. Picking mushrooms – They will not blush. Enjoy nature.
  76. Daydreaming – What a wonderful relaxing activity.
  77. Listening to music – A good record, a comfortable couch and you’re away.
  78. Flying a kite – The wind can be chilly, but a kite can be fun.
  79. Running a shop – On a Naturist resort, run your shop like your customers.
  80. Playing board games – The bishop and the queen are fine that you stay naked.
  81. Pampering – Take care of yourself and appreciate your body.
  82. Going to Burning Man – This one’s on my To-Do too, on the clothing optional side.
  83. Working out – No pain, no gain, sweat evaporates faster.
  84. Playing video games – This is a no brainer.
  85. Doing a conference call – One of the best feelings. If they can’t see you, stay naked, if they can, just wear a shirt and a tie, or a blouse for women.
  86. Walking the dog – Your dog is already naked, so are you.
  87. Skateboarding – This one can hurt if you fall. Only for seasoned skateboarders.
  88. Barbecuing – Watch the fire, an apron may be required.
  89. Golfing – Great activity to practice in the buff.
  90. Riding horse – The contact with a leather saddle may be quick uncomfortable, so no saddle?
  91. Working – Let’s hope you have a naked office.
  92. Playing music – Great performers are appreciated on their performance not their clothes.
  93. Go to a costume party and be Adam (for men) or Eve (for women) – A great way to come out as a nudist.
  94. Posing – Nude posing is popular.
  95. Getting married – A popular form of wedding in nudist resorts.
  96. Demonstrating – WNBR or other demonstration to show our fragility.
  97. Motorbiking – On a hot day, it’s exhilarating.
  98. Quadbiking – Go in the countryside and reach unreachable sites.
  99. Bungee jumping – woooooaaaahhhhhh…
  100. Walking on a slackline – Find the right balance and enjoy.
  101. Body painting – It’s called body painting, not clothes painting.

Journée du travail nu – Working Naked Day

English post below.

Le site web est pratique pour tous ceux qui travaillent depuis chez eux. Il recèle de trucs et d’astuces pour être productif depuis son bureau à domicile. L’auteur de ce site indique que la nudité peut signifier différentes choses pour différentes personnes, y compris le fait de se retrouver seul chez soi pour travailler ou de s’habiller comme bon vous semble.

Pour un naturiste, la nudité sera prise au pied de la lettre, comme pour moi tapant se texte dans mon plus simple appareil. Quand il m’arrive de travailler chez moi ou dans une chambre d’hôtel, je serais quasiment toujours nu, la nudité étant le costume que je trouve le plus confortable.

Alors pour prendre l’annonce ci-dessus au pied de la lettre, si vous le pouvez, vendredi, travaillez de chez vous entièrement nu ! Faites attention, vous risquez d’y prendre goût. Et partagez vos expériences en commentant ce billet

The web site is useful for those working from home. You’ll find tips and tricks to be productive while working from your home office. The author of this site indicates that nakedness means different things for different people, from feeling alone at home working to getting dressed (or not) the way you want.

For a nudist, nakedness will mean being bare naked, like I am, typing this text. When I work from home or from a hotel room, I am almost always naked, being more comfortable with the bare minimum.

Therefore, to follow the above sign seriously, this Friday, if you can, work from home naked! Beware, you may love it. Share your experiences by commenting this post.